The Mummy Cats

The Mummy Cats

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2022 | SELF

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2022
Band Rock Alternative




"SouthSounds Music Fest Makes Blazing Return"

......Even The Mummy Cats diverged from their blazing classic hard rock for an interlude as the “Jazz Cats.”......up-and-coming Southeastern acts....the festival’s eclectic, upbeat sensibility was back in full force.... -

"Savannah Concert Photography"

The great thing about stalking around and photographing bands is that I'm also gauging the audience. The performers on stage are the first people to know if they're winning over the crowd or not...but I can promise you that the next person who notices is me, and it's not often that I see a band win over a room of strangers as quickly as @themummycats did. That in itself was quite an experience.

While the guys had the audience all taken care of, it was my job to capture some of that magic. I think I did so as much as technology would allow me to. Frontman James Cox is a hard man to keep up with! I felt myself framing him weirdly all night to get a shot that was actually in focus. I think it worked though. I like the way these came out. One of the most electric music experiences I've ever had. It was an absolute honor to be able to photograph The Mummy Cats's first spin in Savannah! Let's do it again! - Amanda Mack

"The New School - One's To Watch 2023"

After finding a mummified cat in his friend’s basement, James Cox created The Mummy Cats, a band whose sound is pure rock and roll with a touch of evil. Their debut album No Thanks, I’m Just Looking, features twisting and powerfully electric solos that are reminiscent of Van Halen’s “Eruption.” The band perfected a nearly 50-minutes long, soul-ascending and hypnotic incantation through distorted vocals layered onto wailing guitars and heavy grave bass tones. With a personal preference of my rock to be dark and gritty, The Mummy Cats successfully play into the gimmick of their eerie founding history. With a discography that leans into sinister and grim sonic qualities, perhaps if you play their songs backwards, you’ll even uncover a secret message… -Katherine Hong

Listen to: Thunderfoot, Disco Volante, Eviloution / Keep up with them on Instagram and listen on Spotify. - WNSM RADIO

"The Mummy Cats new single “Gold” is a cathartic new rock release"

With a regretful, introspective riff on the guitar, “Gold” by The Mummy Cats begins soft and slow. Then, drums enter with a haunting and soaring collection of “oohs,” and these other layers begin to envelop the listener. With a voice like Orville Peck (deep, regretful, and unmistakably southern) singer James Cox sings, “I don’t wanna die cause I don’t wanna die alone.” The vulnerable lyrics are what drives this song, with the instrumentals acting as its soundscape of sorrow, regret, and an infinity-like feeling of death staring you in the face. The chorus takes that emotional heaviness and flips it into a passionate and hard sound, with the song taking a more punk, grand approach in between the softness.

Effortlessly, the song’s layers thicken from there. The lyrics begin to spin an introspective coming-of-age story, the guitar riffs become more complex, and the drums more prominent and unapologetic. After the second chorus, there are even features from a nostalgic piano and violin. As Cox sings, “and every breath I take is gold,” an electric guitar solo enters by Morgan Liveoak, slowly bleeding into the end of the track like one last shout into the abyss. - Glasse Factory

"The Mummy Cats and the stark joyous rock revelry of "Gold" (Official Lyric Video)"

"Gold" by Birmingham's The Mummy Cats is the kind of anthemic song that sneaks up on you. It is a testament to the power of deep lyrics told to you simply and huge guitar driven walls of sound hammering home messages that may cut you both ways. It swings broadly, comfortably but sways like a slightly inebriated house party, with good vibes, unity, love for humanity and life. It starts with muted guitar notes that might feel like a reverse lullaby, there are somber words and an almost part pop reggae / part Pixies-esque art punk sway. When the song explodes and the questions that arise about death and living life to your fullest start to permeate your brain and heart you gleefully give yourself, get lost in the broad rock tones and sort of blues horn sounds. You will come down to the homegrown groove and then get lost even further when the glorious lead break happens in a big way.

In the end, the party vibe of "Gold" with the chorus that feels like part realization, part battle cry: "and every breath I take is gone and if it's birthed of pain it's gold" might (as it did me) make you think of people who have passed on, maybe left way too soon. It also might make you think of life for those you love and how fleeting it really is and ways for you to cherish them and make life more meaningful.

Rock on bothers and sisters. The Mummy Cats are James Cox and Morgan Liveoak brought together via Craigslist. Really. - American Pancake


I must confess that it was very difficult to start writing this review because I couldn't stop listening to this magnificent song.

Wake Up, The Mummy Cats' newly released single, was so well composed that there's no way to listen to it just once.

The structure developed for Wake Up was very well planned for it to be a hit as soon as it was released, as it catches the listener in a way that makes it impossible to escape the clutches of this band.

Wake Up is a masterful mix between dangerously well played guitar riffs, combined with a solid and striking bass and drums that have been getting heavy and setting the tone of time so that nothing goes wrong.

The voice lines, in addition to being very well harmonized, have an uncommon depth within what we know as rock, in general, with a type of reverb that leaves the vocal in a climate that circulates between the psychedelic and even the hypnotic.

The Mummy Cats is a band that deserves to win fans around the world and be on big stages showing, live, all their superb potential. - Roadie Music

"One of modern rock’s great new bands "The Mummy Cats""

One of modern rock’s great new bands, The Mummy Cats were founded in 2018 after frontman James Cox found a dead and mummified cat in his friend’s basement. From this simple and sufficiently morbid tale, The Mummy Cats found their feet, with James moving back to his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and enlisting the talents of guitarist Morgan Liveoak via Craigslist. Fast-forward a few years, and The Mummy Cats have well and truly made their mark on the local scene, selling out a string of venues and releasing an absolutely titanic debut single.

Filled with power, ferocity and an undeniable rock sound, ‘Wolverine’ perfectly encapsulates the band’s diverse sound, capitalising on gritty rock ‘n’ roll that blends seamlessly with darker, alt-rock vibes. A unique piece filled with post-rock atmospherics and plenty of indie charm, the band’s debut single is an utterly thrilling release, one that hits in waves and delivers a dark cacophony of sounds.

A powerful display of the potential The Mummy Cats have as a band, ‘Wolverine’ is a chaotic illustration of their style and sound, crossing borders and creating an unassailable wall of sound. Build on a defiant punk spirit that discharges perfectly in James’ heavy, gripping vocals, the power and passion in the track is undeniable, arriving as a wholesome, yet thrilling sonic experience. Stitching together raw, gritty instrumentals with a deft combination of moods and feelings, The Mummy Cats have perfectly added weight and tension to the piece, heightening the anthemic nature of the track and ensuring it’ll leave a mark on anyone who hears it.

Alongside the new track, the band have also revealed the official lyric video for ‘Wolverine’, adding another layer to The Mummy Cats legend. Check it out below via YouTube. - Broken 8 Records


Wolverine (Single) - August 2021

Leonard (Single) - August 2021

The Same Way - November 2021

From The Head (EP) - February 2022

No Thanks I'm Just Looking (Full Length) - August 2022



James Cox founded The Mummy Cats in 2020 after literally finding a dead and mummified cat in his friends basement in Nashville, TN.

Their first release came in 2020 with the song "Wolverine" which blends a multitude of flavors that provides a first taste into their unique songwriting style and abilities. Soon after they were picked up for radio with their song "Leonard". Leonard is a personal dive into lead singer James' relationship with Death Row inmate Leonard J. Young. The two formed an unsuspecting friendship after James accepted a strangers invitation to visit death row at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville, TN.

Since the release of Leonard, The Mummy Cats have gone on to release their debut EP "From The Head" and their first full length album "No Thanks, I'm Just Looking". Both of these releases have been followed up with heavy touring schedules throughout the United States.

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