The Kindest People

The Kindest People

Johnson City, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE | AFM

Johnson City, Tennessee, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Indie




"THE KINDEST PEOPLE | Director's Cut"

Technically this is about as solid as an album can get. With an exquisite mix, this album comfortably hits all the right notes and tones for this style of music. - Rock Hand Records

"Gurus in drag: The Kindest People and Pelican Man reviewed"

The fact is that we’re starved for pretty melodies and great arrangements. The Kindest People fill that faux-Beatle void for me with their gorgeous, lo-fi Ride Passenger. It’s the kind of vocal melody that could end up haunting the band. The pinnacle of a pop group, the start of something great, or the start of a new Beatles in drag myth? - Alt77

"The Kindest People and the hyper kinetic art rock carnival ride of "Ray Gun""

You might get dizzy from the tightly wound jammy center and whirlwind edges that at their most wild feel like a hoard of 8 year olds high on pixie sticks. It is wonderfully unruly throughout and the shouty vocal aesthetic sort of feels like an amped up version of Modest Mouse. - American Pancake

"The Kindest People"

The Kindest People, as on an affectingly jangly “All Now,” embrace layered vocal harmonies amid crashing guitars. The result forms a style that warrants widespread attention and acclaim. - Bristol Herald Courier

"The Kindest People – Idle Revival"

Idle Revival has a sense of theatricality to it; the unique vocal melodies and impressive musicianship kept me interested throughout most of the album. If you’re looking for indie rock with a sense of character, The Kindest People are worth checking out. - Bucket List


This album isn’t just about good vibes, although there are plenty. This album is motivational. It’s about finding a catalyst for change, crawling up from the rut. The melodic qualities to the songs are so addictive, catchy doesn’t really do what I felt justice. - Divide and Conquer


I feel I have dug very deep in while just trying to say that the lyrics are gold on this album. They're worth digging into. One thing that has remained the same is a very stylized vocal style that really shows its range. - Divide and Conquer




The Kindest People are a four-piece indie/garage rock band from the mountains of Johnson City, Tennessee. The band combines slick, catchy melodies with a large variety of instrumentation in order to frankenstein their own unique sound of rock and roll. Walking a line of modern pop sensibilities with a reverence for 60’s garage and 90’s alternative, The Kindest People have created a sprawling catalog of music in the short span of five years. Releases that all carry unique identities self-contained within each record. From their sun-soaked surf rock on 2016’s Versions, to the rowdy garage rock of 2018’s Versions II, to the Appalachian and blues inspired songs of 2020’s Companions, you’ll always be looking forward to what’s coming next from this prolific East Tennessee band.

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