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The Rallies

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Pop




"It must be The Rallies!"

Tacoma’s favourite sons are a back with a teaser single from a whole new album that will be coming in the new year. For me, it can’t come soon enough. The Rallies burst on the indie music scene with their strong debut album Serve in 2017 and followed that up with the terrific Upside Down two years later. Their main strength was in combining memorable tunes with some straightforward, just slightly Americana-meets-jangle playing. A quick listen to their new song suggests album number three is going to be just as good. “Must Be Love” establishes itself quickly with the band’s signature rhythm guitar hooks and uplifting harmony vocals, adorned with jangling lead guitar runs in all the right places. The tune sounds deceptively simple but the genius is the band’s careful arrangement of all the elements. You can hear a bit of Wilco here, some late solo John Lennon, and a host of those 1980s jangle bands.

What makes The Rallies so special? Sure, other bands have got jangle. And there’s plenty of new tunes coming out all the time. But The Rallies play with a unique kind of heart. There’s some distinctive alchemy that goes on in their songs that set them apart. - Dennis Pilon - Poprock Record ~ Songs with a hook

"Breaking news: The Rallies"

Seattle Washington’s The Rallies are back with their sophomore LP Upside Down and it’s a reverb-charged dose of sunny hooks and bittersweet sentiment. If you enjoyed their harmony-drenched debut Serve you’re going to love this new record. The solid acoustic guitar rhythm backing is still there. The distinctive mix of harmony background vocals combined with lead singer Steve Davis’ heart-tugging delivery remains front and centre. But the songs have a bit more muscle this time out. Somebody stepped on the jangle pedal because its ringing tone threads its way throughout the album, from the single-worthy opener “All Over Town” to the soaring closer “You’re the One.” The album opens on an extremely strong note. Really, in a properly poprock world “All Over the Town” would be zooming up the charts with its Beatles-esque background vocals, hypnotic guitar hooks, and earwormy melody. Overall, the influences alternate on this album, from the Tom Petty-ish “Brand New” and “Up To You” to the more Crowded House vibe of “It’s OK” and “Alive.” The hooky lead line opener to “If You Do” comes off like a lost cut from the That Thing You Do soundtrack. And I also love the lilting, more slow-paced melodic charm of “In Everything.” But make no mistake, the band have their own distinctive sound and style, as in evidence on the moving “All of Us,” a song that highlights this group’s overall uplifting positivity. 2017’s Serve landed on a host of ‘best of ‘ album lists and I predict Upside Down will be heading to the same places for 2019. - Dennis Pilon - Poprock Record ~ Songs with a hook

"The Rallies – Upside Down"

Back in February of 2018, we discussed The Rallies and their debut album, Serve. Noting the “true and honest” nature of Steve Davis’ songwriting, the similarity was drawn between The Rallies’ songs and those of Todd Herfindal. Coincidentally, we reviewed Todd’s new one two weeks ago. Now, it’s time to discuss Upside Down, the new one from The Rallies.

From the get-go, melody leads the way on Upside Down. The irresistible bounce and guitar sparkle of “All Over Town” make for a killer single. “Its Okay” opens with a vocal intro, bringing us to a message of reassurance with wonderful “keep calm. Carry on” harmonies. “All of Us” has a late Beatles vibe to it that feels so comfortable – like your favorite pair of slippers.

But its the classic power pop sound of “If You Do” that knocks me out. With an uplifting message, a monster hook, glorious harmonies and some beautiful Beatlesque guitar touches, this track is one of this year’s best. To paraphrase a famous broadcaster, this song is like Tim Tebow. You’re a better person for having known it.

There’s a lot to like here, from outstanding melodies to classic guitar jangle. These guys have the entire package. - Richard Rossi - Power Pop News

"A message for all seasons: The Rallies “All of Us”"

Tacoma, Washington’s The Rallies delivered a break out should-be hit album in 2017: Serve, one that meshed jangle with up-front acoustic guitars and a host of touching sentiment. This year they just teased us with a single from their forthcoming album, due in 2019. But what a single! I’ve been holding off featuring the tune because I really think it’s a song apropos for today. “All of Us” speaks to the better world that resides in us all. We have what it takes, if we have faith in ourselves and each other. Despite our world of war, deprivation, poverty and Trump, the human spirit is moved by hope and joy and solidarity. And they are the only things that change things for the better. As the band say, “It’s in you, it’s in me, what is real and ought to be. If we look inside all of us.” - Dennis Pilon - Poprock Record ~ Songs with a hook



While the four-piece band, The Rallies, are based in the Pacific Northwest, their sound is as American as ingenuity. The group, with roots in the Seattle and Tacoma areas of Washington State, is one slice Americana twang, one slice surfer harmony, one slice mid-west jangle and one more slice sunny coastline indie rock. Infused with skyward-facing positivity, the quartet is part of the great forever-sewn quilt of the country's hopeful music.

Comprised of shining vocalist Steve Davis, bright guitarist Karl van der Velden, floating bassist Ben Heege and jaunty drummer Lee Brown, the Rallies create songs that stick like gummy pop music and move the heart with elements of traditional rock ‘n’ roll. Blending these attributes is the buttery-smooth vocals from Davis, who guides the songs, establishing the welcoming warmth of their summer afternoon dreams.

The Rallies released their blissful debut LP Serve in 2017 earning praise from outlets across the country, including Power Pop News, KDHX (Top Ten of 2017) and Power Popaholic. The band’s sophomore record (release date: Aug 30th, 2019), Upside Down, is a work that implores the listener to understand the depth and breadth of possibility of the big blue sky just beyond your reach.

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