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The Guitar & Whiskey Club

Ventura, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Ventura, CA
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Hard Rock




"LIVE REVIEW - June, 2019"

Material: The Guitar & Whiskey Club brings
a potent and unique classic rock sound to
the Los Angeles music scene. With members hailing from New York, Wisconsin, Illinois and California, this diverse group has an original style that transitions effortlessly from hair- throwing glam metal to Southern rock. From the driving drums, bass, and vocal stylings in the band’s cover of The Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz,” to the powerhouse harmonies and sassy lyrics of original tracks like “Flies Like Whiskey” and “We Don’t Care,” The Guitar & Whiskey Club bring uncommon ease to their contemporary take on ‘70s and ‘80s hard rock.

Musicianship: Founding members Jeff Donovan and Scott Smith and bandmates
Bob Sickels, Seen Robinson and frontwoman Jennifer Wylde are clearly in sync, confident, and comfortable on stage, challenging each other in their call and response, but without the exaggerated arrogance sometimes associated with the hard rock genre.

Tight vocal harmonies shine in their cover of April Wine’s “Roller,” and their original “You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve” feels like a bluesy marriage of Alannah Myles and the instrumental stylings of the pre-grunge era. Robinson’s wailing guitar solos continue in “That Girl,” and the band’s cover of The Babys’ rocker “Head First” brings strong vocals from Wylde. Overall, the sound is steady and polished.

Performance: The band has played numerous gigs in the LA region. This is The Guitar
& Whiskey Club’s fifth appearance at The Canyon in Agoura Hills, where they are now a crowd favorite, undoubtedly opening the door to bigger shows and larger crowds. Their musical delivery is genuine and heartfelt, and the audience was engaged and enthusiastic throughout the show. Wylde’s interaction with the room was energetic and authentic, and she and the band were very much at home in their expression on stage. “The Sky is Burning,” a memorable original rock anthem that closed the show, featured Wylde’s powerful vocals and nimble guitar solos by Robinson.

Summary: Led by the vigorous stage presence of frontwoman Jennifer Wylde, the tight performance of The Guitar & Whiskey Club represents the best of a bygone era of hard rock, as well as a fresh iteration of it. For those with a passion for that classic era, the hints of melismatic nostalgia that this group emits will undoubtedly take you back in time, while simultaneously showcasing the group’s creativity and originality. The set list is growing, momentum is building, and this is likely just the beginning for this talented quintet. A fabulous night out for hard rock evangelists. - Music Connection Magazine

"LIVE REVIEW - January, 2020"

The first Highwire Daze Concert Review of the New Year took place at The Canyon Club in the wilds of Agoura Hills on a Friday night. Headlining was the one and only Jack Russell’s Great White, playing all the classics from a vast and brilliant career. Jack Russell and his crew were in top form, and delivered the goods to a packed house. Opening the show with an equal amount of sonic intrigue was The Guitar & Whiskey Club, and judging by the sheer excitement generated from the stage, there is a no doubt fan and friend membership would be increasing within the ranks of this rock and roll organization.

Mixing up the memorable original selections with a few well performed covers, The Guitar & Whiskey Club surely gained the attention of the early arrivals ready to rock out to the sounds of Jack Russell’s Great White. Opening with the spiraling refrains if The Carnival, The Guitar & Whiskey Club fearlessly launched into an absolutely solid performance. Included amongst the covers was an explosive rendition of Heart’s Barracuda – an intricate song not easy to pull off live, but one which The Guitar & Whiskey Club performed flawlessly. Flies Like Whiskey was an original highlight, slated to be on their upcoming EP, and vibrantly pulsating when unveiled within a live setting.

The musicianship found within The Guitar & Whiskey Club is inspiring and first rate. Band leader Jeffrey Donovan absolutely soars into the stratosphere on guitar. Jennifer Wylde is a thrilling and captivating front woman, bringing each and every song to an ultra-vivid life and keeping the audience thoroughly engaged throughout. Seen Robinson is a total pro rocking and rolling away on guitar while drummer Bob Sickels drives it all home with skill and precision. And supplying the dynamic low-end is newest member Andy Hewett, best known for his work in the epically underrated Evolution Eden. Together, the massively talented musicians of The Guitar & Whiskey Club hit a grand slam of a performance in Agoura Hills, supplying tremendous support to the Jack Russell’s Great White experience.

Expect to hear a lot more from The Guitar & Whiskey Clube in the months ahead. Upcoming events include an appearance at Lucky Strikes Live right smack in the heart of Hollywood on February 21th and the Universal Bar and Grill in Unversal City on March 27th!

The Guitar & Whiskey Club is:
Jeffrey Donovan – Guitar
Andy Hewett – Bass and Vocals
Seen Robinson – Guitar
Jennifer Wylde – Vocals
Bob Sickels – Drums

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue)

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""Flies Like Whiskey" Track Review - Indie Shark"

The Guitar & Whiskey Club “Flies Like Whiskey”
March 12, 2020 MUSIC REVIEWS

Fearless vocals and a raunchy good time – the song “Flies Like Whiskey” is an infectiously-fun track from The Guitar & Whiskey Club band. While some might find the sound something out of the past, leave it to a band from Ventura, California to keep the melodic guitars and heavy riffs up-to-date. “Flies Like Whiskey” is self-released and brings that old-soul vibe to a modern tempo.

This hard rock band is comprised of Jennifer Wylde (vocals), Jeffrey Donovan (guitar), Seen Robinson (guitar), Scott Smith (bass, vocals) and Bob Sickels (drums, vocals). The added layer of guitar gives the sound an extra punch and astounding lift to Wylde’s already powerful vocals.


When Wylde sings “…dead flies at the watering hole, that’s when I knew! Knew it was true, flies like whiskey too” she has this unstoppable grit in her voice, laced with charm and beauty. She’s more Janet Gardner of Vixen than Joan Jett or Lita Ford, but Wylde definitely keeps this train hauling ass down the tracks. I think the story telling part of the song is fun. This band seems to have a good sense of humor and even better sense of human nature. Wylde even talk -sings a few times to get the crowd (listener) engaged in the audacious tale. When she sings “’cuz it’s loaded with flies” she laughs in a wicked cackle of a laugh. This might be completely out of left field, but something about the way she sings and tells the story reminded me of Train and Patrick Monahan, too. Maybe it’s the storytelling. It feels like a ‘night out’ song and a great song to gather a group of friends and watching it performed. I’m not sure that it’s an anthem, but it’s definitely fulfilling to the rocker appetite.

The percussion arrangement in “Flies Like Whiskey” is equally exciting to the onslaught of guitar sounds. It’s a pounding effort, but a tug-of-war with the rhythm and lead guitars. At first the guitars are strung acoustically, but when Wylde starts to rev up her voice, the guitars fall in line with a power-punch. Just like Irish whiskey, the smooth factor is there, only with a smokier tone and flavor. While the overall tone and vibe to this song is more classic rock, fans of country rock could also embrace. This track has a lot going for it musically – the arrangement, mix and vocals give it a strong, complete product. While closing my eyes listening to it, I definitely played air guitar (and air drums!).


Overall, “Flies Like Whiskey” is a great sounding track and a nice introduction to the Guitar & Whiskey Club. I’m dying to hear them live and something tells me that same energy they have on the recorded track is just as meatier on a live stage. They come across as very genuine, and virtuosos. Fans of Joan Jett, Vixen, Lita Ford, Heart, Sammy Hagar, Pat Benatar and Journey will want to take a listen and add “Flies Like Whiskey” to their playlists.

Mark Druery - Indie Shark

""Flies Like Whiskey" Track Review - Hollywood Digest"

It’s not that often that you hear about insect songs. That’s not to say there haven’t been a swarm of songs that broach the subject – “Vasoline” (Stone Temple Pilots), “Fly On the Wall” (Bobby V), “Butterfly” (Mariah Carey), “Ants Marching” (Dave Matthews Band), “Hive” (311) and “Dog And Butterfly” (Heart) and more. The latest indie band to join the winged ranks is Ventura, California’s The Guitar & Whiskey Club. The track “Flies Like Whiskey” is a get-up-and-go rocker tune that creates a strong buzz.

Don’t get me started on the number of bands with an insect-theme for a name, or a beverage reference. Save that for another column.

The Guitar & Whiskey Club is a tight-band that enlists a heavy rhythm section with staggering guitar riffs. Leading the effort is vocalist Jennifer Wylde, who’s energy fuels this rockin’ machine. Joining her are Jeffrey Donovan on guitar, Seen Robinson on guitar, Scott Smith on bass and drummer Bob Sickels. Together they present an edgy, evolving classic rock sound in “Flies Like Whiskey”.

Lyrically “Flies Like Whiskey” is a tale about happenings in bar, throwing a few back and discovering that a guy walks off with her drink. Wylde roars, “that’s when I knew, I knew it was true, flies like whiskey too” and at one point she laughs. She sings about being on stage and “making her dreams come true” and the visuals the band creates is a happening rock bar on a Saturday night. Everyone having fun, dancing and of course, drinking whiskey. I was half-expecting this song to be a break-up song. I loved how the ‘lead-up’ to her vocals has this acoustic guitar that sounds like a pickup, with a subtle bass line creating strong anticipation. “What’s around the corner?” I thought to myself.


When the song gets to the guitar bridge, the electric guitar is in full-swing. It’s not a talkbox, but Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) fans would turn their heads on this sound. The guitar riffs grip you and have a multi-layered melodic climb. It’s like the guitar came out to play and it’s not letting up! I just adored the back-and-forth between the guitar measures and Wylde’s vocals. The guitars may seem like they are winning, but I think Wylde has the final edge. All the while they are playing it out, the bass and the percussion are slamming it out just as loud. So cool.

So much of “Flies Like Whiskey” reminded me of Bon Jovi, Heart and even Little Texas (“God Blessed Texas”). I think fans of cross-over country rock would agree. I know fans of classic rock will concur.

Listeners looking for some deeper meaning may not find it. I didn’t find this song to be anything but entertaining and fun. Whiskey as a drink isn’t for everyone as some prefer sparkling wine or other alcohol. I’m perfectly okay with this assessment and urge listeners to find the time to A) rock out B) add some fun to the listening life C) play “Flies Like Whiskey” loud!

Garth Thomas - Hollywood Digest

""Flies Like Whiskey" Track Review -"

The Guitar & Whiskey Club bring back the Rock n’ Roll Mojo!
Michael Rand March 12, 2020 Music, Reviews
Looking for a rock song drenched in rock guitars and pounding percussion? How about a smooth rocker with female vocals? Look no further the band The Guitar & Whiskey Club has released its debut single, “Flies Like Whiskey”. Like moths to the flame, fans of the classic rock sound flavored with 80s and 70s rock riffs, will gravitate towards this catchy tune.

It’s not entirely fair to call this sound ‘throwback’. The Guitar & Whiskey Club certainly has glimpses of retro-melodic guitar riffs so common in the 80s hair metal days, but they do it in a fun way that doesn’t tread too far into nostalgia waters. I think the arrangements guitarists Seen Robinson and Jefferey Donovan present accompanied with vocalist Jennifer is more interesting. Rhythmically the additional work of drummer Bob Sickels and bassist Scott Smith factors in another completely tight sound. The song is fresh and exciting. I think because it’s rock, people will compare it to other previous works. I also think because this band is predominantly a live band performing originals and covers, they have achieved bringing in the energy of the live performances into the studio.


What does feel real, and very sincere is the appreciation for the genre. Wylde isn’t a rip-off of Pat Benatar or Nancy Wilson – she’s quite in her own space when she’s singing “that’s when I knew, knew it was true, flies like whiskey too”. She’s got a little bit of spice, a smidge of spunk in her when she ‘sing-talks’ to ‘hey boys’ and even laughs “you wanna know why – cuz it’s loaded with flies!” The infectious line “pour me another” is a bit softer. Folks that enjoy the song “I Hate Myself For Loving You” from Joan Jett & The Blackhearts will get fevers from Wylde’s vocals and the squelching guitar riffs. Wylde’s on fire. She’s a true frontwoman and her entertainment factor gets a very high rating.

I do wish this song allowed for more breathing room for the listener to create their own interpretation. It’s a straight-forward song and it works. Depending on one’s mood, this might not be the song for them – “Flies Like Whiskey” is a party song, and not necessarily a bar song, but a night out on the town tune. If you’re looking for a ballad or a sad song about drinking alone, this isn’t it. As mentioned previously, those guitar riffs just break-through the sound barrier. The sound just gulps up the bulk of the song and while Wylde’s vocals are spot-on, the guitars really make the song standout. Not that the bass guitar and the fantastic drum/percussion should be ignored, but the guitar solos (just a guess these are Gibson Les Pauls or Fender Telecasters and Strats) in this track just crank out the lead.


Overall, “Flies Like Whiskey” is a killer tune. Fans of classic rock, country rock and modern rock will want to check out this song and The Guitar & Whiskey Club band. Bravo to this California band for making their own mark in the rock world.

Michael Rand -

"EP Review"

The Guitar & Whiskey Club
By Ken Morton
Based out of the beach town of Ventura, California, The Guitar & Whiskey Club is a dynamic collective that any rock and roll fan will want to join up with. Fronted by the charismatic Jennifer Wylde, The Guitar & Whiskey Club recently issued a trio of songs that are destined to garner the band a good deal of respect and admiration above and beyond the confines of Ventura County.
"Flies Like Whiskey" opens like a classic Bobbie Gentry song before exploding into a fully loaded, hard rocking anthem of rage and rebellion. "Lone Cowboy" presents the members of The Guitar & Whiskey Club exploring power ballad territory with absolutely gripping results. And then "We Don't Care" will seriously rock your world with its riping guitar solos and wildly infectious chorus that will remain spinning in your head long after the song concludes.
Founded by guitarist Jeff Donovan and now featuring the pulsating bass work of Andy Hewett from Evolution Eden, The Guitar & Whiskey Club is sure to capture the attention of music fans in 2020 and beyond. Definitely a band worth seeking out!
Info: - Highwire Daze


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The Guitar & Whiskey Club rock band – THEY WILL ROCK YOU – with their deliciously distilled rock and roll – and the stage show that will leave you wanting more.

Come knockin' because GWC will keep you rockin with 45 minutes of original music or 2.5 hours of cover material …or any combination of the two (2020).

“…and this is likely just the beginning for this talented quintet. A fabulous night out for hard rock evangelists.” – Music Connection Magazine

“…Management is professional and the band is always on point. The Guitar & Whiskey Club is a definite re-book. Always a crowd pleaser.”  -Tanya Bauguss, Manager, The Garage Bar

“…If you are considering The Guitar & Whiskey Club for your event, book them. It will not be the last time.” –Michael Fields, Michael Fields Productions

2019: Winner “Best Rock” at the VCMA’s

2019: On the HOT 100  Live and Unsigned band list in Music Connection Magazine

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