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The Impurity

Buffalo, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Buffalo, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Metal Rock




"Human Delusion Album Release Party - The Impurity Show Review"

"The Impurity from Buffalo, NY kept up the contagious energy of the night with a set full of incredible stage momentum and heavy riffs. Their music has an “old-school” metal touch to it - a certain nostalgia I can't really put my finger on, even though more modern influences are also clear in their style. Their set was complimented by one of my favorite activities that show-goers at BT do - I'm unsure what to call it, but “creative crowd reactions” makes a good description. It's not only moshing or dancing, but a variety of things like synchronized hand waving, lobster dancing, forming a conga line in the pit, and (my personal favorite) gathering around and pointing at a shoe hoisted above someone's head. This is something that seems to happen in BT crowds more than other places I’ve seen shows, if I’ve ever seen it elsewhere at all, and some bands seem to invite these reactions more than others. The Impurity seemed to be one of these bands. It's almost become a scale for how much the audience enjoyed your set at Basement Transmissions - how creative did the crowd get reacting to your set, on a scale of 'did nothing’ to 'moshing’ to ‘they got on the floor and pretended to row this Viking ship into the sunset’?" - Ellie Brooks

"716 Live "Fall Featured Artist 2018" Interview"

Keeks - “We always set goals out for ourselves no matter how big or small. Compare just starting out the to where you are now in your career. Did you think you would have this big of a following and inspire so many of your fans?”

The Impurity - “Honestly not much has changed from when we first started. When you start a band and you're actually serious about it, the endless tasks of things to further yourself is tremendous. From the second we wake up we are all constantly working on something, playing something, or at least have music on the mind. This is what we want our lives to be. As far as expecting the following we've created, I can say yes and no to thinking we'd be as far as we are. There's always the dream, and the truth is we're living the dream every day already, but I suppose what everyone means by the dream is to have millions of followers and to have touched millions of other musicians and people. We just keep it real and be ourselves and that seems to attract people the most. It really is the best feeling when someone says they've heard of us or better yet actually like us. The best way anyone can help a band just taking off like ourselves is to share them with your friends, invite people to their social media, and most importantly attend their shows and support their music so they can keep making more music for you to enjoy!” - Kristina Henry


'In The End' Album - Recorded at Studio A Recordings - Released February 28th 2018

"Eternal Sun, The Flood, Someday, Breathe, Wolf, Define Oracle, In The End"

UPC: 859725550532

"Wolf" - Music Video Released March 19th 2018

'Drown You' - Recorded at Studio A Recordings - Released August 31st 2018
UPC: 859728361579



   This band, from the bottom up, is built on a mutual love for what we do. A kind of authenticity that you can hear. We are dedicating our lives to living them to the fullest, and we believe in the power of turning dreams into plans. 

   The Impurity formed in the deep Buffalo winter of 2012 by the determination of frontman Jeff Young and former band members. The band had early success in landing opening slots for legendary rock acts Quiet Riot, Survivor, and Cinderella at Braun's Concert Cove in Akron NY. This led too an amazing boost in the beginning of the bands career securing it's roots in our home town of Buffalo NY. 2012-2017 was a complete learning experience playing shows in and out of state, writing the material that would become "In The End", recording studio/release trial and error, and the classic band member revolving door with Jeff Young as the founding and only original member. Drummer Peter Kazmierczak joined forces with Jeff in 2015 and worked together toward finding the other two band members they needed to complete their crew. In 2017 they did. Through a Craigslist posting, Jeff met guitarist Brett Chodkowski. Shortly after, bassist and life long friend Damien Rorick joined as well completing the puzzle. This was the feeling of "finding the others", this was the crew of equal passion that was worked so hard for. It was time to roll.

   Winter of 2017, The Impurity hit the studio to record "In The End", our first full length album. The location of choice was somewhere new, Studio A Recordings in Elma NY with sound engineer Anthony Potenza. The album was worked on and set to release February 28th, 2018. Since then the album has been successful locally and across the web where it can be found on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and YouTube. With an increasing momentum that everyone ascoiated with the band can feel, 2017 & 2018 alone had been the most novel years of the band's career yet. The Impurity formed it's stronger than glue line-up, recorded and released our first full length album "In The End" accompanied by a live video of the song "Wolf", launched our official website and store, played dozens of shows in and out of state, opened for acts like Doyle from Misfits, Cane Hill, Motograter, Trauma, Bobaflex, and more, hosted and played multiple headlining shows including a successful first and second annual Impure-Fest, and recorded and released the single titled "Drown You" accompanied by our first self shot music video. 

   With so much to be thankful for, 2019 has already been shaping up to be our best year yet. The Impurity will be embarking on a 12 dates Summer Tour May 31-June 15th with stops in Erie PA, Pittsburgh PA, Canton OH, Columbus OH, Cincinnati OH, Louisville KY, Chattanooga TN, Charlotte NC, Richmond VA, Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, & Brooklyn NYC. Other aspects of 2019 include releasing two new singles, writing and recording our second album, producing more independent music videos, and using our design skills to independently craft merchandise. This year we want to showcase our work ethic more than ever as an independent artist. 

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