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The Noolands

Barrie, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Barrie, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie




"Pre-Release Review – The Noolands"

By: Nicole Wolfe

EP – Generation Why
Release Date – February 2, 2016
Link –
Genre – Rock

The Noolands, from Barrie, ON, are set to release their debut EP, Generation Why, on February 2, 2016. I first caught up with this band several months ago at their first performance as a band at ROCKAPALOOZA 2, and more recently, when they opened up for Canadian music heavy hitters, In My Coma, when they made a stop in Barrie. Perceptible during this time is their growth as a band with respect to both sound and stage presence. This four-member band, consisting of Brandon Davenport, Aaron Casey, James Laxton and Jon Laxton have found a way to creatively carve a niche into the hard-to-tap indie rock music scene by varying instrumentation in their songs. They also have the added bonus of working alongside the highly creative producer and fellow musician, Joshua Doerksen.

The modern rock of Generation Why also captures the roots of classic rock. The music is a time capsule back to the days when musicians like The Allman Brothers and The Doors were at their peak. Their music features catchy guitar riffs, subtle organ undertones and infectious drum beats alongside pensive lyrics sung by both Davenport and Casey. Both singers offer a different sound to the music, vocally, with Davenport channeling the likes of Leonard Cohen with his deep, throaty voice and Casey demonstrating smoother vox emulating that of Matt Mays or Sloan’s Chris Murphy. All of these cohesive elements form the sweet musical lovechild between The Sheepdogs and The Allman Brothers, that is Generation Why.

The album comprises five songs, including the single, Like Like It. The song features laid back drums and a vintage-sounding yet very sexy guitar riff that echoes throughout. During the chorus, the drums accelerate to a high hat/snare beat that is fresh to say the least. A similar sounding drum beat can be found in my favourite song of the album, the eponymous Generation Why. This tight, catchy arrangement ebbs and flows between the subdued keys and vocals of Davenport to the infectious drum rhythms of Casey in the chorus. Having experienced this song live, I can say with confidence that The Noolands perform this song with soul, in the embodiment of classic rockers before their time. This is evident by the throngs of sweaty, dancing fans who congregate near the stage during this song, which often closes out their set.

The Noolands manage to straddle the difficult line of staying current while still dishing out a heavy dose of nostalgia in their debut album. I love how all the songs seem to bleed together, giving the sense that the album is like one big jam session. If you’ve never heard of these guys, but love the sounds of crossbred rock music, what are you waiting for? Check out the album on Bandcamp and stay tuned as they are sure to be performing again soon. - Canadian beats

"Your New Best Friends"

They describe themselves as “a Rock & Roll band that writes and records music for our best friends.” That being said, you need to get on their good side. The Noolands have the musicality, lyrical proficiency and fire of a pre-“Gordon” Barenaked Ladies, but edgier. Which only means one thing, you need to catch these guys on the way up so you can say you were a TRUE fan of potentially one of Canada’s biggest rock band prospects since the world was contemplating what we would do if we had a million dollars.

Based out of Barrie, the band has grown into a monster that likes to “mix it up”. At a Noolands show, anything can happen. They may all spontaneously just decide to switch instruments (they’re versatile like that) or just get into a full blown on-stage discussion set to music. Brandon Davenport, James Laxton, Aaron Casey, & Jon Laxton pride themselves on keeping it real. People react to their genuine natural stage presence and musicality, so why change a thing. The band continues to build their catalogue by working with some of the most talented producers around. They’re not stuck up though, the more best friends they get, the better (and you don’t have to buy them Kraft Dinner). - The Mobs Press

"The Fervour of The Noolands Debut EP"

The Noolands are a 4-piece Rock group that has been on my musical radar for some time now. Word spread over the past year that the group was recording their first EP, and a lot of their friends got on board to follow them, support them and on Groundhog Day, 2016, The Noolands finally released the EP, entitled Generation Why. In fact, their website (as of the date of this article) states “We are a rock & Roll band that writes and records music for our best friends.” It strikes me that I may be one of these friends, because the upside-down couch on the album cover bears some resemblance to James and Jon Laxton’s couch, which I crashed on a number of times in the winter of 2010-11.

For the most part, their collective fan base contains mostly their friends. However, in time, this statement has a much broader scope, as the band may choose to treat their developing following as friends as well. For now, they seem to be doing a number of shows in Innisfil (a town of about 35,000 people). I met Brandon Davenport prior to the release of the album and he says: “we like doing these shows in Innisfil, because when we play, it’s really the only thing there is going on in Innisfil.” They have also played a variety of shows, and will be seen more, in Barrie, upcoming. Visit the website for details about upcoming shows.

On the topic of the album, I see it as a great starting point for the band. It includes a couple of songs with very catchy vocal hooks, such as Like Like It. For the most part, the album starts off with a good strong rock feel (I get a Queens of the Stone Age, Sloan, Radiohead circa Pablo Honey/The Bends vibes from it) and gets better through each passing song. They’ve even been featured on Barrie radio station, Rock95, for Noah Campbell’s New Rock Hour.

The album was recorded at the studio which is located inside Barrie’s Unity Market. During my time running River Van Style, productions I’ve come to hear by this particular recording studio show that it is becoming one of the best recording studio outfits available in Ontario. Everything I’ve heard out of the Unity Market Studio has been stellar and top-notch, Generation Why being no exception.

On top of the excellent studio production, songwriting-work etc., The Noolands have proven to me that their marketing efforts, lead by vocalist/drummer, Brandon Davenport, is some of the best I’ve seen from any band in recent years. If you’d like to follow the social media of a truly interesting, entertaining Canadian band, The Noolands is it. Their Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of quality, entertaining material on a regular basis.

Check out their website for more information on how to follow them on social media, pick up their 21-minute, 5-song debut EP, and check out older releases.

Welcome to the Noolands… Like, Like it!

Written by: Michael Whone - River Van Style

"PREMIERE – The Noolands release video for “Grenadine”"

Following the success of their single, “Grenadine”, Barrie-based band, The Noolands have unveiled a video for the track. The video which was inspired by the slapstick comedy and storytelling of old black & white Charlie Chaplin silent films was written, filmed, and produced by the band themselves with incredible collaboration from Theatre by the Bay, Simcoe Country Museum, and Mcreilly’s Pub.

The band shares,

“Making this music video (and the single) was one of the most creatively challenging adventures our band has ever been on! In the studio it was a whole new folk sound and a fresh style for us after putting out a fairly heavy record and a pretty simple vibe.

Coming up with characters to play and really planning the whole “Grenadine” thing was key and took time. Many days getting up at 7am, meeting downtown, storyboarding, putting on the costumes, grabbing the horses and cameras, driving to some location to run around in the hot sun for hours or get a pie in the face! We put so much (maybe too much) energy into this silent film music video and we’re just happy to have it out there!”

If you’re in the Barrie area on October 12, 2019, be sure to catch The Noolands live at Mavricks Music Hall for Rock95 and Impact Live’s “Breakout Sound” concert series. - Canadian Beats Magazine


Hot on the heels of the release of their latest single, The Noolands have just followed up with a self-written, self-filmed, and self-produced music video to satiate your thirst for ‘Grenadine’. In what can only be described as a Chaplin-inspired, action-packed, slapstick homage to the 1920’s era of silent film and prohibition, The Noolands have (as is completely expected of the group of best friends from Barrie, ON) traveled far outside the box to create a truly unique and hilarious experience.

The story follows a mysterious stranger who encounters a group of bootleggers, who invite their “fellow bootlegger” to the local speakeasy. Things quickly take a turn, leading to shootouts, horse chases, and even the classic pie to the face!

The Noolands continue to raise the bar when it comes to producing an entertaining and engaging musical experience. As much as ‘Grenadine’ has seen the band break new ground musically, The Noolands consistently provide their growing fan-base with quality content. Partnering with local businesses and organizations such as Theatre by the Bay, the Simcoe County Museum, McReilly’s Pub, and Sproutwise exemplifies their dedication to their hometown roots.

Want to see The Noolands live? Don’t miss their next show on Saturday, October 12th at Mavricks Music Hall in Barrie for Breakout Sound 2! This concert series, presented by Rock 95, Impact Live, StS Promotions, and We Love Sound, showcases the best up-and-coming local artists. The Noolands will be joined by Drop Top Alibi, An Ostrich’s Hypothesis, Halfway Through Hell, and New City Revival. For more information and to purchase tickets, click HERE!



End of the Road (single)
High School T-Shirt (single)
Generation Why (EP)
Record Man (single)
Us on a Bus (EP)
Grenadine (single)
Too Close (single)



We call ourselves The Noolands. An eclectic group of Canadian friends from Barrie Ontario who sound a little rock and a little roll, with a touch of gypsy soul and a whole lot of groove! Really, it’s called folk, the music of the people. Our people. Our friends and ourselves. But we tend to get pretty loud and electric so everyone can hear us coming. Once just a bunch of generation-why boys in our high-school t-shirts that decided we should “make a record man!” and from the living room to the studio, we traversed. By day, we ride the bus to our nine to five and by night, we’re getting loosey goosey with anyone who’s hip to our sound! In-between all of this, we’re writing, eating and recording together. It never seems to stop, and that works for us!

What we've been up to...

In the past year, we released our second EP “Us on a Bus”, which had two charting singles hit the airwaves on FM and Satellite radio and received intense local acclaim. We also released two Vevo music videos and gained the attention of industry wizards abroad, which took everything to a whole new level! We played some really amazing shows all over Ontario, including one where we brought two buses filled with our friends from Barrie to Toronto to play a sold out show at the Horseshoe Tavern. After recording at Mix11 Studios, we released a new, high-energy folk-rock single “Grenadine” across all major platforms and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming!

What's next...

Currently, we’re planning to release a new music video and a new single this year. Being a self sustaining, creative DIY band, we wear a lot of hats and our plan is always to forge into the future as a team. For us, that’s what it’s all about! Having fun with our friends and creating music that finds new people and connects us all back together!

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