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Miramar, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Miramar, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Hip Hop R&B




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"Artist Atmosphere: Tay G"

Who is Tay G?

taygTay G is a Chicago Hip Hop artist who has been in the music industry for ten (10) years. In his younger years he lived in the south side of Chicago and later he and his family moved to the suburbs. The moved changed Tay’s life because he was exposed to different cultures and styles which helped shape him into a well-rounded individual.

Question: How did you get started in the industry?

Answer: My musical career began in a group. The group noticed my social status with the ladies and wanted me to join to improve their female fan base. Things took off from their.

Question: Do you write your own music?

Answer: Yes I do. Random thing inspire me. I get an idea and usually craft my songs based on the idea. It may take me an hour or a week to write, but it is always me.

Question: How does the world influence your music?

Answer: Lately, my music is geared toward self expression and declaration of independence. It is about empowerment. There are a lot of groups fighting for individuality.

Question: Your single “Be…We Are the Gods” is hot and hard. It is definitely on a conscious level. Is it about police brutality and racism? tayonstage

Answer: Be…We Are The Gods was create to empower those we felt less empowered, those who felt as if their power had been stripped away.

The police is telling people what they can and can not do. The Gay and Lesbian communities are being ostracize by their friends and family because of their sexual preferences. This songs is not limited to racism or police brutality.

Be…We Are the Gods is about human rights and race, it touches on everything.

Question: Your versatility is shown throughout your music, from “Be…We Are Gods” which is strong, to “We Fresh” which is something to move to and”Truth Is” showcase your “flow,” how did you master each style?

Answer: I approach everything by the way I feel. I don’t have a methodical approach.

Question: In “Truth Is,” you sound like Drake. Who are some of your musical influences?

TaygAnswer: The comparison is the consumer’s way of saying, we accept you and we like what you do.

My musical influences are Jay Z and Kanye.

Jay Z is a street hustler who has a knack for putting words together. He continues to show the younger generation there is a business aspect to the industry as well. You have to respect someone who has been in the music industry as long as his has and created a viable business.

I usually catch a lot of flack for this but Drake and Kanye are the epitome of what being real is. When you are real, you are not afraid to take in every emotion which comes across your heart and mind.

Question: What else are you working on?

Answer: I am working on three (3) project simultaneously. I have two (2) EPs and one (1) mixtape which you will out by 2016. - Access Unlocked


This week we have an interview with the “T-A-Y from the C-H-I” better known as Tay-G. Check out his interview below as we discuss his name origin, his music, and his plans for his upcoming project “Masturbation Flow”

1.)Firstly, let me ask you, why the name “Tay-G”

“Tay-G” was an easy choice… I’ve been Tay as along as I’ve been Daunte, as the previous is just a shorter way of saying the latter… and the “G” comes from my last name “Graham”…I figured it was way better than making up some fabricated name that has little to do with my personality or experiences…you know like “Lil yung Uzi clip shawty”
theTaykeover Artistic Visionary

2.)What Made you decide to become a Hip Hop Artist?

For me it started with just having a love for music and performing overall. I used to like to sing, and even used to throw mini concerts with some homies of mine back in high school before classes… then I went to try to record some music only to find out that I CANT sing…like at all!! lol.. but I liked the idea of creating, so I decided to go the route of hip hop.

Taykeover Artistic Visionary

3.)Is there anything or anyone that influences the direction of your work?

AnyONE? I can’t say that… my daughter maybe, in the sense that I want to create a better life for her (insert cliché reason why rappers say they rap) but other than that no, not ONE person or just ONE thing…. it’s EVERYone and EVERYthing… the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.. in both people and things… the world itself and all its offerings… Usually random things and or people will inspire me, and depending on that determines what direction I move in musically.

4.)How would you describe your style of music?

My style…? man I don’t know… (insert another overused rap cliché) “my music is like nothing you’ve ever heard…” lol.. seriously it’s tough to describe.. seeing as though I’m not limited in my subject matter, I can’t quite put a “style” tag on it… it’s an introspective, trap(py), lyrical, uplifting, depressing, inspiring, conscious, funny good ol wholesome hip hop….style

5.) What impression of yourself as an artist do you look to leave with people who listen to your music?

Ultimately that it’s genuine… it’s really me and whatever mood I was in while writing it..and to better understand who “me” is… see above answer…

6.) You seem to have a constant theme of the color “Red” in all of your visuals,what’s the reasoning behind this?

Well according to bournecreative.com, Red is the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrancy, radiance, and determination…. All of that is what I represent.. one will gain that while listening to my music… oh and the ladies say I look good in that color as well.. lol

7.)Why did you choose to name your debut project “Masturbation Flow?”

You know I like the name for a few reasons, one..its shock value.. people see it and automatically want to know more… whether they are disgusted or not, they usually inquire… Another reason is MY meaning behind it.. it’s just an extreme way of saying Love Your Self… but a project with that name doesn’t have any appeal..lol.. plus it’s derived from a line in my song “Parachutes” that expresses that same “self-love” idea

8.)Can you explain the “Tayste Maker” brand to me?

TAYsteMaker is my company aimed at being a lifestyle brand.. we will not be limited to just music.. but all forms of life and art… TAYsteMAkers are not only leaders and Trendsetters in their respective fields but in life as well. We can either be Pillars in the community or ragers against the machine.. but they will be the innovative ones in their circle, who thrive on pushing the envelope.

9.)What is the long-term vision for yourself and your brand?

That’s just it, to bring the vision mentioned above, to reality… Myself as an artist, I plan to drive that plan into existence… and once I get myself and company to a certain point I plan to use my celebrity and influence to inspire and change the troubled youth in the world… mainly the ones from the south side of Chicago, which is where I’m from.

10.)When it’s all said and done, what creative aspects of your work would you like to be remembered for?

Again… just that it was genuinely me..my story.. and people connected with it…

You can follow Tay-G on his Twitter Account and he can be reached at Tay@TAYsteMaker.com with all Business Inquiries. Make sure to leave a comment below! - Artistic Visionaries


Still working on that hot first release.



Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Tay has seen the things that seems to have become the prerequisite to any budding rap career. Unlike many of his colleagues it as not become the sole base to his music. "I'm influenced by the world around me, both good and bad, and the people I live it with. I tell my story....I tell their story....I tell our story" . Moving from the inner city to the suburbs proved to be most pivotal in the development of "TAY" the artist. "After learning all that i have growing up in the city, I like to believe that I became street smart, moving to the 'burbs when i was 15 made me culturally aware....before that move the only time we seen white people were if they were the police or paramedics, and naturally that was usually after someone had been shot". Tay credits his moms decision to move them to the northern suburbs of chicago as the "moment of clarity". He began to understand other races and cultures, while further educating himself and becoming a well rounded individual who happens to enjoy making music. Applying what he learned as an inner city kid with the knowledge he gained living in the suburbs, he started making music that appealed to a vast demographic. Taking his love of music and performance down to Miami, he then gained even more insight to culture outside of the Chicago land area and uses that to his advantage. "I sometimes feel like Dwayne Wade must have or might have felt, he's a chi-town kid through and through, Chicago made him a man, but Miami made him a legend. I feel like I am traveling the same path as Dwayne, Miami is where im gonna get my ring, but Chicago is where my ring will be displayed...so while dwayne is a legend, im more of a '(L)egend (I)n (T)raining' now lets get LIT" Tay often ends his statements with witty "quips" and "puns" so naturally one would find those same elements in his music. "music should evoke emotion, whether it be happy, sad, funny, serious, whatever it is one should feel it, it should immediately make them feel a certain way, it should connect with them instantly...it should take you on a trip the 1st time you hear it, then back to a familiar place the last time you hear it, that's what I strive to do with OUR music, i feel as though my words are valuable, but the meaning behind them are invaluable" His extensive, witty and original catalog is sure to entertain, and bring in fans from all walks of life. Whatever your looking for in your hip-hop music Tay will surely provide that and more.

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