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Eugene, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Eugene, Oregon, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Americana Acoustic




"Heart of Steel"

Mueller called their music "Acoustic Rock."

“It's a genre that doesn’t appear in a lot of the iTunes-type lists, which has been supplanted by Americana,” he said. “I write a lot of love songs, full of joy and sorrow,” Mueller said. “Songs that have a message — the music that we do has got a real activist element to it.”

For some songs, his wife plays the mbira, an instrument from Zimbabwe. “It’s a magical kind of sound,” he said. “It draws curiosity.” He added that some of their songs are “mbira fusion,” a mix of Zimbabwe music with folk rock. - Register Guard

"Photo Essay: And The Rockets Red Glare"

"Bearing one of the cleverest names on the bill “STEEL WOOL Band” also was a huge surprise. Featuring B52 esq vocal harmonies, catchy “Eugene” style, heartfelt Americana/Folk, tremendous musicianship and the most rad bass player of any group at the show."
"Fat Jesus on a Bicycle is probably the best indie music video to come out of Lane County, probably Oregon, ever." - Eugene Daily news

"STEEL WOOL is a folk group who isn't afraid to get funky."

"Muddy Water Rising" is like the music people listened to in the 60's, it's fresh and carefree and doesn't have a mean bone in its structure. It's all about the energy of life and enjoying yourself. While "Fat Jesus On a Bicycle" sounds like a hilarious song, it's actually a funky song. This is a surprise coming from a folk group but hey, it's entertaining.

"I Can't Tell You (9/11)" also has some funky moments as well, while "Fill My Heart" puts things on an upbeat course that is fun and a little light with moments here and there. "I'm Not Sleeping" is where we started, that nice folk sound and it makes for a well-rounded listening experience with STEEL WOOL. If you're a fan of the music that called the 70's home but need something new to your ears, check out STEEL WOOL -

"STEEL WOOL means having a great time"

Do you feel an itch in your feet? The kind that tells you it’s time to dance? Are you sharing that persuasive inclination alongside of joyful, dancing kiddos and tuned in, humming oldsters? You might be at a STEEL WOOL concert and if so: you’re having a great time!

One look at this motley crew of musicians and you can tell there’s only one thing that could have brought them all together: their love for their craft (and, of course their shared passion for silliness, rainbows and perfect harmonies). Fairly recently formed, Steel Wool is a beat driven band with exceptional bass guitar, well placed drum beats and no-nonsense rhythm guitar paired with well crafted harmonies and plain and simple joy.

STEEL WOOL’s music is approachable, danceable, fun to sing along to and suitable for a wide audience. Not totally G rated, there are a few ‘naughty words’ mixed in here and there along with some somewhat controversial or political statements – but they couldn’t very well call themselves a rock and roll band without a little spice mixed in, could they? - Miranda Rommell Blogger

""Just Maybe" album review, 2017"

Steel Wool is a socially conscious acoustic rock band from Eugene OR. The band combines environmental and social themes with personal relationship songwriting. Their latest album “Just Maybe” is full of recollections from childhood that buoy and reaffirm, as well as thoughtful lyrics that probe our modern state of affairs. A sense of humor and wry perspective is woven throughout. This, their second album, combines excellent production with fresh conceptual arrangements that range from folk-rock to country-folk to rock ’n roll.

The title track starts off the album, “Just Maybe”. The song frames lyrics about wistful reverie with a velvety acoustic instrumental mix. Tim Mueller’s lead vocals have a smooth David Crosby vibe, equal parts hope and gentle insight, and sits well within the lovely arrangement. (I especially like the variation of falsetto harmonies on the line “I can still remember when I was young”.) The tune runs long, 7:11, giving space to unhurried dreamy bridges that aid the sense of recollection and emotional calm. An excellent opening track that perfectly sets the stage for the next tune…

“You’re My Flower…Taireva” unfolds with childlike discovery. Artfully built upon a traditional Zimbawean mbira folk tune underscored with an African mbira continuum (played by Nel Applegate), this is more than a sweet love song. It becomes a journey of awakening to the natural world around us, in the context of our modern age of social media inundation. The track has a magical quality, bursting with the patterns of life that continually blossom. An extended mbira solo at the end makes this the longest track on the album (8:51), designed to encourage one’s commitment to the journey outside the “Facebook zone”. - Tobin Mueller, jazz recording star


Just Maybe

STEEL WOOL Band | an album recorded 2017
These 4 players breathe fresh life into deep grooves cut by time and experience, bringing Acoustic Rock into the 21st century.
Genre fluid, spinning on the edges of funk, rock, folk and Zimbabwean mbira fusion music. 

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Love is the Power (extended version)

STEEL WOOL Band | a single recorded 2017
Having a meeting? Getting together with activist freinds? This tune, recorded live in the studio, will really fire them up! "C'mon, get off the couch!" 

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All the Love in the World

STEEL WOOL Band | an album recorded 2012
STEEL WOOL Band is a harmony loving, acoustic rock band spinning on the edges of funk, rock, folk and traditional Zimbabwean mbira music

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Much More Black

the Raventones | an album recorded 2016
A low-tuned rainy psychedelic rock-opera memoir: the classic Outsider's Journey

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The Twelve Days of Yuletide

STEEL WOOL Band | a single recorded 2014
From "the Twelve Days of Christmas", this group of four lifelong musicians from Eugene, Oregon offer their special local spin.  Video HERE

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"1999" NEW!!

Tim Mueller | an album recorded in the 90's
Keyboard driven pounding slippering smoothing midnight from an artist with vision, genre fluid, from jazz to folk to rock to dance hall. Different. Surprising. Gifted.
These songs we created using an Ensonic MR-76 keyboard workstation and a Fostex 4 track cassette tape machine, remastered in 2018. All songs & instruments by Tim Mueller.

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Some singles can be separately purchased below...



That was one wild ride…and we’re not done yet!

Children of the sixties came of age as a powerful force. With free love, activism, and most of all music, we made noise…we changed the world. And we’re not stopping now!

Born in the middle of the last century, we played in our childhood during the 50’s, were transformed by the Beatles’ in the 60’s, fought for peace and freedom in the 70’s, fought for love in the 80’s, slogged through the 90’s, and finally woke in this new century, bringing all we have to make the world a better place… 
This is our generation’s story.

Together since 2011, this band of veteran players welcomes you aboard their Love Train as they ride though childhood, through the explosion of rock n roll and the turbulent years of protest, through falling in and out of love, and finally coming to grips with the accelerating passage of time and the change that still needs to come. With a mix of iconic covers and powerful new songs, expect to be caught up in the story, in the beat, in the power. STEEL WOOL Band music is genre fluid and spinning on the leading edges of funk, rock, folk and Zimbabwean mbira fusion - breathing fresh life into deep grooves cut by time and experience, bringing Acoustic Rock into the 21st century.
"Over my many years of stage booking and managing, STEEL WOOL Band has always been a favorite! I love working with them, and audiences love listening to them. Their original songs are beautiful, and their harmonies never fail to give those good goosebumps. They always bring their best to a gig with performances that are powerful yet playful, soulful and even silly sometimes, and always, always engaging and captivating. Do I sound like a fan? I am!"

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