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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Punk


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"The Maysides @ The Silver Dollar Room"

Niagara-based punk-rock band The Maysides was in Toronto to kick off the weekend at the Silver Dollar Room. Despite an early start-time, the band got the party started and played with so much enthusiasm that it felt like they were playing to a full arena instead of a smaller club.

A set of mostly original songs reminiscent of 90s punk-rock was punctuated by a Blink 182 cover and an original that sampled "The Summer of 69". It was a smart move from consummate performers who know that, when out to see an up-and-coming band, the crowd loves to hear at least one song they can sing along to. And everyone was singing. The Maysides are one of the first bands I've seen where every musician, including drummer Mike Lamb is mic'd and singing vocals.

But it was more than just music that got the crowd excited. Front man Matt Harris kept up a steady stream of witty banter and impressed everyone by chugging a bottle of beer mid-set. The band had a couple more tricks up their sleeves including a perfectly timed theatrical tableaux. Guitarist Kenny Holt climbed onto the shoulders of a friend in the crowd for the finale without ever missing a note.

The Maysides released their first studio EP Evicted in October 2013 on iTunes and Amazon and were among the top 12 finalists for this year's HTZ FM Rock Search. If you're looking to catch some tough rock with cheeky personality, The Maysides are performing across the region for the rest of the month. Torontonians can catch them at Cherry Cola's on October 17 - Nellwyn Lampert

"The Maysides 'like a well-oiled machine'"

Hamilton-based indie-punk band The Maysides have been getting their touring legs and making more frequent forays into the region. A chance hookup with local punk 'n' rollers Saigon Hookers has flourished into a touring partnership and the groups are hitting the road together for a spring full of weekend dates.

"We do love (touring)," singer-guitarist Matt Harris told me. "As the Maysides, we haven't really done too many long tours, but it's definitely in the works and we're all for it.

"I think it was my guitarist, Kenny (Holt, who hooked us up with the Saigon Hookers). My old band, way back when, played with them and we've seen them on the scene. We just kept booking more shows (with them) and it was great! They've got an awesome sound and they're super-cool dudes, so it seemed to work out well for us."

The Maysides (also featuring Michael Lamb on drums and Kitchener native Kellen Bolger on bass) are still actively promoting their debut EP, Evicted, which came out last fall. The response to the record has been resoundingly positive with punk fans and critics alike praising the band for their energy, melody and radio-ready could-be hits. Harris is justifiably proud of his young group's accomplishment.

"I think, as for the record itself, we're really proud of it," he said. "Sonically, and as far as diversity and polish … we couldn't be happier with how it sounds. As for it being a debut record … it's always interesting trying to make a name for yourself as a new band on the scene. You try not to have any wild expectations when the album drops, but we've had a really good response from pretty much everyone who has put the disc in. It's all been really positive. We're really very humbled for that to be the response we're getting."

For Harris, The Maysides are the realization of a longtime goal. For years, as the frontman of All For Nothing, Harris found himself butting heads with people and agendas that did not further the cause of his group. With The Maysides, he was intent on building a group that was driven, committed and specifically focused on one goal: success.

"Yeah, it really is difficult (finding like-minded, driven bandmates)," he laughed. "For me, I played with All For Nothing for a lot of years … it's interesting starting with new musicians. It's a whole new dynamic with the different personalities and all that. But really and truly, with The Maysides, it's all been positive. The members that we finally found, it all just works like a well-oiled machine. We all take care of different elements and we all click on the same page, musically.

"For me, it came to a point where (I was ready to) take it to the next level. The band is a serious goal and objective in all of our lives. When I paired up with Kellen, then Mike came into the mix, we played for a little bit as a three-piece until we found that last member that really fit the bill; Kenny. We all work really hard at it and we all have that strong passion for the music. Success is really important to us."

Now that the band has established themselves both in the studio and on the stage, they're starting to look at the bigger picture. Harris and Co. are looking into more extensive summer touring, angling for a slot on the Vans' Warped Tour, and they're already prepping tunes for their next record. The Maysides are pleased with their early success, but their sights are firmly set on the future.

"In the midst of the commotion of all the shows and the promo and all that, we are writing a new EP in jams right now. Evicted is still pretty fresh, though. It's funny; I was talking to someone the other day about it, and as musicians we've played those songs a lot, between the studio and the shows, and I have to say that we're still pretty happy with it all." - Patrick Finch- KW Record

"Emerging Indie Bands"

With an easy hand on the tiller The Maysides provide music which has bite and poise. Somewhat derivative of West Coast USA indie-pop there is however more of a frisson of emotional context as a smattering of garage derived guitar scours away the burnish to great effect.

The percussion lays down precise and sharp solidity to the tracks, whilst vocal spins along the material with a softer lens. The Maysides provide a sound which manages to cleave a path between radio presentation and a harder hitting resonance delivering easily manageable slices of music that holds the audiences attention. The compositions are well written, enabling the songs to flow a natural stream, whilst never running like sterilised, anodised time-fillers. - Tim Whale

"Hey, Listen!"

If you enjoyed my Hey, Listen from a few weeks ago about Cheap Date, listen up! This week we’re listening to The Maysides, a Hamilton based band who tour all over Southern Ontario with their unique brand of pop punk. Managing to break the stereotype that all pop punk bands produce the same music, The Maysides are a distinctive mix of Boxcar Racer, Taking Back Sunday and Brand New (their first/best album, anyway), which trust me, is an excellent mix! If you liked Cheap Date but are looking for a slightly more accessible version, you definitely need to check these guys out. Their range of songs will please everyone, with both party anthems like “Kegger” and mellower tracks like “Time Machine”. - Alex Payne

"The Maysides: Evicted EP Review"

The Maysides is a band with a sound described as a mix of pop punk and indie rock, hailing from Hamilton, with Matt Harris on lead vocals/guitar, Kellen Bolger on bass/backing vocals, Kenny Holt on guitar/backing vocals and Michael Lamb on drums/backing vocals. Looking at the album cover, drawing a connection between the EP title (Evicted) and the artwork isn’t hard. It’s a good start, promising a bit of nitty-gritty listening. The Maysides bring to the scene an interesting mix of garage-esque guitar sounds with clear vocals adding energy to the mix. There’s definitely no sitting down; their album moves from mellower head-bopping tracks like “Get Away” to good old rocking out songs like “1000 Friends”. It’s easy to hear influences, such as Blink-182, in the vocals that are reminiscent of Tom Delonge (in the early days, anyways). In “Time Machine”, the strummed guitar adds into the mix a fun element with a melody and beat that doesn’t slow anything down. There’s a common element among the songs and it’s the build up; I can’t be the only one to feel a little jump when the final note before the chorus hits and the chorus comes in, full blast. Evicted contains fun songs like “Kegger” that make you want to get up and party; the drums hold their own special spots in the song, lending to the overall feeling of a party happening up in here (What with a name such as “Kegger” it’s expected. You won’t be disappointed.). There’s a good mix of mellower sounds and party-anthems with no fillers to bore the listener, making Evicted an easy album to listen to across a variety of tastes. With Evicted, The Maysides have proven that they can carve out a name for themselves in the industry of pop punk. Their lyrics undeniably create a connection with their audience while the catchy riffs and drums promote a lot of punk fun. - Vicky Papuga


Evicted (2013)



Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, The Maysides bring with them a unique, carefully crafted signature sound. It's a sound made up of catchy guitar riffs, powerfully delivered vocals and high energy. This sound has earned them both national and international airplay, as well as performances among multiple festivals and on dates with bands such as: IllScarlett, The Flatliners, Hollerado, BIGWIG, Courage My Love, Say Yes, The Balconies, The Johnstones and more. If their past is an indicator of the future, there is more success to come for The Maysides. 

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