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TeeZee Hottrax

Columbus, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Columbus, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Hip Hop R&B




"Interview with TeeZee (@dattee)"

Interview With TeeZee (@dattee)

a year ago

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TeeZee(@dattee) is a female emcee who was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She is a versatile emcee who raps about the various experiences that she has encountered. She gained a interest in music at a young age and began writing whole songs at the age of twelve. Her passion for music derived from listening to great emcee's such as Tupac and Jadakiss. TeeZee has recently started to record and invest into her music career. Tee Zee's goal is to uplift and positively impact lives through music.



www.soundcloud.com/dattee - Kut Throat Radio


ToppBottom — 05/27/2014

Studs N Hip Hop came through and visited Nu Radio in Atlanta Ga with live performances by Envi Babi, TeeZee Hottrax, and Tex Banga for this talent showcase and MC Battle between Sip Rambo and Steezo Da Champ. If you ask me, no diss to Sip Rambo, but Steezo Da Champ won the MC Battle. Her performance was live. Check it out and let me know what you think. This was my first time witnessing a female rap battle in Atlanta. It doesn’t happen often. I wonder how these two would compete against the artists of Queen of the Ring.

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Source: Studs nhiphop YouTube channel - Topp bottom

"Kiddo's Blog"



TeeZee Hottrax

This week's episode of A GAY ASS CARTOON features music by hip-hop artist, and radio host, TeeZee Hottrax. Her hot single is playing, right now, on "Bad Bitch Complex" web series episode. The featured soundtrack is titled 'Coke N Paul'. TeeZee Hottrax lyrical talents sets the stage for this week's episode. Tune-in to this event on A GAY ASS CARTOON.

To listen to music produced by TeeZee Hottrax visit: soundcloud.com/dattee

Get soundtrack 'Coke N Paul' here on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id670770282

How long have you been producing and managing music?

I am actually not a producer I do not create beats or engineer. I recorded my first song in November 2012, performed live for the first time Jan 2013, and have been managing talent since Sept 2013.

What was your inspiration behind starting Studs N Hip Hop?

Studs N Hip Hop

My inspiration for SNHH was simply the lack of avenues tangible for aggressive lesbian women. I believe in strength in numbers and I wanted to create a movement that would connect stud artist around the world and have a strong impact. I wanted to show all people how talented we are so maybe they would realize that good music is not defined by sexuality or image. SNHH promotes all artist regardless of their sexuality because if we don't promote or play music made by straight people how will we get them to listen and take our craft seriously?

Out of the many acts you have managed, which is your favorite? Which was the most challenging?

I once managed a 15 year old stud emcee who was both my favorite artist and one of the most challenging ones. Her potential caused me to take her under my wing but her lack of dedication made it hard for us to maintain our business relationship.

As an artist, producer, manager, and radio host; which of your many titles do you feel most inspired by?

I am inspired my the music I create because I am a versatile emcee who not only educates but entertains as well. If people listen to my music they would notice that no two tracks are the same. I reinvent myself every time I create a new song by switching up my delivery and lyrical content. I speak on a wide range of topics rather it be poverty, drinking and driving, sexuality, discrimination, partying, or striving to make it.

New To The Game Not The Hustle, what can you tell us about your debut album?

"New To The Game Not The Hustle" The concept basically means being new to a particular way of hustling but knowledgeable about hustling all together. This album will display just how versatile and talented TeeZee really is. N2TGNTH will educate fans, make them think, laugh, cry, and will even piss some people off. If fans heard my sophomore mixtape "this that hip hop" they already know the political and inspirational side of my music and if they heard songs like "work" or "That A1" they also know the party side as well. This album will is expected to be release in September 2014 and will be available on itunes or official hard copies.

What future plans can we expect from Teezz Hottrax?

Future plans for TeeZee Hottrax: continuing to create good music and new opportunities for LGBT artists!

Posted by Sammie Kiddo at 6:09 PM
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Location: Columbus, OH 43085, USA - Sammie Kiddo's


"Coke and Paul"
TeeZee ft Que
urban development studios Dec 2012
Release date july 2013

availble on itunes http://http//itunes.apple.com/album/id670770282



TeeZee Hottrax is a versatile emcee who was born on December
10, 1986 in Columbus, Ohio. Although she is an openly gay artist she creates
music that everyone can appreciate. TeeZee has always had a passion for music because
it was her way of expressing her inner thoughts and emotions. Her attraction to
music derived from listening to great artists such as Michael Jackson, Tupac,
Mary J Blige, and Jadakiss. TeeZee began writing songs for both her and her
siblings at the early age of twelve. The young artist did well at creating
exceptional hooks that were both catchy and meaningful. She was also very
skilled at providing listeners with a well descripted storyline. Shortly after her
fifteenth birthday TeeZee started attending and participating in a program called
Stars. This non profit recording studio gave her the opportunity to create and
record her works for free. During her time at Stars she managed to help form a
hip hop group called “Click Tight”. This short lived group full of talented
adolescents recorded and performed a couple of songs together before deciding
to part ways. After departing from the group TeeZee‘s interest for creating
music began to decline.  She dibbled in
dabbled in rap throughout the years but did not take it serious enough to
pursue. It was not until TeeZee reached the age of twenty six when she decided
to really pursue music. In fall 2012 TeeZee began networking
with other artists, engineers, and producers then created her first single
“Coke and Paul”. This R&B track focuses on lust as well as physical attraction
and features R&B recording artist Que. The release of this song gained rapid
recognition and praise from well known underground artists and fans in TeeZee’s
city. She wanted to show people that she was more than just a one hit wonder or
another person trying to be a rapper. In April 2013 TeeZee dropped her first mixtape
titled “213 Take Over”. This project was more of a collaboration mixtape that
was given out for free to gain more expose for her talent.  In that same month TeeZee recorded and
dropped a single titled “Come Party” an upbeat track that made listeners want
to dance and have fun. Her advancements in the local music scene caused other
rappers to want to reach out for help with building their own brands. Even
though TeeZee was still fairly new to the music scene she took local artists
TDS, King Ace, and Lil Looney under her wing becoming their booking manager in
September 2013. While exploring her new endeavor TeeZee released a few more party tracks but
did not want to be viewed as a club rapper; she wanted to display more lyrical
content and meaningful storylines thus leading her to her sophomore mixtape
released in October 2013. This mixtape titled “This That Hip Hop” depicted her
life experiences, educated listeners, and raised awareness.  This That Hip Hop received well over 10,000
views on datpiff.com in only two short weeks. TeeZee noticed the lack of opportunities
for LGBT artists and wanted to create an avenue for them to gain more exposure.
 In December 2013 TeeZee teamed up with
Vegas from Fiyah Radio and created a brand called Studs N Hip Hop. This brand
would assist LGBT artists with obtaining shows, radio spins, interviews, and
more. TeeZee is currently working on her debut album titled “New to the Game
Not the Hustle” this album will exhibit more of TeeZee’s versatility.  Her goal is to have a positive impact on her
listeners and help bring hope to the oppressed.

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