Texas Critter

Texas Critter

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2022

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Established on Jan, 2022
Band Folk Indie




"Texas Critter and the gorgeous Americana sad core bends of "SOSOS""

The forlorn shit kicker melancholia of SOSOS by Texas bred, Boston based Texas Critter, the latest solo incarnation of singer-songwriter Evan Taylor (who also his talented tentacles in Frogger, Proxy War and Last Violets with Vincent Paz) is, well, goddamn beautiful. The sparse arrangement, the somber sway, wallowing bass tones, sparkling lead guitar adorations, the sort of organic beat and. most especially, Evan's gorgeously sad, even depressive vocal countenance cuts right through your flesh, rib cage and directly into your heart. - American Pancake


SOSOS, Ace In The Hand, Thief Song (demo)



Texas Critter, the Solo incarnation of Texas bred, Boston based singer-songwriter Evan Taylor, is an experiment taking place on the boundaries of what folk music can be. With a more involved production style, sparkling guitar adornations, and a joyful half-ignorance of what has come and what will come to be, Taylor is reaping a crop from something that grows within all of us, something true to life's heart. We all feel the need at some point in our life to make it known that we are here-- whether it be a baby's cry or a sad song on the internet-- we are vying to say the same thing: "I am here. I felt so much."

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