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Virginia Beach, VA | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | INDIE

Virginia Beach, VA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Hip Hop Pop




"Frank White Talks "Hood Pain""

Frank White, Hip-Hop/Rap Artist from Virginia in his rookie season rolling out into the music industry. Releasing his debut project "Hood Pain" on Thanksgiving. Able to sit down with the Music Dispensary as he talks Shootings, Violence , Clout Chasing , Special Features and more .....

MD : Okay So We Are Hear With Ridgeboy Frank Better Known As Frank White .
So Which One Is The Official Industry Name ?

I’m definitely going to have to go with RidgeboyFrank

MD : Okay so to also clear it up , Where are you exactly from ?

Roberts Park Norfolk VA . I grew up out the ridge .

MD : Your not new to this music , but as we spoke with VeryRareAli, You guys aren’t doing any more aiming locally.
Now going into the Industry, do you feel your going to have to change your persona ?

A little , I Feel you have to have that different feel to every song .

MD : Being a gangbanger Entering The Industry is bittersweet . Do you feel like that’s a weight you hold on your shoulders ?
Do you let the streets interfere with music ?

No it’s not a weight. It’s a plus . I use it as marketing . You never know who from the same side in the industry .
I use to let it interfere when I was young.

MD : We listen to you a lot around the office and we noticed On your song , titled “Yesterday” you spoke on an elderly lady getting shot being mistaken for you . Is that facts ? Did that really occur ?

Yeah she got shot. I’m not sure the motive. It was one story they was looking for me .
Another that it was some Norfolk beef .

MD : Okay so Hood Pain was a Debut Project for you. Keeping very discrete , you spoke on a lot .
Can we expect more of that honest truth ?

Yeah of course that’s me 110 %.

MD : What does “Hood Pain” mean to you ? What does it symbolize?

It means everything , it’s me I can give you Hood Pain in 8 different songs .

MD : What Is your purpose in the music , who you plan to reach with the songs ?

The OG’s , I want to bring that original 2000’s feel back .
That real music , Three verse songs .

MD : Do You feel like your in competition with local artist ? Global artist ? Or even yourself ?

I’m in a tunnel vision. I just focus on me and My music , perfecting my craft as an artist.

MD : We Asked your label mate “1LuhBrazy,” if she could chose her one feature . Globally or locally who would it be. Now we asking you too. Who & Why ?

Globally of course. It will have to be Lil Durk. I was going to say Meek, But Durk Gives That “Street Soul”
that pure music .

MD : What do you bring to the industry that stirs you away from others ?

Authentic. That’s it .

MD :The one thing I hate is Clout chasing , that’s a pet peeve to me with artist these days. What is the number one thing you can’t not stand an artist or even a trend that is going on ?

Clout Chasing , Out of everything that’s the worst the the industry could’ve allowed in .

MD : What Can We Expect from you this year ? What is the number one project you are excited to speak about ?

A very special feature. I can’t speak too much on it. Consider it a surprise.

MD : Where Can the fans catch new and exclusive news on Frank White ?

Frank White Website Will Release very Soon .
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July 09, 2018

"I'm A Big Tease, I Don't Let These N****s smash. Your N***a he a freak. I let him eat me from the back. He just do it right. Eat me up, Ride his face til I cum....."
The program director at the office told us we were only allowed to preview that part of the song. Due to such provocative lyrics.
In all reality, this is what the youth, let alone the people want to hear according to the numbers and reviews we have managed to secure and preview on her Instagram.
Now before we go a little to far let me catch you'll up.
So earlier last week had interns bring us the newest talent, from Hip-hop to Jazz.
Now understand when we tell you.
There was no initiated streams or scouts on this girl.
Closed door roundtable meeting and everybody is showing off their potential.
Until we got hit with loads reviews for International DJ's. Meetings closed and over.
Rachel Cummings a very animated but humble individual, decides to send over a mp3 file titles "Nasty Girl."
There was no artist name, nor further information.
When I first played the song, I had the office door open. The surround sound was still connected and on. I hear the Neck and Back sample. I figured it was the breakout artist "Saweetie" with her debut single "Icy Girl" where she talked about material things also her lifestyle, So I wasn't in a rush to unhook the surround sound.
Except this was the complete opposite, jaw dropping is an understatement. Now I played back multiple times prior to fully understanding the song.
I was in awe on how nonchalant she was about being so provocative and explicit.
Virginia's own "1LuhBrazy," Turned my affluent armor glass proof office into LIV On Sundays.
As being one of the most successful and still surpassing female artist in the industry. Nicki Minaj was the first to clme to mind with comparison.
But nothing in fit that category, except attitude and delivery. She went back to "Khia" days or better yet Lil Kim "Hardcore" days.
It was something I've never seen or heard before for this generation.
I sat for 4 hours, finding her contact information, Social Media outlets, Number, Name, etc until I found her.
No matter how explicit the lyrics are the people on the edge of their seats, after reviewing her image , style, demeanor. I came to a verdict that she is everything she raps. Her look matches up to her lyrics, also her lifestyle actions.
When we first heard the song, I prayed it wasn't released and it wasn't.
We sat with Kevin Liles and Fats Hill of the Liquids Club and 300.
Then we scoped out, nonstop. From her posts to previews.
In less than 24hours we watch that fans base grow tremendously all positive feedback.
Our youth is in charge of our future and most definitely out music. To see so many of our youth Intrigued with the song made me wonder about her so much more.
Was it passion behind the music, Was it done for the fans ?
Honestly the conclusion to that is self explanatory after hearing the music.
The passion is for the music is so authentic that the fans have no choice but to eat it up.
1LuhBrazy Is going to be a problem for the industry, Stay tuned here for more singles from Brazy , Visuals , News and more
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Nasty Girl Debut Single
Instagram - @1LuhBrazy - Amir Ali


July 09, 2018

"Call The Safehouse, The AK House . We Strapped Up Like Navy Seals, Ain't Bitches. They Be Snitching Just Gang & 1/2 Mil." - Ball Gasol
That little verse right there did it for me.
That kid right there is a problem, So let me get You’ll caught up to what I was just currently quoting. So Richmond, VA natives. Highland Springs to be exact, “Ball Gasol (21).” VeryRareAli slid through the office in the middle of the blueprint, I was writing up about this guy. He played two specific songs on the Bluetooth. Directly before the beat drop on the first one he said “This was one of the biggest upcoming artist. His debut project “3 Of Everything 2” is on July 10th." Welistened to a few songs repeatedly for about two hours.
We’re famous for doing our research on what we allow our eardrums to soak in. So we lurked for about 36 hours, until we could find out the motivation, the incentive behind this kids music.
“When I first med this him, It was not hard to tell he was giving the game from an OG, It just was not a silver spoon that came with it. So the grind became bigger than the normal or average. Listen to his vocals, listen to what he say. He’s a minister for the streets. The pain he lived and speaks it. The struggle he has lived and he has spoken about it.
I knew the music was timeless when I was introduced to the “My Shit Freestyle.”
About three days after the release, We took a trip to his side of town , the “3’z.” Highland Springs, VA to be exact. Where he introduced me to his partner and 1/2of the duo "Qash" . We politiced all night about his aspirations and goals. That is when I realized the hunger this man has.”
Words of VeryRareAli after we asked him, what made you intrigued so much by this artist.
Here at the Music Dispensary, We did our comparison’s of the major artist to our spotlight artist.
Are some of you fimiliar with Hot Boyz ? What about Lil Wayne ? Now as we get more specific.
How many of you remember the Lil Weezy ? Not Tunechi But Weezy.
Ball Gasol is a spit image of the musician. The tenacity, energy, delivery, The widdiness.
Here at the office we’ve made an executive decision that this is one of our favorite spotlighted artist because of those reasons.
The music is evolving from bad to good and good to worst everyday in the industry.
Finding an artist that can be a savage on the beat, with the smoothest melody is almost impossible.
See when you find artist and music like that. Then you know that the music is timeless. You aren’t able to put a date on it.
It's a problem when it's not just one of them. LowLife DreamTeam come as two dynamic artist, 2/2 is "Qash" who is the Tim Duncan , Shaq , Pippen. He's more street and aggressive. His flow brings the attention of any artist or individual in a life struggle. Running with his favorite slogan "No handouts, So get your hand back."
Qash released his debut project "Deeper Than Rap." With singles such as "Tomorrow", "Tell Me Why", "Marcovega", & "Heaven On Earth."
Alot Of our A&R's dropped Qash project name in the top ten box. Unfortunately we aren't able to release the topic on the box. Stay tuned to The Dispensary For more information and releases on The LowLife DreamTeam.
@KINGQASHLL - Susan Bennett


Still working on that hot first release.


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The New World Trade, LLC is an American Entertainment company founded by Amir "VeryRare" Ali and Jermaine "Maino" Lewis in 2015. 

Providing better music than what is force fed. The company holds a very unique taste and mindset in providing the music for all generations, specifically the youth. Music consisting of crowd surfing, crowd control, mosh pit, dance and chart and concert selling music.