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Ocala, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | SELF

Ocala, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Hip Hop




"Queen's Anthem Premier"

Premiere | StreetSmartz101 “Queen’s Anthem”
Hot off of their singles “Trap Stay Open” and “That’s My Dog,” Ocala’s StreetSmartz 101 is back on their grind with the female empowerment joint “Queen’s Anthem.” These three MCs are putting in work and putting Central Florida on the hip-hop map, with eye-popping bars and huge hooks. More than just a hip-hop outfit, these three, along with their fiercely independent label Zero18 Global, are a legit movement, with an all-in mentality and a drive that won’t allow them to quit until they reach the top. While the competition is happy to make their name wearing brands, StreetSmartz 101 is busy becoming a brand. Late nights, early mornings, staying focused on the risk instead of the reward – that’s how they’ve dropped a string of white-hot singles culminating in their best yet, “Queen’s Anthem.”

Staying true to the hustle but spotlighting a different kind of grind, StreetSmartz 101 shout out the women in our lives, the ones who make all things possible, on “Queen’s Anthem.” Family forms from them, home is found in them, and empires are built with them. They can hustle with the best if it means caring for the rest. They are smooth, calculated, and can make moves that Kings can’t. They are the Queen, and they need to know their worth. Over a classic Southern bounce, the trio reveres, uplifts, and honors the Queen in the title: “Tug of war. Do what I can, need you on my side / Leadership. Use your brain, they so far behind / Independent, that’s what got me blowing up your line / Your open mind. One of a kind. Yes you’re so divine.” StreetSmartz 101’s third single is set to blow them up on a national level, and every time we spin one of their tracks, there’s a Queen out there we should be thanking for that.

It’s no wonder StreetSmartz 101 calls out The Queen of Soul in the 2nd verse. The clip for “Queen’s Anthem” is an ode to the inner strength and beauty of women everywhere – all the things that make them royalty. Director Gregg Williams’ imagery and editing elevates the many women featured to icons, whether they’re holding their own in a disagreement, enjoying some well-earned R&R, or handling their business. Women from different ethnicities, ages, and parts of the world are brought together here in this clip, united in their power, comfortable and resolute in their various roles. In “Queen’s Anthem,” women are a global force to be reckoned with, and it’s high time the rest of us recognized it.

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"Black Tears World Premiere"

t’s been almost two months since the last StreetSmartz101 video drop, and they’re back again with another fantastic video. The last time we saw these three was in April with “Queen’s Anthem,” the powerful hip-hop anthem that celebrates women everywhere and the women in our lives. Hot off the heels of their killer singles “Tray Stay Open” and “That’s My Dog,” StreetSmartz101 have no intentions of slowing down. These Central Floridians, along with their very own label Zero18 Global, are shaking up the music scene and making it their own. They’re devoted to building their brand and making sure they’re a force to be reckoned with.
“Black Tears,” StreetSmartz101’s latest single, is an emotional, soulful hip hop track that’s sure to leave listeners feeling moved. StreetSmartz101 are known for their huge hooks and attention-grabbing bars and with “Black Tears” it’s no different. This song is the perfect marriage of intelligent, quick-witted hip hop and rich soul music. The rapping in the verses acts like a fast-paced but smooth transition into that vulnerable soul sound. Like “Queen’s Anthem,” “Black Tears” really makes you stop and pay attention to what they’re saying. It’s a deeply moving story about young black men who face law enforcement and may never see their families again. “Watch out for cops,” StreetSmartz101 warn the listener, citing the tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin and George Floyd – and how that’s made them paranoid for their own lives and safety. But that fear can’t be avoided – not for a son and not for a mother. Listen carefully, and you can feel a mother’s pain at the thought of losing her son.

The video for “Black Tears” is the perfect visual for this single. The video starts strong with a woman standing in front of the camera as she pleads for the black kings to listen and stop being selfish with their reckless behavior – “These streets don’t love you,” she pleads, “They don’t love nobody. They’re definitely not gonna love you like your momma’s gonna.” She firmly asks the viewers to think about the pain they’re inflicting on the people around them when they want to go out and risk their freedom. From there, the music kicks in, and the guys of StreetSmartz101 come into frame. We’re invited into the home of a single mother and her son. We watch as he walks out of the house, and all eyes fall on him and his next moves. As the video continues, the mom flips through photo albums as her son fades away into the background. The video ends with StreetSmartz101 all dressed in white as the young man walks down the street towards the horizon. It’s an ominous video that’s sure to leave an impact.

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"Money Talk World Premiere"

"Fast money equals short life," rapper G of StreetSmartz101 assures us on "Money Talk." He doesn't sound overly alarmed, moralizing, or disinclined to chase after cash. He's just reporting the news — and speaking with the authority of lived experience. G and his partners in the Ocala, FL hip-hop crew are unsparing for a reason: they've already overcome plenty of challenges, and they're under no illusions that their trials are over. They've seen poverty, crime, desperation, violence, discrimination, and plenty of lust for dollars among their unscrupulous peers. They've had to beat long odds to get as far as they have, and G raps like he knows it.

So maybe it's not so remarkable that "Money Talk" sounds as joyous, poised, and confident as it does. The members of StreetSmartz101 are survivors, and that alone is a good reason to celebrate. It's a tough game they're playing, but they're well acquainted with the rules, and they know how to work the angles. And as ruthless and practical as they can be, they aren't amoral. They've demonstrated that clearly on their 2021 singles "Black Tears," an elegy for Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, and others killed by the police, and "Queen's Anthem," a celebration of African-American womanhood. They know exactly where they're at and the scope of the problems they're facing.

They also know their limits. In the first verse of "Money Talk," G tells us that if we're not talking about money, that's not his business — and that isn't just a play on words. The members of StreetSmartz101 don't judge or scold; they've been through too much for that. They're giving you hard, muscular, straightforward rhymes over menacing trap beats, delivered by a veteran rapper whose entertainment instincts are never overwhelmed by his desire to communicate. "Money Talk" also caught the ear of Russ's tour DJ, DJCalvin. Without hesitation, DJCalvin featured "Money Talk" on his BACK 2 DA BASICS mixtape hosted by platinum recording artist FUTURE. The mixtape is currently ranked 17th on the global hip-hop charts.

In the video for "Money Talk," just above his stylish white sneakers, G wears a tracking bracelet around his ankle. It's a reminder of his run-ins with the law, his time spent in the penal system, and the culture of electronic surveillance that we're all living in. The directors at Moskino Films specialize in blunt-edged, street storytelling, and they bring the same casual roughneck energy to their work for StreetSmartz101 that they did for Cha$in Truth, Coombs, Coop Deville, and other rappers. They've got plenty of digital tricks for us, too, including cut-outs, freeze-frames, some quick-moving animation, and sudden bursts of flame. But the heart of the video is the footage of G's performance — frank, direct, oddly endearing, ducking nothing, wholly committed to the truth and its consequences.

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Still working on that hot first release.



StreetSmartz101 is a southern, dope boy trap music collective from Ocala, Florida.

For this family of street hustlers, music has always been a part of their lives,

bringing them together through expression since the introduction of crack cocaine.

Members G, Bjones, Dappa Fresh, TR, Mii, and Nickle Bag Polo form the group,

which is part of a musical network, THE NETWERK.

StreetSmartz101 shares truth and tragedy from experiences in the federal prison

system, the streets, and life. With just a few years in the independent music scene,

the group has seen great success with a handful of singles, including "Money Talk"

and "Grind Hard." Listeners can check out their catalog on all streaming platforms.

Hear "Money Talk" on the BACK2DABASICS mixtape, mixed by DJ CALVIN DA


Band Members