Troy Bennett's Graveyard Lips

Troy Bennett's Graveyard Lips

Hammond, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Hammond, Louisiana, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Alternative Indie




"EARMILK (Bare)Ly Existing Review"

Louisiana-based act Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips delivers cathartic and introspective album (Bare)Ly Existing, which expels a lifetime of confusion and sadness within an expressive sonic journey that manages to be optimistic and melancholic in perfect halves.
The album opens with the layered composition of “Dr(0)Ne -,” which brings heartfelt vocals together with eerie sound design for a dramatic and dynamic beginning, before following up with a series of singer-songwriter tracks brimming with emotion and thoughtful within gentler, acoustic-led sonics.

While the project’s intricate texturing is unveiled with the gritty electric guitars of the title track juxtaposed against the anthemic quality of “Leap Year,” the choir-style vocal layers of tracks like “Longing Vestiges,” showcase the clean and emotional voice quality.

Having begun in 2019 as a way to reflect upon the apathy of humanity through music, Troy Bennett's Graveyard Lips brings forth messages of empathy, kindness and love with a well-written and graceful artistry. - EARMILK

"FOLK N ROCK (Bare)Ly Existing Review"

In the ever-expansive realm of music, an album emerges every once in a while that resonates deeply, transcending mere notes and lyrics to touch the core of our being. I’ve always adored this type of folk, and Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips’ latest offering, ‘(Bare)Ly Existing’, is precisely one such album.
Hailing from the soulful landscapes of Hammond, LA, this nine-track journey invites us into a world drenched in introspection, passion, and raw emotion. From the atmospheric layers of ‘Dr(0)Ne –’ to the hauntingly beautiful melodies of ‘You Were’, the album stands as Troy’s profound love for music and his ability to convey complex sentiments through sound.

Troy knows how to craft an enticing opener, and ‘Dr(0)Ne –’ is just that song. This track pulls us into its realm from the very beginning with an ambient backdrop reminiscent of static, creating an atmosphere that’s both unsettling and deeply intriguing. This choice of aural texture feels symbolic, maybe hinting at the white noise that often permeates our lives or the vague unease of the modern age.

The midway transition is a highlight. Troy introduces vocals that feel otherworldly — a step away from the norm, which effectively jars us out of any sense of complacency. This vocal effect, combined with cinematic arrangements, adds depth to the soundscape. It evokes feelings of being transported to a different dimension, where emotions and musical notes meld seamlessly.

As the song progresses, it takes a contemplative route instead of building up to a dramatic climax. The slow fade and eventual sputtering out can be likened to a fleeting memory or a dream that slips away just as you’re about to grasp its meaning. It’s a conscious choice, reminding listeners of the impermanence of moments and feelings.

Following the ethereal ambiance of the opening track, ‘Pale Room’ takes a turn into familiar territory but with a fresh spin. Kicking off with the warm, comforting strum of an acoustic guitar, it’s like being wrapped in a cozy blanket on a chilly day. This nostalgic choice of instrumentation is reminiscent of campfire sessions, where stories are shared and hearts are bared.

Then, Troy’s vocals enter the scene. His voice, clear and emotive, soars effortlessly. What stands out is the raw authenticity with which he delivers each line. Every word sung comes straight from the heart, resonating deeply. And it’s not just this song, it’s something we find with every track on this release. The track carries a certain melancholy but is beautiful with the soft instrumentation, creating an inviting space for contemplation.

The atmospheric tone is maintained throughout, adding a layer of dreaminess to the composition. ‘Pale Room’ evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of classic rock ballads where lyrics and melody coalesced to capture a moment in time. It’s like a gentle nod to the timeless tracks of the past while firmly planting its feet in the present. Now this is the type of folk music I’ve always loved.

From the outset, ‘Root(ing for You)’ exudes a sense of genuine sentimentality. The beauty of this track is in its simplicity. While it may lean into the more mellow side, there’s an underlying power derived from the raw, undiluted emotion Troy pours into every note. It’s not just about hearing the song; it’s about feeling it. And feel it, you do.

Every chord, and every vocal nuance speaks volumes of the dedication and the sheer heart Troy invests in his work. His voice’s a palpable yearning, a deep-seated earnestness that resonates. The track title cleverly plays with the duality of being grounded (like a root) and simultaneously cheering for someone or oneself.

Leap Year emerges as a great piece. It begins with a delicate strum and invokes an image of gentle ripples across a serene lake. As the song progresses, the pounding percussion becomes the metaphorical stone that disrupts the stillness, adding depth and dynamism to the musical narrative. Including the snare as the track hits its midway point further accentuates the shift in momentum, signaling a change in the emotional landscape of the song.

To me, the song’s lyrics hold a profound sense of longing and nostalgia. The lines “You know, you know you miss it” and “the day that doesn’t know that it’s not there” hint at the yearning for something intangible, possibly moments or memories lost in time. The recurring theme of the leap year and its rarity parallels sentiments of lost opportunities or moments that occasionally leave a lasting impact.

The repetition of “Four more years of rain” and “Four more years of no more birthday games” is both melancholic and deeply introspective. It’s a poignant reminder of the passage of time and the feelings of longing, perhaps for moments that can’t be reclaimed. Or maybe those that some of us have to wait far too long to see again. The imagery of “shades of teal” and “birthday candles missing once again” paints a vivid picture of special days that go unnoticed or uncelebrated due to circumstances beyond one’s control.

‘Longing Vestige’ is a rich tapestry of sound and emotion. With the opening choir-like harmonies, we are instantly transported to a cathedral of introspection, where echoes of the past and contemplations of the present reverberate through hallowed halls.
As the tempo picks up, so does the emotional intensity. The faster pace of the soul-searching lyrics creates an urgent desire for self-awareness and understanding.

Some of the lyrics talk about the internal struggles we grapple with: the yearning to get things right, to find solace in solitude, and to establish a sense of belonging. Lines like “I try to be the one who does the right thing” and “I’ll show you that you matter, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get it right” depict the eternal human quest for validation, both from oneself and others.

However, we have lines such as “Stars in the seas, a cool summer’s breeze… falling in love, a dangerous game.” This shift in theme adds layers to the track, transforming it from an introspective ballad into a reflection on the joys and perils of love. The repetition of these lines drives home the intoxicating allure of romance while simultaneously highlighting the risks involved.

You Were is a track with collaborative magic from Silver Godling one of my favorites on the album. The song unfolds like a serene morning, initiated by the tender strumming of acoustics. It conjures images of dew-kissed meadows, and hushed whispers shared between two souls.
The introduction of gentle keys further elevates the ambiance, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the track. The choice of instruments captures a sense of simplicity and purity, laying the perfect foundation for the forthcoming vocal magic.

Enter the angelic vocals. Both Troy and Silver Godling bring forth a harmony that’s nothing short of ethereal. Their distinct yet seamlessly intertwined voices create an atmosphere of gentle reverence. The dueling layered effect you mentioned is enchanting; it’s like two souls dancing in perfect synchrony, each one echoing the sentiments of the other, adding depth and dimension to the narrative.

As I wrap up our deep dive into ‘(Bare)Ly Existing’, it’s clear that Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips has given us something special. This isn’t just another album on the shelf; it’s a musical journal capturing raw emotions, highs, lows, and all the in-betweens. From soulful solos to collabs that hit just right, Troy has laid out a soundscape that sticks with you long after the last track.

It’s been a journey, and like all great music, it’s left me with a mix of feelings and a hunger for whatever comes next. So, until Troy’s next musical venture, let’s keep these tunes on repeat and soak in all the vibes. - FOLKNROCK

"DISRUPT WEEKLY (Bare)Ly Existing Review"

In the age of mass-produced, factory-line tunes, there’s a soulful siren emerging from the bayous of Hammond, Louisiana. Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips is more than just an artist; he’s a force, a tapestry of raw emotions wrapped up in melodies that tug at the very fibers of the human heart.

His latest opus, “(Bare)Ly Existing”, launched on July 5, 2023, is a 9-track musical journey that sees Bennett delve deep into the realms of vulnerability, melancholy, and profound introspection. At a runtime of 36 minutes, this isn’t just an album; it’s a meditative retreat. And yes, it’s utterly fantastic.

Dive into the album here, and you’re immediately cocooned in the ambiance of “Dr(0)Ne”, where Critter Piano notes flutter around you, playing with additional soundscapes masterfully woven by James Whitten. But Bennett’s prowess doesn’t end here. He also partners with Silver Godling on “You Were”, a duet that juxtaposes the earthy tones of acoustic guitar with a celestial piano.

Critics are raving about “(Bare)Ly Existing”, with Tunepical praising its “genuine human experiences”, while Jukebox Mind exalts the album’s “adventurous spirit.” And rightly so. Every track from “Pale Room” to “Barely Existing” reverberates with a unique narrative – of love, loss, hope, and the complexities of human emotions.

What’s particularly notable is the depth of collaboration on this album. Troy’s distinctive voice and musical intuition harmonize perfectly with artists like Nat Heck (on Bass/Synth), Ryan Church (lead guitars), and Wade Hymel (drums, backup vocals). Then there are the unexpected, delightful additions: Adrian Joseph’s horn arrangements and trombone, and Doyle Cooper’s trumpet on “30.5044 N, 90.4612 W”, which take the track to soaring heights.

The album’s sonic architecture is also a testament to the genius of James Whitten. The magic touch of this maestro from HighTower Studios, New Orleans, lends a polished, yet raw authenticity to the tracks, making them aurally immersive.

Of course, the visuals matter, and the cover photo by Dusty Cooper, combined with the concept ideated by Bennett himself, rounds off the offering, making “(Bare)Ly Existing” an experience that tantalizes all senses.

Dive deeper, and one realizes that this isn’t Bennett’s first tryst with music. The artist’s Bandcamp profile reveals a rich tapestry of earlier releases, including gems like “Leap Year” and “Pale Room Demo.” Fans can avail a 50% discount on all five releases – a treat for those late to the party.

The haunting yet relatable name, Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips, encapsulates the very essence of the artist’s philosophy: life is fleeting, memories are eternal, and emotions are our most genuine touchpoints. As the album’s underlying message suggests, “TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND BE KIND TO YOURSELF.”

As the music landscape shifts and transforms, it’s artists like Troy Bennett who anchor us to our true selves. He reminds us of the sheer power of authentic emotion, the beauty of vulnerability, and the magic that happens when genuine talent merges with raw passion.

Hammond, Louisiana, may have birthed Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips, but with “(Bare)Ly Existing”, he’s ready to conquer the world. - DISRUPT WEEKLY


Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips create expressive music like no other you’ll hear this week. Detailing the daily internal struggle of being human, the emotive music dives into a mysterious realm. Released June 24th, the ‘Pale Room‘ demo features the mastermind behind the music Troy Bennett on guitars, bass and vocals alongside a string of exceptional musicians.

‘Pale Room‘ begins with a sinister approach to an introduction before blossoming into a shoegaze inspired indie-rock arrangement. Featuring AJ Martinez on drums, the track is warm welcome into the mind of Troy Bennett.

‘You Were‘ features a melancholic soundscape fusing mellow indie with a subtle nudge towards dream-pop in the mix too. A captivating outlook into having empathy in an increasingly apathetic world. With additional vocals and viola from Marisa Kaye Janke, the soothing melody feels like the calm during the current storm over the world.

‘Y(Our) Church‘ enters with a stunning vocal performance that holds your gaze throughout.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Whitten at Hightower Recording, New Orleans, LA, the debut demo from Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips is a breathtaking release. - NEW NOISE MAGAZINE


Pale Room Demo - ep released 6/24/2020
1. Pale Room
2. You Were
3. Y(Our) Church

Leap Year - single released 10/3/2020

Push Away the Rain feat. Wonder Kid - single released 6/11/2021

You Were feat. Silver Godling - single released 2/14/2023

(Bare)Ly Existing - lp released 7/5/2023
1. Dr(0)Ne -
2. Pale Room
3. Root(ing for You)
4. Leap Year
5. Longing Vestiges
6. You Were feat. Silver Godling
7. 30.5044 N , 90.4612 W
9. Barely Existing



Troy Bennett's Graveyard Lips was founded in 2019 as singer-songwriter Troy Bennett's outlet for exploring music outside the genres of heavy metal. Since then the singer-songwriter has released an ep, 3 singles and 1 lp and has played extensively throughout the South Eastern United States, but is greatly looking forward to playing for audiences far and wide.

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