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The Real Rizo

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Dark Days Bright Nights The Mixtape"

official Mixtape from the Heartbeat of Texas Himself...Rizo....FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD

- Young Gifted and Black Ent

"Dark Days Bright Nights The Mixtape"

official Mixtape from the Heartbeat of Texas Himself...Rizo....FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD

- Young Gifted and Black Ent

"Money Rizo ft on The Buzzin Box"

Money Rizo is in his own lane, pedal to the floor, going 180 mph to the top. This MC has a distinctive delivery and voice tone that sets him apart from the rest of the MCs who are singing the same song. In a copy cat saturated environment, its kind of hard to point out an individual who is trailblazing his own path, but Rizo is one of the exceptions.
Born and raised in the state of Texas, Christopher Moore aka Money Rizo, the youngest of two, has always had a calling for writing music. A decorated athletic career put his musical talents on hold, but life took him through many twists and turns in his adolescent years on the streets of Fort Worth, Orlando, Richmond, and Atlanta that made him the charismatic lyricist that he is today.
Making a name for himself across the bottom of the map has influenced his writing and performing abilities, showcasing pretty boy charm with a gritty I don’t give a damn attitude, making him a very unusual artist. Unique in his own way, he comes from a state that is known for hot mc’s,but his charisma and distinctive voice helps him stand out in the crowd,proving he deserves his crown as the "Heartbeat of Texas"
Money comes with a punch line decorated flow, with a very smooth delivery that can impress some of the hardest critics of hip hop today. Definitely not your typical Texas rapper, Money hits every angle of the hip hop evolution, ranging from commercial hits,lethal street anthems, bass bumping party tracks, self conscious/self improvement, and even seductive sheet music just for the ladies, making him a very articulate and versatile individual.
It is known that Money has been out in the music industry for awhile, with known affiliations with B.M.F (Black Mafia Family Ent.), L.O.D (Legion of Doom Record breakers), and the Hood Hard Movement. His Resume includes working with multiplatnium greats K Ci and Jojo,industry heavy hitters the Trakkillaz,DJ Khaled,Clinton Sparxx, acclaimed industry songwriters Charnell and Lex Dirty, So So Def Recording Artist Dem Franchise Boiz,and Street Legend Twisted Black. But, if that is not enough, he has added songwriting for R&B singers to his repertoire, and he hasn’t even come close to what he is truly capable of. Without a doubt, Money Rizo is a diamond in the rough that is about to shine. It is time for all who don’t know about money to tune in and check him out, because a star has been born. - The Buzzin Box

"The Making of Money Rizo"

It’s with great pleasure to present the making, or composition of “Money Rizo,” formally known as Christoper Moore. Let the record show that Money Rizo was already famous prior to his musical voyage as a super star on the basketball court. Because of the greatness within,
Rizo carried a reputation in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas neighborhoods, aka Rolls-Royce. On top of perfecting his hoop skills, Rizo attended the University of Texas in Arlington, and swiftly became one of Arlington’s track team VIP.
Rizo’s thoughts are, "without a doubt, I’m in it, to win it,” that's why he craves to be the best at anything he obtain. In spite of shining on Arlington’s University track team, life does throw blows beyond one’s control. For that reason, Rizo had no choice but to return home.
Family unity has always been a priority; however, upon his homecoming, Rizo discovered that going back wasn’t easy as Sunday morning. Although his father supported him during his athletic hype, the heaviness laid on Rizo's heart to pursue another forte. During his changeover from student life to street hustling, Rolls-Royce quickly transformed into the infamous "Money Rizo." Rizo stated, “Atlanta has Luda, Houston placed Lil Flip and others on the map, Miami set it off with Trick Daddy, where’s da Dallas/Ft Worth representatives in this hip-hop game?” Rizo later articulated, he’s the juice putting Dallas on the charts.

No doubt!

While Rizo was putting it down all over town as a brilliant lyricist, or hosting in major clubs, as well as collaborating with national recording artists like" KC and JoJo," with hits like, "N Love Wit Money," it's evident that Rizo acquired the astonishing gift of spittin and mixin, consequently, he joined forces with “Legion of Doom,” and later made his way to “The Hood Hard Movement." As a result, Rizo ultimately was lead right into the treacherous hands of the“Black Mafia Family.”

The BMF made history nationwide for slanging and banging; in addition, this organization instigating some of the careers of aspiring young, hip-hop artists -from the beginning of the 90’s, way into the mid 2000’s.

Photo provided by Money Rizo Once the collapse of BMF, Money Rizo appreciated the fact he didn’t get down just to lay down, which validated an understanding of his own expertise. However, Rizo clutches on to the countless experiences with no regret, “eventually you got to grow up.”

Words from all the mothers!

These days Money Rizo spends the bulk of his time in the studio, alongside the hype of founding, to running his company “Young Gifted and Black Entertainment.” Rizo called to express, “I Am Want I Am," adding that he's working on his tour with dreams of Las Vegas being one of his main stops.

Subsequently the question surfaced, “what makes your music so different from what’s hitting the streets now?” Rizo response,“don’t get it twisted, I am not a street rapper, but do like to show off how twisted I really am; very unpredictable, so much that the sky is the limit, but not really the sky-cause footprints are on the moon.”

True that!
- Mona Fletcher


1)Coast to Coast Vol. 26 Hosted by DJ Khaled
2)Stay in Your Lane Hosted By Dj Coppa
3)Come Fly With Me Vol. 1:Welcome to the Nightlife Hosted By Catdaddy of K104fm(DFW) and presented by Young Gifted and Black Ent and The Legion Of Doom Dj's(ATL,Ga)
4)Dark Days Bright Nights exclusively on
In Love With Money ft K Ci and Jojo
I'm Sooo Fly ft TNT
So Fresh Ft Jizzle Man of Dem Franchise Boiz
Frosted Flakes



The Biography of Rizo
Polar opposite of the typical Southern stylings of slurred draws and candy-coated laced lyrics, the great state of Texas is proud to present Rizo. Entering the arena as an original and distinctive hip-hop artist and representing the Lone Star state with an alternative from the perpetuating image of syrup-sipping songs and lazy lipped lyrics, Rizo, dubbed the Heartbeat of Texas, faces the challenge personifying the very reason why Texans are so proud of their homeland.
As a child, Rizo had a strict military upbringing, with an Air Force master as a father and a school teacher as a mother. Though his mother instilled the importance and value of quality education, he excelled in extracurricular activities like sports and music. From blaring the trumpet and trombone to rocking out on the drums and even lapping his peers on the track, this young and gifted adolescent was well-rounded and disciplined. While he naturally excelled as a track star, his heart and soul belonged to music. And though family, friends and coaches pushed him to pursue sports as a career, young Rizo knew that his true calling was in music.
His musical journey is as extensive as Interstate-10 running straight through the middle of Texas. After the tough but humbling realization that he could no longer blaze the track as his lifelong career, Rizo traveled to New Mexico and joined forces with a local label, Choke Hold Records. His first experiences in touring extensively and performing for large crowds were fashioned with this group at the ripe young age of 19. Hungry to nurture his craft, his instilled instincts for the pursuit of education landed him in Orlando, Florida at Full Sail University, one of the most prestigious institutions for musicians and professionals in the music industry. Honing his skills in both songwriting and engineering, Rizo benefitted personally and professionally from his coursework. Following a three month stint in Richmond, Virginia, Rizo found his way to the mecca of Southern hip-hop, Atlanta, Georgia, and began forming a network of key players in and around the industry. After landing a chance meeting Ill-P and Bird of Black Mafia Family, he embarked upon a strong association with a group that obtained opportunities for him to work with the Franchise Boys and K-Ci and JoJo. Though genuinely grateful for the rising momentum and enormous amount of local and regional love shown to his budding career, Rizo knew that he would have to return home to further his true motive for entering the game: to represent Dallas-Ft. Worth as a significant member of Southern lyrical hip-hop and to create new avenues for atypical Texas artists who refuse to be molded by outside stereotypes and forced to continue to exploit Southern music.
Today, Rizo calls the two largest cities in Texas home, as he shifts his time between Houston and Dallas. As spokesperson of Zodiak Spirits and CEO of Young Black & Gifted Entertainment, he epitomizes the true meaning of an ambitious entrepreneur and a sound businessman. His ties to Too Much Entertainment further aid in the promotional gains of his mission, as he embraces his endeavors to elevate his hometown to a new level of musical ingenuity and regional responsibility for the creation of a new reflection of Texan talent.
His passion for music is incomparable and undeniable. His mission is relentless and revolutionary. Standing outside of the in-crowd, Rizo’s goals surpass the average Texas-bred rapper in that he’s neither just in the industry for commercial sales, nor interested and invested solely on the perpetuation of the stereotypical Southern sound. Instead, he seeks establish a more positive and realistic representation for the talent from Texas, and all but blaze a new trail for artists from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area to proudly represent their home and to achieve success on a higher level. With grand-scale visions of bringing AMAs and Grammies home, as well as paving the way for the recognition of authentic lyricism in the great state, Rizo is only beginning to carve out his unique niche in the game of Southern hip-hop, with the self-proclamation of a hefty title worthy of an illustrious legend, the Heartbeat of Texas

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