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The Bronx, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

The Bronx, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
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"Uncle TreY - Now You Know (Heatseekers)"

Uncle TreY shares his new single, "Now You Know".

Uncle TreY hails from Monroe County, PA, and unlike many rappers at his stage of the game, he's very much found his voice, which is evident from his new single, "Now You Know". The rapper himself describes the Triza-produced record as a "summer banger" and we couldn't agree more. It's the first taste of his forthcoming nostalgianticipation project, which should be available soon.

"Now You Know" has placed TreY among this week's final four Heatseekers. If you like to have your song or video featured on the site, you can submit content to us here. - HotNewHipHop

"New Music: Uncle TreY – “Now You Know”"

Monroe, PA-bred upstart Uncle TreY is making waves this week with his latest release, “Now You Know”. With the right amount of aggression and energy, TreY delivers a real quality record, packed with punchlines and a mellow beat that lets his voice and flow take control and shine. “Now You Know” was produced by Triza Beats and is the first single off of Uncle TreY’s upcoming project “Nostalgianticipation.” - RespectMag

"1/4 Life Crisis (Video) / Passive Aggressive (Mixtape) Review"

[Yori] – I love discovering new talent, whether it be from the inbox, SoundCloud, or links trickling down my timeline. The latter is how I was introduced to Bronx-born emcee, Tails (Tremain “Trey” Josie). We had been communicating via Twitter when he asked if he could send me his single, “Nice Guys”. He was one of the rare people that I followed for their personality, so learning that he was an emcee was a pleasant surprise.

I listened to the track and was an immediate fan of his flow, tone and content, but was unsure if he could be a consistent artist. There were lulls in the lyricism that could be overcame, if a little bit of work were put in. Then he hit me with Passive Aggressive, and all my doubts vanished. Tails is an extraordinary story teller. His vibe is super chill, which amps up the content of his tracks. It’s this vibe that was caught on camera for this premiere of his latest single, “1/4 Life Crisis”. Tails performed at a showcase at this year’s SXSW and documented his time on stage and in the streets. The song itself speaks on the issues that arise as an up and coming artist and is a personal peek at Tails’ inner struggles. A showcase at South By is an indie artist’s dream, and it’s super fitting that he chose to immortalize his time there with this track.

Check out this premiere of “1/4 Life Crisis” and download Passive Aggressive at itsbetterthanmusic.com. - The ReDefined

"1/4 Life Crisis (Video) Review"

Bronx artist TAILS makes his debut on our site with his wonderfully made visual, “1/4 Life Crisis.” The video appears a fun day complete with funny pictures and walking through the streets.

Listen to the spitter separate himself from mediocrity below. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from him. - ThatLoudGirl

"1/4 Life Crisis (Video) Review"

Bronx born, PA living TAILS is fresh off of a trip to SXSW and has a new track and music video to drop. The video was shot while in Austin with scenes of him performing on stage and also doing this song in the streets of downtown. You may laugh, but plenty of people experience a quarter life crisis and have no clue what they’re doing. TAILS goes into detail about trying to figure out life on this one and it’s a great message. - JoeHova's Mindframe

"Passive Aggressive (Mixtape) Review"

2 tapes in a year? That’s always a dope feat. Tails gets a little more personal on his new project, Passive Aggressive. After releasing 26 to open up the year, it’s always good to see progress, and there is plenty of that on this tape. Tracks like Nice Guy, Lowkey, Sometimes, Done For The Night and Seasons Interlude highlight this greatly, and it’s clear that the tape as a whole is very enjoyable because of this. Check Passive Aggressive out via Bandcamp and be sure to hit Tails up on Twitter! - OneThrone

""Nice Guy" (Single) Review"

I really like this. I feels like an amalgamation of the best parts of Dizzy Wright, Casey Veggies, Rockie Fresh, and others of their ilk. The content and the flow were on-point, as was the beat. The main criticism I'd levy is I feel like there's something in your voice, either due to your delivery or the way your voice was mixed, that causes the record to not have the punch or power that it could. It feels a bit too subdued. Keep grinding though man, I enjoyed this. - Matt Tompkins (Fluence Curator)

"Passive Aggressive (Mixtape) Review"

Up and coming Monroe County rapper, TAILS has released his second project of 2014 entitled “Passive Aggressive”. This tape shows an incredible amount of growth since February when he dropped “26” and doesn’t fail to deliver. It’s a more personal piece, as he expands on living in Monroe County PA, his own most inner thoughts, fears, insecurities and ambitions as well as touching on other subjects. TAILS is definitely an up and comer to look out for as he is quickly building an online buzz and showing his consistency with the amount of music he’s put out this year. For more updates on his music, follow him on twitter at @MrBetterThanYou and check out ItsBetterThanMusic.com. - Atrilli

"Passive Aggressive (Mixtape) Release"

After already releasing a project earlier this year, Tails returns today as he unveils his new project titled, “Passive Aggressive”. Born out of Bronx, New York the artist now holds his residence in PA. Tails dives into his own most inner thoughts, fears, insecurities and ambitions throughout the new 13 track compilation. Make sure to follow Tails over on Twitter @MrBetterThanYou and check out his website here. - YouHeardThatNew

"Siren Song (Song) / 26 (Mixtape) Review"

Why it’s worth discovering: Okay…it’s just something about this artist, Tails, that feels familiar yet fresh. That said, I had to figure out how to feature him on “Music Discovery Mondays”. The full album, “26” is dope to say the least but it plays better as an complete project. That isn’t a bad thing at all but it was hard to find one song that best describes Tails as an artist. Anyways, I feel like “Siren Song” does just that.

I can’t quite compare Tails to any other rapper but he can sure tell a nice story…and it doesn’t hurt that his production is top-notch either. - Vixen Varsity

"26 (Mixtape) Review"

Tails has finally released his debut mixtape ’26’. The project comes with 13 tracks and a guest appearance from Chase Benjamins. The project comes with all original music. If you are a fan of unsigned artists and want to get on the train before the rest of the world does you definitely have to check this mixtape out. The project is definitely something new that brings something fresh to Hip-Hop music. You know I wouldn’t post anything on this site unless it’s good music. So check out the tracklist, download and stream after the jump. - Diverse HipHop

"Uncle TreY - Alladat"

Uncle TreY resides in Monroe County PA, and if his name is familiar, it's because he's been previously featured as a heatseeker. Like "Now You Know," TreY's new single has impressed us, featuring a hypnotic synth line that's brought together with some tastefully arranged drums. The beat comes courtesy of AZ, but once again, it's TreY's personality that really shines through here. He's got the confident voice required to break through. We'll be watching his next moves. - HotNewHipHop.com

"Uncle TreY - nostalgianticipation"

Uncle TreY done came a long way now and with the release of his newest, and IMO, most complete project, he’s out to prove to himself to anybody willing to listen. If any of the singles he’s dropped over the last few months were even slightly piquing your interest, hit the jump ASAP and check out his mixtape. The cohesive sound of the project i complimented by introspective lyrics, straight-forward, honest flows, and an insane amount of bravado and confidence, Uncle TreY’s nostalgianticipation is an enjoyable listen from start to finished and back through again as he lets you into his world without holding any punches. The range of production is fire and the song-writing is right, fucking there. Highly advise you all to take a moment and check the project out, because I truly believe it’s an awesome listen, and the growth hasn’t been more apparent in this guy.

In true indy/grassroots fashion, the project is available to stream/download via Bandcamp at a “Pay What You Want” price point, so you can cop for the free.99 or drop a few dollars Uncle TreY’s way if you enjoy the project. Be sure to check it out, tell a friend ,and most importantly, follow him on Twitter! - OneThrone

"Uncle TreY - Now You Know (Music Video)"

Formerly known as "TAILS", Uncle TreY Dropped off a fun new visual today for his his single off of "Nostalgianticipation". This project is for sale, but you can download it for free by putting "$0.00" in the "Name Your Price" box. The Bronx native expresses what it feels like to be a real working artist. Hitting the road, spending money, and curving the women who didn't notice his talent before the success. "Feelin' good, feelin' great. Feelin' great, feelin' good" is TreY's mood while rapping over this nostalgic sample. - The Wav

"Uncle TreY - Alladat (Heatseekers)"

Uncle TreY resides in Monroe County PA, and if his name is familiar, it's because he's been previously featured as a heatseeker. Like "Now You Know," TreY's new single has impressed us, featuring a hypnotic synth line that's brought together with some tastefully arranged drums. The beat comes courtesy of AZ, but once again, it's TreY's personality that really shines through here. He's got the confident voice required to break through. We'll be watching his next moves. - HotNewHipHop

"LISTEN | Uncle TreY - Excuses"

Uncle TreY might be one of the more smile-inducing names I’ve heard for an artist for a while, but he’s been moving forward with his music at a solid pace. His latest project, nostalgianticipation, has been slated for a review on Crack|The|Crown since the day it dropped (you know, back before anyone knew what we were planning, ha), but we’ve been unable to act on it until now, so expect that in a few days.

On this Kendox-produced single, TreY recruits singer Ballad to help get his point across, and the result is pretty smooth. I haven’t heard TreY on a song like this, but I’m just truly getting into his music as well. It’s fun to just be a fan sometimes… - CrackTheCrown


Still working on that hot first release.



Uncle TreY is a Bronx born rapper currently residing in Monroe County, PA. Avoiding being conformed to a specific hip hop genre, he bases his music off of everyday life experiences and creates songs using profound & anomalous concepts. Having garnered a strong buzz on the internet & the local underground scene, he is now looking to take the next step in hopes of reaching a larger audience, the world.

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