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Stef Silva

Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Neo Soul





Being an artist is about balance. For many of the passionate creatives pursuing careers in the arts, it’s often necessary to juggle loads of personal and professional responsibilities to keep your dreams alive.

Respect is due to those that not only work towards achieving their goals creatively, but also give back to their communities through action and musical message alike. It’s for this reason that we’re delighted to cover a talented singer from Miami, Florida by the name of Stef Silva in this edition of #ViralPirateRadio!

Stef is juggling a musical career, a marriage, and a child all at once. That alone is impressive — doing all that AND staying true to yourself and your message is special. She attributes her successes to her relationships with her faith and her family, as they continue to push her to grow and create. Stef sings expressively in an R&B/neo-soul/indie-pop kind of way, and we can’t seem to get enough.

Stef is almost ready to release a new EP titled Mirrors, and we’re excited to hear it when it drops later this spring. Viral Pirate is lucky enough to premier a brand new track from the new EP titled This Is Where, and you can check it out below!

In our interview, we dive into the musical journey Stef is currently taking and find out where she’s headed next. Read up below, and don’t forget to take a listen to Stef’s exclusive playlist for #ViralPirateRadio on Spotify after the drop!

VP: Hey Stef! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me for #ViralPirateRadio. So, how excited are you for the upcoming months as 2016 really starts to kick off?

StefSilva: Crazy excited! I’m thankful for how it’s turned out so far and excited for the things that are coming up!

VP: How long have you been a singer and songwriter? When did Stef the music maker really come to life?

StefSilva: I’ve been singing all of my life. I’m always writing. But honestly, its only been within the past year that I have started to step in the singer-songwriter role. Within the past year, I’ve written at least 30 songs. Crazy!

VP: That’s a lot of tunes, nice work! In your bio you mention that growing up in a Hispanic household greatly influenced you musically. Can you elaborate on your cultural influences and what it means to be a Latina artist in today’s music industry?

StefSilva: Yes! My background is Cuban and I remember growing up listening to vinyls with my grandfather, and he would share stories with me about how incredible live music was back in the day.

I grew up listening to Celia Cruz, Tito Puente and other incredible Latin artists. I’m especially thankful that my family exposed me to incredible music like that because it’s that musical influence that serves as a constant reminder to myself to always feel the music and let it speak for itself. Even watching performances by Celia Cruz or Tito Puente I was so inspired by how they felt their music.

They got lost in their craft and others partook of it. My Latin roots will always be apart of me because its ingrained in my heart. It will always be something that I will be deeply proud of as an artist. You may even hear some of that influence in future projects!

VP: I can’t even imagine how difficult it is to juggle being an artist, a mother, and a wife all at the same time. Would you mind speaking for a moment on how you make it all work? What keeps you motivated to push through the tough times?

StefSilva: I have an incredible support system. I am so blessed to have a husband that believes in me and my art. He sacrifices in incredible ways to let me grow and flourish as an artist. My husband and I dream together and plan things together. I try my hardest to safeguard the good thing I have.

I also have people around me that help me protect my time with my boys and remind me of my priorities. I always remind myself that whatever I do as an artist means nothing if I neglect my family. I can’t live with myself if I’m inspiring people around me and not doing that with my boys. I ask God daily for wisdom on how to balance my time. It’s an area I’m constantly growing in.

As a mother, I want my son to see that you can have dreams and ambitions and I want to invite him in that process as I go through it. When it gets especially hard and life gets hectic, I always remind myself that family always comes first. Everything else fades away. Come tomorrow I could lose my voice, then what? Was it worth laying everything else on the line? No.

The only thing that matters is that I live a life that God, my family and myself can be proud of.

VP: What does your songwriting process look like? What makes a Stef Silva creation special in your eyes?

StefSilva: Those who work with me would say my songwriting process is kinda crazy! When I sit to write a song, I am completely focused. I have to feel what I’m writing. I’m extremely critical of everything: the feel of the song, the chords, the lyrics, the content, the main idea, the take away. I feel accountable for what others hear.

What I put on paper and put into melodies others will be listening to. The way I see it, I have about 3 to 4 minutes to communicate something that comes from my heart so I need to make it count. In regards to what makes a Stef Silva creation special? I would say that it is a miracle how it all comes together! I actually don’t speak music. As funny as that sounds, I can barely tell you what key we’re in.

The songs I write, I play around on the guitar and piano and I go with what sounds right. I hear the whole composition in my head and I sing those parts or beat box the drum parts with my team and they bring it to life. I’m so thankful for people who understand me! Haha

VP: What kinds of lessons will your music pass on to your children, your community, and beyond?

StefSilva: I hope that my music will inspire a new generation of creatives that use their gifts to spotlight something significant and help make a difference. Music, I believe maybe anybody can make, but it’s what you do with that platform, I believe, that makes a difference.

For me, music is a means to an end. I want to use my platform to highlight some of the things that are going on in my community and around the world. I believe we, as people, should feel responsible for those around us.

If we, as musicians, can get hundreds or maybe even thousands of people together for music, imagine the impact we can make in the world! A difference that goes beyond us and our art. That’s a world that I want myself, my family, and my son to be part of.

VP: Listeners can quickly tell that you have a heart of gold. How do you use your platform and art to add value to the social causes and missions you so often embrace?

StefSilva: Thank you so much! You know, that’s something I hope is consistent in my music. That people hear my heart. And my heart is about God, love, people, life, community, the arts, etc. One thing I hope to continue to do in my music career is performing in places that most people don’t, like non-profit organizations.

There are so many great non-profits where I live and I always try and find a way to learn more about the role those organizations are playing in their local communities. My church has an amazing program called The Backpack Program where we pack meals for kids in the Overtown community that are located within a food desert. In that area, there are no grocery stores or other business like a pizza shop so, unfortunately, many kids go home hungry for the weekend. I look at that, and think to myself, “I can do something about that”.

My husband and I personally go to deliver these meals to 2 schools in the Overtown area. I came into music with the one condition that it would have to be bigger than myself. I want to always remind myself to feel responsible for people around me so that I don’t get caught up in myself. Too many things going on in the world and here in the United States that we can do something about.

VP: I’ve heard you’re planning a mission trip to Cuba, a country that’s no stranger to some of the harsher realities of the human experience. What mark do you hope to leave on the people you encounter on your Cuban adventure?

StefSilva: You know, I never thought I would ever go to Cuba in my lifetime. I had the opportunity to go last year and am co-leading another trip this year. You ask me about the mark that I hope to make there, but honestly, the Cuban people have made a mark in my life. The beauty of their simplicity humbles me every time I go. Their faith strengthens mine. They make me love God and life stronger.

The only things I feel that I can do are teach and train the people some of the things that I know. Then in turn learn from them. I’m excited for the trip this year because I will have the opportunity to visit families. And that’s what I love. To sit and meet with people and spend time with them. It’s the gift of humanity-being able to form relationships with people around the globe. It’s a beautiful thing!

VP: Where are you most excited to take your music? What places are you most eager as you start to plan national (and hopefully international) tours?

StefSilva: I have such a hard time answering that question because I HATE flying. Seriously terrified! BUT if I had to take a stab at that question, I would love to travel around the US with other great artists. I love collaborating. So if I could travel with other likeminded artists, I would die a happy person!

Should doors be opened for me to go internationally I would love that. But my heart would be so full if I could one day do a show in Cuba.

VP: Any parting words of advice for any aspiring songwriters hoping to follow their dreams and influence their world through their music?

StefSilva: I’m learning so much as I go! But there are definitely some things that I would suggest to other people like myself. First off, be yourself. We were all made for a purpose. Made to make a difference in the world and be unashamed of our gifts. Second, listen to those around you and collaborate.

You wont be able to sustain anything without a team. Lastly, use your art and your platform to benefit others as well as yourself.

That’s a wrap folks! make sure to follow Stef Silva (FB, Twitter, Insta) as she ramps up in 2016! Make sure to check out her exclusive playlist for #ViralPirateRadio and tune in next time for more #ViralPirateRadio adventures! - #VIRALPIRATERADIO


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Stef Silva is a singer/songwriter from Miami, FL whose soulful vocals and urban pop undertones have helped make her unique in the South Florida music scene. Stef Silva has received critical acclaim from industry's elite both domestically and internationally for her recently released EP entitled "Mirrors". Bridging the gap between art and what she believes, Stef writes about her experiences in life and uses music as a sounding board.

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