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Turbo Sonidero

San Jose, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009

San Jose, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Latin Hip Hop




"Highlights of the Oakland Music Festival"

To accommodate a fashionably late crowd, the set times at Era (which served as the Hella Tight Stage) were pushed back by hours at the last minute, which forced several notable local acts and national headliners to play simultaneously. But the wait was worth it for performers such as Bay Area producer Turbo Sonidero Futuristico, who initially showed up to an empty club and was asked to wait until the festival gained momentum. Once he began spinning haunted cumbia remixes, the bodies piled in. A skilled curator of disparate sounds, Turbo smoothly wove elements of traditional Latin American music into his own trippy production, providing the soundtrack for an off-kilter dance party. - East Bay Express

"Turbo Sonidero Futurístico: Tumbiaaaaa!"

Futuristic Sonidero Turbo is a project of Roman Zepeda which intertwines culture Cumbia Sonidera Puebla with the growing Californian scene of abstract hip hop, idm, glitch and juke. Currently resides in Cholula Puebla and directs Contra Discos Records.

We enjoy: How is the interest Cumbia and Electronic Music Sonidera born?
Turbo Sonidero Futuristic: The interest in electronic music began in '96 when I first saw the video for "Midnight in a Perfect World" DJ Shadow after me started to like more downtempo, IDM and instrumental Hip-Hop. And from there I started to occur as in '98.

The cumbia always liked me. It is music that was heard by my parents and was exposed on trips to Puebla. But my interest grew when I heard Los de Akino and sonideros of Mexico. I liked how samples were cumbias with unconventional sounds like bottle caps, sound Nextel phone and demeaned as sonideros cumbias and they did effects. These touches will be made to give a mysterious cumbias sound reminds me downtempo.

What are your biggest influences?
TSF: Dj Shadow, Los De Akino, Dynasty Pedraza (Kual, Super Grupo Colombia, Pedro Pedraza), Project Blowed, Ninja Tune, Warp Records, Bay Area Hard Core Punk Rock, Bass Music (80's electro , Miami Bass, Bay Area Hip-Hop) Hip-Hop and 90's

Right now what I hear more and I have influenced my production is the WEPA Cumbia de San Luis Potosí and Kiss Royal Sound Sound.

Tell us about counter discs Records
TSF: Contra Discos began among several friends and myself. The idea is to create an avenue where we can post music with emphasis on Latin Alternative music. Right now we have just published on the internet but we would like to vinyls in the future.

How is the scene in San Jose CA and surrounding areas for this music?
TSF: San Jose and the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, Berkley, etc.) has always been a fertile place of music. Hence came great artists such as The Grateful Dead, Santana, Los Tigres Del Norte, DJ Shadow, Invisible Scratch Piklez, Dead Kennedys, Metallica, etc. Mc Hammer lol

But recent years in the Bay Area scene of Latin alternative music I had a very strong revival. There is a lot of movement and interesting things that are happening. There are labels like Bersa Discos and Unicorn Records. DJ's who have chidas parties like The Kool Kyle, Roger Mas, Santero, Juan Data, Shawn Reynaldo (Disco Shawn) and others. Chidas groups and bands that are doing interesting things like The collectiva / Toqueson, Bang Data, Los Rakas, Mex Tape, Report Illegal, Rap Squad, Candelaria, etc.

How do you see Mexico now live in Puebla?
TSF: Since the narco traffic started getting heavier in Mexico media and people abroad have had a misconception of Mexico. If bad things happen but Mexico has much more positive and beautiful things to offer. From my experience in the 4 months that I have lived I have been very surprised to Mexico. Mexico is Chido!

What are your plans for TSF?
TSF: Continue to produce, play more in Mexico, releasing another EP in the summer and hopefully vinyl in the winter.

Besides you bring a project called TurboMex Mex Tape - How are things in this project?
TSF: Right now we are on a break. As I'm in Mexico and Mex Tape in San Francisco, CA is difficult but if we work together a lot of material together that they want to take.

What could you recommend us to new producers of electronic music?
TSF: Of those liking me right now are Salem, White Ring, DeltaTron, Jonwayne and producers of OFWGKTA (Odd Future).

How has your experience in the music scene in Mexico?
TSF: My experience in Mexico has been chida. It's exciting because there are many different and new things that are coming out in electronic music and Hip-Hop. Producers and DJ's who are looking for influence in Latin America. Respect people like Spike that never rest to promote electronic music that is being done in Mexico and Latin America. It is also exciting to be at ground zero of Cumbia Sonidera and attend this holiday season.

What I like to see is more interaction between sonideros and producers of electronic cumbia. I think it is very important for the spread and keep this scene alive because when hipsters lose interest strawberries and continue playing the Sonideros cumbia.

Now you you are giving a new touch to the concept of digital cumbia sonidera - you call your tumbia, what's up with that?
TSF: The name is put tumbia a friend playing with words turbo and cumbia. I do like and use the name to define my sound is influenced by the bass music or music made ​​with the drum machine TR-808 (80's electro, Miami bass, Bay Area hip-hop) that is heard a lot in San Jose music and Bay Area and sonidera cumbia. - Gozamos.com

"Bubblin': Turbo Sonidero Futuristico"

What do you know about tumbia? That's what Roman Zepeda playfully calls his take on cumbia, which he heard plenty of while growing up in both East San Jose and Puebla, Mexico. After the video for DJ Shadow's "Midnight in a Perfect World" inspired him to shed his teen punk aspirations and buy turntables, he began making beats and messing with downtempo, hip-hop, IDM, and even baile funk before repeated trips to Bersa Discos' monthly Tormenta Tropical parties prompted him to get his cumbia on. Last year's debut EP, Turbo+Cumbia=Tumbia, is not to be missed, especially its flip of DJ Shadow's "Organ Donor." - XLR8R


Turbo + Cumbia = Tumbia
Released January 9, 2010 EP 

1. Baile Tumbia
2. Donador De Organo 
3. Turbo+Cumbia=Tumbia
4. Gritaria Que Amas

Tumbias Electronicas
Released May 5, 2013 EP 

1. Tumbia Electronica
2. Hot!!! (Version 2013)
3. Tumbia Del Bay Area en el 3030
4. Lluvia Electronica
5. La Negra Electronica
6. Bryan's Beat



is a first generation San Jose, California born Chicano
producer. He is recognized for creating “Tumbia”, a hypnotic and
electric style that mixes cumbia and hip-hop/rap samples paired with
808 drum kits, and edgy synth keys -- all concocted into an thrilling
sound that compels audiences to dance and enjoy. Tumbia moves people in ways they never
expected. Roman's work is a reflection of his feelings and experiences which are rooted in his fervor for wide ranging emotion and an ever evolving stylistic form. 
He describes his form as melodic, militant and melancholy.  He
is heavily influenced by 90’s hip hop/rap, cumbia and electronic
music.  In 2010, he moved for a few years
to his father’s hometown of Puebla, Mexico and immersed himself
musically in its trenches playing cumbia sonidera shows all over the
country. What Turbo loves about cumbia music is that he feels it has
a dark sound to it that most latino music does not have.  When
latino music is portrayed in the media, it’s usually thought of as
a colorful fiesta and people having a good time. Cumbia brings people
together, but it can have a sinister sound, especially old school
cumbia. His command of cumbia comes from his honoring and
understanding of its historical origins.  
years ago, he co-founded a monthly and Latino alternative dance party
in the heart of the Silicon Valley called Sonido Clash, voted best
source of cutting -edge Latin Music by Silicon Valley Metro Weekly
2014. Over the course of his career, he has creatively collaborated
with artists such as Nuyorican singer Chucha Santa Maria, Puerto
Rico's Latino rap duo Fuete Billete, Oakland emcee Chippy Nonstop,
and Oaxacan born rapper Mextape, to name a few.  His most recent
project is a collaboration with UK/Iranian producer Sitlaly forming
Grupo Jejeje” a fresh take on Kumbias Editadas and Reggaeton.
 He maintains a productive yearly performance schedule and
steadily releases music for his fans via 
career highlights include performing at the 2009 Los Angeles
Visionary Sounds Festival and a sold out headliner at the 2011
Festival de Musica Electronica Latina (FMEL) in Chicago. In 2010 he
released his first EP, “Turbo + Cumbia = Tumbia”. It’s official
debut was profiled by the popular music and culture website Mad
Decent, which led to an opportunity to present and discuss his work
at the 2010 Left Coast Live Music Festival in San Jose, CA. The
following year he performed for “Viva la Vida,” the after party
for the day of the dead celebration in the heart of the Mission
District put on by Public Works in San Francisco.  In 2013 he
released his second EP “Cumbias Electronicas”. That same year he
performed at Creative Convergence Silicon Valley (C2SV), an annual
multi-day music festival and technology conference.  His most
recent performance to date was at the Second Annual Oakland Music
Festival (OMF Live) this past September 27, 2014 celebrating the
diversity of the Bay Area, noted as a highlight in the East Bay
Express coverage..

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