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Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Alternative Indie




"NYC-Based Egyptian Singer/Songwriter Teen Idle on Heartbreak, Identity, and Dream-Pop"

"My lyrics are mostly personal. Even if the song isn’t directly about me, it’s about a person who influenced me or something I observed in my life that affected me, even if it’s a YouTube video about the life of some actress from 50 years ago. I’m not someone who sits down and tries to write a song from the perspective of a fictional character, for example. It’s hard for me to role-play in songwriting. The songs from the EP are very personal and dealt with close relationships in my life." - SceneNoise

"Interview with The Family Reviews"

Another fine addition to the ever-growing music scene in beautiful Asbury Park, NJ. Teen Idle creates soft swirling tunes that are guaranteed to quell the most turbulent of times... “In The Morning” is out today and linked below for your listening pleasure. The track is a rocking slow jam that will give you warm feelings all over. Have a listen and get to know this spectacular artist in our latest interview. - The Family Reviews


The recording project of New Jersey-based songwriter Sara [Abdel]Barry, Teen Idle fuses the heartsick melodrama of 60s love ballads with the downbeat and languorous tones of 90s slowcore. The result is a melancholic sound clouded by love, so richly textured that you feel you could lean back into it and never quite fall through. New single ‘Dreaming’ is the perfect example, emerging from a slow and wistful opening that sets the tone from the off, the track possessing a smooth, elegiac tone that threatens to rise into some great crescendo but instead meanders on in its restraint. - Various Small Flames

"Review of Debut Single, "Dreaming""

It must have been just after Christmas when I heard Teen Idle's Dreaming for the first time. The song ran over my headphones and the fireplace crackled. When Sara [Abdel]Barry started singing, the world around me almost stopped. The flames blazed in slow motion and I started dreaming. This song proves what music can do. - We Love That

"Beat the Delete #0034 (New Music Recommendations)"

Beautiful on every level, from the lyrical promise of a relationship growing apart to the laconic dominant riff that adds background emotion. It seems difficult to believe this is the debut track from New Jersey’s Sara [Abdel]Barry and her solo Teen Idle moniker. - Janglepop Hub

"Review of "Dreaming""

...My friend Krissy from the band Whimsical was already raving about this song and doing a pretty good job at spreading the word, so I had a listen. When the song came in through Submithub, I gladly accepted... the one thing that stood out and convinced me was Sara’s voice... in a time where we are bombarded with vocal gymnastics on The Voice and Idols and such, it is always such a relief to hear some natural, “understated” singing. Her voice is soothing and soft, yet her timbre is distinct and captivating, and blends in perfectly with the lulling quietude of the song that does its title much justice. - Fadeaway Radiate

"Teen Idle - "Insomniac Dreams" EP Premiere"

The first collection of tracks from Teen Idle makes a statement with its depth, luscious experimentation, and risk-taking. [Abdel]Barry eschews the confines of traditional boundaries and instead allows her instincts to guide her songwriting - at times sending the guitars into overdrive, and when the moment requires it, scaling things back to let her tranquil voice take the reins. There’s a lot of both, and more, as five of the six tracks clock in at over five minutes, so there’s plenty of space available to spread things out. - Look At My Records!



"Dreaming" - November 2019

"Seasons (Goodbye, Summer Sun)" / "Where Is the Sun?" -  October 2020


Insomniac Dreams - June 2020



Teen Idle is the indie rock music project of 24-year-old NJ-based songwriter Sara Abdelbarry. Growing up miles away from the vibrant music scene of Asbury Park, she was inspired to start writing her own music in high school while taking classes at local music school Lakehouse Music Academy.

Teen Idle began as Sara's creative outlet during her senior year of college in New York City, in which she started taking songwriting very seriously and uploading self-recorded songs to Bandcamp that spanned a variety of genres, from lo-fi bedroom pop to classical piano.

Influenced by a long list of things, including the idiosyncratic production of Lindsey Buckingham and the nostalgia and romantic nature of the Arab artistic tradition she grew up around as an Egyptian-American, Sara's music combines pop sensibility with a grittiness and cinematic tendency. 

Subconsciously, the music of Teen Idle also contains undertones that reference both NY and NJ: the upbeat, gritty nature of New York City life mixed with the breeziness and spaciousness of life on the Jersey Shore.

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