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Tiphanie Doucet

Jersey City, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Jersey City, NJ | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Folk Jazz




"Pop Matters album premiere"

Although there's a prevailing sense of scant acoustic elegance that makes the collection feel unified, each composition offers something special. Of course, the opening title track allures with its warm arpeggios, wistful vocals, easygoing percussion, and delicate piano and string accompaniments (courtesy of David Baron, Anneke Schaul-Yoder, and Felice). While several other selections exist in a similar air ("Shadow of You", "Les Miroirs", and closer "9 Bar Café"), pieces like "Dors" and "She" offer a faster pace and lusher symphonic arrangement. Meanwhile, "Come to Me" proves especially inviting with its handclaps and optimistic splendor, whereas "Peace of Heart" is a fervent gem in every way, making it a clear standout of the bunch. Really, every song culminates beautifully to make Under My Sun a piercing, elegant statement.” - Jordan Blum

"We are the guard : Best Indie Songs"

“French songbird Tiphanie Doucet has completely stolen our hearts with her latest single “Under My Sun.” Featured on her recent debut album of the same name, this darlingly pastoral acoustic ballad, with its charming orchestral flourishes and Lou Reed-esque melodicism, is nothing short of an essential addition to rainy day playlists this fall.”
- Jess Grant, We are the Guard (Sep 24, 2018) - Jess Grant

"Premiere " Come to me " -For Folk's Sake"

“Shaped by her experiences in France, Los Angeles, New York, and her recently adopted New Jersey home alike, Doucet’s new work embraces a folksier, jazz-tinged gentleness. Its subtle warmth instantly feels like home, pervading the senses in a way not dissimilar to Norah Jones or Lucy Rose. Yet, in spite of any similarities you may draw between her and other great songwriters, Doucet’s dreamy vocal quality is markedly distinct, especially in how she tenderly incorporates it into her music to tell stories unique to her own outlook and experiences.”
- Jonathan Frahm, For Folk's Sake (Jul 10, 2018) - Jonathan Frahm

"Premiere: Tiphanie Doucet’s “Under My Sun” review"

“Doucet’s hushed invitation to come and be comforted only adds to the feeling of comfort and peace. Her vocal performance is compelling in its attention to detail–the ends of lines and the wordless sighs that close the song contain a lot of emotion without going for the big move. If you’re looking for a relaxing summer tune, this is what you’re looking for. Highly recommended.” - Independant Clauses

"Chill Filtr"

“It's a dreamy pop ditty with a music-box feeling and a Lou Reed-ish repeat over the verse, giving it a rumbling sort of poetic determination and a persistent half-smile. The result is an elfish vocal over the gooey-sweet confection of a simple love story. The single piano notes, and the terrifically nuanced string section; the bells at the start of every bar: this song is perfectly manicured to sound like a lovers' happy parade. It's a wink and a nudge from the girl next door who has been noticing you. Tiphanie Doucet is a French singer-songwriter based in Hoboken, New Jersey. This song is currently featured on our Rainy Day playlist.” -

"Barry Gruff Music Blog"

“Tiphanie Doucet is a French singer-songwriter based in New York, singing and writing elegant, tender and mellow folk songs. Back in August, Doucet released her debut album Under My Sun – produced by Simone Felice and David Baron – but today it is new single and the record’s title-track that we are concerned with. ‘Under my Sun’, a song about growth, self discovery, and maintaining a positive outlook throughout life’s tribulations, filled with calming, undulating instrumentation, it tips and skips along a gentle strum and muffled snare, taking us on a pastoral journey through a world of lovely rich folk pop. Doucet’s dreamy vocal is a revelation both beautifully calm and majestic, it works in perfect harmony with the acoustic driven, melodic and deeply rich folk sounds that reveals Doucet a master of style. Listen to ‘Under my Sun’ below – it is divine.” - BBarry Gruff

"Listen up"

“Tiphanie Doucet released “Under My Sun.” The song serves as the title track for her upcoming album and is a soft, sweet, and relaxed introduction as to what to expect from the French songstress this summer.” - Kaboo Magazine

"Hoboken's annual Global Fund For Women benefit adds French twist"

A highlight of this year's benefit will be the Maxwell's debut of Tiphanie, a singer/songwriter who recently settled in Hoboken after traveling the world to study music, dance, and theater. She called from Paris, where she had just performed three shows in a major venue, opening for a famous comic and has one remaining performance before she returns home.

Tiphanie was born and raised in a suburb of Paris, where she first studied dancing and art. She also took up the harp. Dancing lead to singing roles in musical theater, and a TV spot when she was only 15. "When I was about 20, I had a boyfriend who was a guitar player, and he was in love with country and folk music," she said. "He wanted to move to America, so I said okay and went with him.

"I just loved everything about America so I auditioned for an acting school and won a scholarship, which let me stay in the country," Tiphanie continued. She studied in both Los Angeles and New York, and graduated with a degree in musical theater.

"When you study in America, you get a year's work permit after you finish school, so I was able to stay and was cast in a play in an Equity theater," she said. "And that play is going to be produced again this summer, so I'll be playing the role again." The play is called "Uncle Tom Vs. Uncle Sam," at Symphony Space in New York City.

"It's a very fun play, very cool," she added.

It was while she was living in New York that Tiphanie started performing as a solo artist, hitting local mics and small clubs, and recording her first EP, "Between Us." Recorded with guitarist Geoffrey Chaurand. the EP features Tiphanie's sultry vocals over breezy folk-pop melodies, inviting comparisons to KT Tunstall or former American Idol Katherine McPhee.

A choreographer friend introduced her to a woman in Hoboken who offered an affordable sub-let, which led to Tiphanie ending up in Hoboken. "Since then, I've never left, and I love Hoboken," she said. "I've played Northern Soul and Finnegan's Pub, but I'm super happy for this benefit because it will be the first time I'll be performing at Maxwell's.

"Last summer I got to play on the pier in Hoboken and a lot of people in town know me from there now," she added. "Strangers will stop me on the street and say, oh, you're the girl who played on the pier. I love it."

Tiphanie's first EP features two guitars and vocals, so for her next recording, she's hoping to put together a band and flesh out the arrangements a bit. "I've met a few producers already and I'm hoping to record again, either another EP or a full album, soon," she said. "I'm really hoping to do something more arranged this time, and maybe even sing a few songs in French too. I would love to do that as soon as possible." - Jim Testa

"Wolf in a Suit - "La vie en Rose ""

French indie singer/songwriter Tiphanie Doucet comes to us with a beautiful take on a classic like the gem that is “La Vie en Rose”. This magnificent track that was originally made famous by the great Edith Piaf comes to our modern shores with a soft, subtle and charming take. Tiphanie allows her vocal range to heard as she connects with the lyrics make them part of her story and from her voice, they are made part of ours. It is a truly mesmerizing cover of a song that personally I felt unnecessary to touch but I can definitely enjoy her take on it and say that maybe a cover or two of this gem are welcomed in my shores. So close your eyes with me and let us jump into this familiar yet refreshing soundscape. Enjoy! -


UNDER MY SUN Debut Album

I'LL FIND YOU IN DREAMS - The Racer feat. TIphanie DOucet

LA VIE EN ROSE ( cover)



Tiphanie Doucet is a French artist based in Jersey City. Her emotionally disarming performances deceive in their simplicity, often times consisting of nothing more than her voice and a guitar. Yet, they nevertheless arrest audiences through their quiet, brooding intensity, holding a vulnerability that’s offset by a wintry, gallic allure. Doucet got her start early on in the music and entertainment world. Harp and Ballet were part of her two passions since a very early age, and lead to a professional Dancing and Acting career. A starring role in the film Le bébé d’Elsa, and later in the Glee-like TV series "Chante", gave her popularity in her native France, and the unlikely foundations for what would be a very eclectic musical trajectory. After leaving France, Doucet decided to gamble it all and start fresh in America. The 180 degree turn that her life took left her old life in shambles, bringing her plenty of heartbreak and homesickness that would prove to be a wellspring of musical inspiration. This moment of transition afforded Doucet plenty of material to write her own songs, which she began testing out on street corners, cruises and cafés throughout New York and her newly adopted home in Jersey City, New Jersey. The overwhelmingly positive reception was such that she decided to release her own work.
Doucet recently released her debut album “Under My Sun”, a collection of rustic, yet polished folk numbers produced by Simone Felice who has worked with the likes of Lumineers and Jade Bird. Though Doucet’s influences are prevalent throughout the album, nodding to the likes of Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson and Feist, the work is without a doubt a testament to the uniqueness and originality of her voice.

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