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Tomato Dodgers

College Park, Maryland, United States | INDIE

College Park, Maryland, United States | INDIE
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College Park Maryland’s favorite band ‘Tomato Dodgers’ recently got back from 46 days on the road and I was lucky enough to attend (and take photos for) their homecoming show at Washington DC’s Rock n’ Roll Hotel -here’s what I thought.

Firstly let me say that this was the third show of the tour I attended (I’ve been to one in Richmond VA, and one in Brooklyn) and after seeing some of the same gags and lines I thought I knew what I was in for, I have never been more wrong in my life. The Rock and Roll Hotel is one of the most well respected venues for DIY in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) so Tomato Dodger’s playing there could not have been a better choice. Not only is the staff there absolutely welcoming to guests and artists alike, but the crowd that turns out is the best, no matter the show.

The night kicked off with a host of wonderful openers for the Dodgers’ and almost more importantly the Dodgers’ were there showing their support for the bands supporting them. It may seem odd to praise a band for getting involved in the opening acts performances, but I’ve been to my fair share of shows where the headliners stay in the back, or only watch 5 minutes of their opener and then praises them on stage without really knowing what happened out there. But this band was different, Asher danced in the crowd, Pete praised the drummers, and the rest could be spotted near the stage edge jamming along to their fellow musicians.

After a long lineup of openers the Tomato Dodger’s finally took to stage for one last time on their 2016 tour bringing with them the infamous Jeaux Phread (a giant plush orange man, or the alien in charge of the Dodgers depending on who you ask). The energy the group started with is one of the highest levels I’ve seen live. Ever. Full stop. This was a true homecoming show – there’s no getting around that. 46 days on the road and 42 shows later it was clear that the Tomato Dodgers were grateful to be preforming for an audience that knew their name.

Personally this was the best Tomato Dodgers show I’ve attended, and it was abundantly clear that the 6 members grew infinitely more comfortable on stage while on the road, bringing back everything they learned with them and adding on to their already killer sets. The crowd was as alive as the band, moving constantly, swinging their hips, and shouting the words of the “funk punk” songs being played for them. Eventually the mesmerizing set came to an end with the crowd chanting “one more” and Asher appeasing the adoring faces by playing the, at this point, infamous, “Elvis Impersonator”. Overall all I can really say about the set is that I was blown away by it. The sheer live talent of this band has grown enormously in such a small period of time, and coupled with a venue like Rock and Roll the audience couldn’t help but fall in love (if they weren’t already).

Because I’ve been hanging around the Dodgers whenever they stop by the East Coast in addition to seeing and photographing the show I also got the chance to catch up with some of the member’s and hang around as they soaked in bubbling nostalgia of their just finished tour (what I do has its perks for sure), so here’s a quick run-down of the things I learned.

1. Asher (lead vox/ lead guitar) wanted to sleep for 3 days after the tour, he’s a sleepy boy.
2. Pete (drums) didn’t want tour to end, unlike Asher, Pete didn’t even want to think about what he was doing post Rock and Roll stage.
3. The south was the best part of their tour owed solely to some waterfalls they found towards the end – based on the photo’s they shared on their personal Facebooks I can vouch for the fact that the outdoor scenery was truly breathtaking.
4. Joe (bass / backing vox) ‘s personal favorite stop was New Orleans, for the hospitality they were shown coupled with the amazing music scene. Pete weighed in on this claiming that he listened to some of the most talented musicians he’s ever heard while they were busking through the streets.
5. Asher was still a little upset about his scheduling choice to drive across Texas in a van without AC during July.
6. Joey (Saxophone ) added on that not only was it WAY TOO HOT to drive across Texas without AC, but that their van broke down and they all nearly died from sweating too much on the side of the road waiting for the towing company.
7. Only one person could sleep in the Van post show, and no one was killed sleeping in the Van in Brooklyn. Way to go Brooklyn, we love you.

And finally, all jokes aside, the DIY music community truly came out to support the Tomato Dodgers. From acts that they played alongside, to pizzas bought, to couches given for our tired band the scene didn’t disappoint. So if you take anything away from this tour it should be these things; the Tomato Dodge’s killed their homecoming show set in every sense of the word, the Tomato Dodger’s are true heroes for embarking on this HUGE tour, and of course the American DIY scene is a welcoming and wonderful place that we’re all grateful to be a part of. - Vinyl Noise

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University of Maryland alum Asher Meerovich plays for grunge rock band Tomato Dodgers, and hopes to turn his band’s success around his college into a full-time gig outside of classes. What sets him apart from others in the music business is that he has pursued a degree in philosophy in religion instead of music, as he says the classes make him a better songwriter. Juggling these classes while still actively playing in and promoting a band shows how Asher and the other collegiate members of Tomato Dodgers are truly dedicated to what they do. They have released a ton of original content including a recent demo, two albums, and a handful of other songs. - Fresh U

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Whether they are starring in or hosting shows, Tomato Dodgers have played a large role in this university's independent music scene. But now they're taking their act on the road.

The six-member band will play 42 shows in 47 days. Using a retro van, with as much character as the quirky, rock-funk group, Tomato Dodgers will tour across the eastern half of the United States. Here is a feature interview with the band. - The Diamondback


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