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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Up and Coming Phoenix Rapper Breaks Industry Stereotypes"

When it comes to stereotypes, you could say Mohamad Tokko, better known by his stage name "Yung Tokes", is breaking a few.

"We used to do freestyles for fun and stuff and a couple of them caught on," Tokko said, as he sat in a Phoenix recording studio.

Tokes is breaking the mold not only by being a Lebanese-American rapper, he also just got his law degree.

"My uncle got into a pretty hefty lawsuit, which kind of made me do some research. Then I just kind of dove right into it."

While a career in hip hop was always in his sights, pursuing it wasn't always easy.

"Culturally, it's not the greatest thing to do. My parents were always like, 'stick to something more tangible, more concrete, where you can just go to school, get an occupation and get a career from there,' but they accepted it and they're excited," Tokes said.

Now with a law degree under his belt the up and coming hip-hop artist plans on marrying both passions.

"I want to do contracts in the entertainment field ultimately. Whether it's contract formation or contract litigation."

Another goal is to encourage other people to follow their dreams. Tokes and other artists will be doing that on their upcoming 46 city tour. They'll travel the country performing while also speaking at local high schools about the importance of music and current social issues.

For more information on Yung Tokes or to download hi new EP, follow the link s below. - NBC 12 News

"Breaking Stereotypes, Arab Rapper "Yung Tokes" pursues Law Degree"

Dearborn — In the classroom, Mohamad Tokko is an aspiring attorney; in the studio, he goes by "Yung Tokes", a hip hop artist with a message to pursue your dreams.
Working to merge the two worlds, Yung Tokes' performance aims to engage the listener both musically and lyrically.
"Hip hop is the best form to get my visions and opinions out, while providing a positive message," Tokko said.
Tokko added that there is a stereotype in the hip hop community that could diminish an artist's credibility if he or she is not from "the streets." He said being both educated and a rapper are not mutually exclusive and hopes to break that stereotype with his music.
Born and raised in Dearborn, Tokko said he became interested in hip hop when he used to freestyle with his friends in his backyard. He moved to Arizona in 2007 to pursue a law degree. He seriously became interested in pursuing a music career when he realized that many attorneys have side passions.
Tokko said not many hip hop musicians pursue higher education careers, which raises eyebrows among his peers. After a hefty lawsuit involving his uncle, the artist wanted to help do research for the case. He soon "fell in love" with law and decided to enroll in law school and take the bar exam.
Tokko said the negative portrayal of Arab Americans in the media sometimes affects his law career, but not his music. He added that he sometimes struggles to push through the conflict of meshing the two worlds together, like making enough time to do well both in school and in the studio.
In his song "Changed", the artist expresses his transformation into becoming a dedicated rapper, while others berate him for it. As displayed in the song's verse "changing my dream to something I hope", the message is to embrace one's individuality and pursue one’s dreams, despite the odds.
"All that animosity influences my music lyrically and musically," said Tokko, adding that he introduces Arabic samples to achieve a Middle Eastern vibe. His song "Shawarma" effectively portrays that style.
The rapper has learned to be more open to differing ideas and has a new perspective on people's hardships, bringing him closer to his fans.
He said when making music, he strives to remain patient during the creative process and not expect the song's end result to be immediately perfect. Instead, he focuses on perfecting the next song.
Tokko likes working with different artists to expand his talents and fan base, instead of shutting them out for fear of competition, a common practice.
Tokko’s parents were not always fans of his music or his tattoo-covered back. At first, they were reluctant to support his music career, urging him to opt for only pursuing an education in law. Once he maintained a steady focus on both careers, they accepted it more. Now, they attend his shows.
"You can do anything tastefully and people should always remain themselves," said Tokko, adding that purpose and value are important qualities in every endeavor. - Arab American News


Still working on that hot first release.



      Tokes is a Dearborn Native & Hip Hop Artist who currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where he just became the FIRST hip-hop artist to become a lawyer. Over the past year Tokes has really taken the music scene by storm! While in law school, Tokes released a hit album titles “Bowties & Tattoos” and since his graduation in December 2014, Tokes has released a new EP titled “Hear My Reflection.” Furthermore, Tokes went on a mini-tour with hip hop phenom Soulja Boy throughout the state of Arizona in addition to opening up for The Game, e-40, Mac-10 and several other major artists. Although some may think he is just another hip hop artist, Tokes is much more and has a very unique story about his path and how it has led him to where he is today. Growing up Lebanese-American, Tokes is already not your average hip hop artist, but completing law school, puts him in a totally different category. With his philanthropic visions, a passion for success, and the true spirit of a Michigander, Tokes is the definition of class mixed with music. 
        Since his law school graduation (which he graduated with High Honors), Tokes has continued to perfect his craft and make his music and sounds better than ever. Expanding his brand by learning to play the guitar, Tokes is learning to create his own sounds for his music. Nevertheless, Tokes recently took the Arizona Bar Exam and since has been in Michigan working on a new mix tape. As a cutting edge and eclectic artist Tokes is sure to bring fans a different spin on hip hop industry.  

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