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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo Hip Hop




"New Mexico's Versatile Verse"

From local to global, Albuquerque rapper Versatile Verse is storming the music industry with his latest release the show must go on. From witty wordplay to his hard knock instrumentals he has definitely found himself in a league of his own. Circum Navigating from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, San Diego, seatte, Arizona, Colorado etc. he is by far one of the west coast's most unique, creative, and hungry artists in the game right now. He just recently finished up his latest music video Titled "MFGO" which he considers to be a commercial smash, launching him to not only a well respected position but a fulfilling career. With over 50k views from his last project "Get Away" he is aiming to top that with this new release by 4x that amount if not more. Versatile Verse was born and raised in Albuquerque "Duke City" New Mexico and has been an artist for over 10 years now he is considered a milestone for the city and a major inspiration to those growing up in the same environment he's from. Currently working on a new single with a mystery producer he says "wants to remain nameless for now." Verse believes this will be a stepping stone for him as a whole to advance and grow to be one of the most influential MC's in the world. It's hard to miss His relentless I don't give a f*ck attitude, his rapid fire double time rap with tongue twisting metaphors and humorous punchlines, his desire and undeniable hunger to succeed are what has led him to become a hip hop mogul on the west coast. Although you might strike verse as a comedic, shock value artist he is also a very deep thinker and social activist in his community, songs like “The Show Must Go On" describe detailed systematic problems in society and its down falls, with a melodic flow. Stay up to date with this fast growing artist by visiting and subscribing to his website also purchase his latest album "The Show Must Go On"on iTunes.
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1.everyone is talking about your latest album "the show must go on". What is the most meaningful track to you on the album and why? “The Show Must Go On” is definitely one of my favorite albums simply because it was my first professionally recorded project. The Most meaningful track to me would have to be the Album titled song “The Show Must Go On." The record features up and coming singer Janelle Lee, who gives the song a strong melodic rhythm making it epic. It is the centerpiece to tie the theme of the album together making it more cinematic. I was able to scratch the surface on subjects such as: issues with my up bringing, with society, and with the law enforcement, etc. Overall, facing fears, overcoming limits & obstacles with a message to never give up, no matter what’s happening in life at that particular moment.... The Show Must Go On.

2. I follow you closely on FB and can't help but notice all the amazing photographs you take, edit, and post. When did you get started with photography and how does it relate with your music career? I started with photography by basically being my own photographer, whether it be for covers, publicity, or just updated profile pics (he laughs). I’ve always been a fan of graffiti art, murals, paintings, etc. and photography is just my way of painting a picture. I learned photoshop so those basic skills came in handy when I bought my first camera the nikon D60. After, I shot and edited my first photo, It was magnetic, I had to have more. You can say it was more of a high or rush for me to get as creative and different as possible. I wanted display visual eye candy & give the idea that every picture can be better than the first, I was hooked instantly to being creative in music and photos. Chasing the dragon as they say.

3.Even though you currently reside in Las Vegas Nevada, we know the Duke City will always be where your heart is. What do you miss most about Abq when your away? What are your must haves and do's when you visit your homeland in NM? Duke City Is My HEART & SOUL. What I miss most about Albuquerque, NM is simply one thing, DIONS!! Haha jk nah I miss my fam and being in my home studio everyday andnight working on new music. I swear I wouldn’t eat until at least 2-3 songs were written and recorded then dions was the payout followed by a late night downtown with the homies. The New Mexican cuisine, the clouds, the sunsets, the aura of the city, the fans, and the love the people have for the land.

4. Who are some of your biggest inspirations and influences in your art of music? My biggest inspiration and influence is from GOD. Heaven knows I'm not a saint, and at some of my darkest moments when I was literally trying to destroy myself, I found a little bit of light and hope in that storm through prayer and faith. Religion is a touchy subject and I know everyone has their own beliefs. As for myself I feel I am directed and guided by the most high. On another note, I am a huge hip hop head. I grew up on shit like 2pac, biggie, Jay Z, Big L, Poor Righteous Teachers, Tribe Called Quest, Pharoahe Monch, Dr.dre, Eminem, Fugees, wu tang, busta rhymes, twista, do or die, etc. just to name a few. I like some of these new jacks too lol, but my biggest influence would have to be 2pac. I love his legacy, what he stood for; a symbol of hope and change, a revolutionary, with a militant state of mind to execute ideas as a free thinker. The contrary character from the thug to the poet. He in my opinion was/is a Leader. I also looked up to my older brother, another rapper known as Christilli.

5. Who do you want to collaborate with the most on your path to success in your music career? I’d like to collaborate with a lot of people based on different ideas and vibes, but in particular I think it would be dope to do a joint with Joey Badass. I dig that golden Era sound that he's bringing back to the game. His style, knowledge, metaphors, witty word play, and delivery are on point. I truly believe we could make a game changing anthem. Some smooth, soulful, solidified shit haha.

6. You recently went sober and gave up drinking which first, I want to congratulate you on, but how is this going to benefit you as a person, career, and most of all how do you feel all around? Yeah I did, and Thank you. I feel it’s not only beneficial to my life to be more aware of my surroundings and decisions, but on a professional level. I’m able to handle my business properly and assertively in this shark infested fish tank of an industry. I grew up around drug’s and alcohol. It's in my blood, and the reasons for my past albums DNA (queclever). I’ve hit rock bottom and lost control. I know what it’s like to suffer from alcohol, and now in modern day isn’t considered a problem. In fact it's glorified and promoted for profitable business, and business is good! I believe by taking this step in my life to better myself will keep me focused and at best reflect to my peer's that If I can do it especially, in Las Vegas, Nevada anyone can. Ask anyone who know’s me personally, I was a drinker and I was good at it! All in all I feel great. I’m moving forward and taking care of my personal life as well as my creative career. I am staying high on life.

7. I know you recently posted a music video that landed you a production contract, tell us your fans more about that...I put out a mixtape freestyle video for worldwide youtube channel team backpack. Of course, I posted it everywhere drawing the attention of different producers and such. One, in particular, stood out to me so I reached out to him. He was really feeling the flow and the song. We chopped it up a bit, which led to him offering me access to his entire archive of production. The rest is history and we are currently working on new shit. Really, I did it to let the my hometown and everyone know that I still got bars! On the real, from a battle perspective I wanted to separate myself from what I call the corny, sugar coated, candy ass wrap, weak ass mutha fuckers, (he laughs). Yes, I am very competitive in this lifestyle I’ve chose, but that’s hip hop.

8. What can we see in the future to come for Versatile Verse? Currently, I am working on two new video’s “M.F.G.O" from the new album "The Show Must Go On," and a new song titled "New Mexico.” Both are high quality and should have a country wide platform. Other than that you expect the most ridiculous, twisted, crazy, outlandish, slop in a bucket, mixture of vile and distorted ambience of chaos any human can imagine, no filter on these next projects. The gloves are off. - DC Magazine

"Straight from the Duke Music Success"

Born & raised in Albuquerque NM, or what most locals like to refer to as Duke City, A town full of culture and authenticity not to mention young aspiring artist's filled with drive, a little bit of hope and a limitless imagination.
As a kid growing up listening to groups like EPMD, Eric B. & Rakim, Run DMC etc. thanks to his older brother by the name of (Christyle) who verse says "I couldn't stop listening to what i was hearing through the paper thin sheet rock wall's, Up beat drum patterns mixed with melodic bass rhythm's and the MC's flow as if it was sewed to the beat. " His love for music was easily taking shape. Verse refer's to himself as a lover of all genre's of music not just "hip hop" in middle school he played Alto saxophone in the jazz band for 3 years till he quit due to a single minded teacher that he say's " took the fun out of it! " During that time is when verse began writing poetry and started composing standard format songs, 3 sixteen bar verse's with a catchy 8 bar hook/chorus. His older brother was already producing music with a label here in Albuquerque but was being taken advantage of so with help from there father they built a professional sound proof recording studio in there backyard under the title of City Of Dope Records.
Being around the music and recording sessions he was sure what he wanted to pursue, his older brother gave him the name "Versatile aka Verse." Now like any beginner in the game he certainly was not the best nor even close to considering his high pitched tone over a beat music but he never gave up and he never stopped progressing. He says " In high school we use to freestyle at lunch, in hallways during passing periods, sometimes even in class, where ever we could find time to form a huddled up circle and express ourselves we did it." Being kicked in and out of high school for multiple counts of drug possession, fighting, or simply just dis obeying the faculty it was hard for him to find balance in an educated environment. "I guess you could say i was the class clown, every time i got into trouble people would laugh at me, so i basically just embraced that feeling of embarrassment and internalized it!"
As he grew older he focused on developing his skills and building his craft spending day and night in the studio recording and writing anything and everything he came encounter with. before he was 21 years old he had already been in and out of jail numerous times for the crimes a usual 18 year old boy commits, Drinking under age, MIP, Evading police, DWI, Graffiti etc. Petty charges mostly but 15 to 20 of the those in a period of 3 months don't go well with the judge. he served a total of 3 years probation with 3 different probation officer's who he says " were not the type of people to give a guy a break! "
After finishing up with his legal issue's he was 23 years old and finally composed a full length album in 2009 titled "VERSATILITY" with the hit single Every Morning featuring Brad Lewis. Performing all over Albuquerque at places such as Sunshine Theatre, The Launch Pad, Elliot's Bar, State Fair Ground's, Convention center, Moon Light Lounge, Ned's, Community Centers, Parks, House Parties you name it, If there was a microphone and a system we were there! Verse has opened for big name acts such as Too $hort, Planet Asia, Kool Kieth, Mystical, Fat Joe, Baby Bash, & Cultura Fuerte a local band who verse says he highly respects!
In 2010 he began shooting his first music video to the song Every Morning which tremendously expanded his exposure, so he and fellow partner Gabe Baca took advantage of the media buzz and started producing on a larger scale making a huge impact on cinematography for Albuquerque NM in general. Through hardships and personal issue's such as close relations and peers, moving to california and back, verse came to a stopping point. Once again the fun had been taking from the music and real life had settled in, though like any artist that truly love's his passion quitting just isn't an option when you are fueled with inspiration like a fire burning in your soul.
In 2011 verse finished his second tape titled "DNA Drugs N' Alcohol" sharing some of the coldest and darkest periods of his life, expressing drug & alcohol addiction,
the falling out of child hood friends/girlfriend, spiritual warfare with self and the struggles and strife of everyday life. The Song "DNA" on the album is a graphic yet gut wrenching experience that portray's the feeling of the absolute bottom, nothing to lose. It describes the way drugs can effect your life not only physically but mentally and the consequence that lies behind these choices which result in disaster. He states that the drugs and alcohol are wrong but they continue calling his name meaning once you're involved they never let you go. The video and song is a masterpiece for this day and age and the world we live in today especially in Albuquerque!
2012 was a turning point releasing his 3rd tape "UpperClassmen". This album expresses the positive and hopeful mind state one's self tries to generate during a self destructive attitude with songs like Be Alright featuring Brad Lewis, Picture Perfect, Beautiful Day, Remember me, and Real Music. Of course there are still a few songs from the relentless side of verse that again have to be displayed to ensure the balance and indifference between the two. "Be Alright" Was a video Filmed/Edited/Recorded by verse in all black and white with creativity by using ink in water as a back round with a symmetrical touch to basically soothe the audience's mind.
In 2013 he released his latest album "DNA II Drugs N' Alcohol II" with the hit single "Get Away". The video is fast paced, entertaining and an exhilarating burst of excitement, filmed in Las Vegas and Albuquerque. All credits due to the creative mind behind the idea, himself. Verse filmed/recorded/edited/mixed this whole project by himself with the help of those close to him to this day verse says he finds inspiration from! Justin Gray aka J Gray fellow friend/artist is featured on 3 songs and as verse says " it ain't hard to tell" the connection these two have sharing rhythmatic rhyme schemes over hard hitting drums and bass. Once again DNAII reveals the feeling of never being able to escape the temptations of substance abuse but only this time it seems as if it is more of a choice to use rather than a suppressed vulnerability.

Currently Working on his new project with the debut song titled "Faded" verse says "Im very excited to see where this takes me not only in my art but in my life. I have torn down every boundary and wall inside my mind stopping me from taking risks or making decisions and i am progressively moving forward with my music as a whole... Sky Ain't Even The Limit! " - DukeCityMagazine


2009- Versatility
2011- DNA Drugs N' Alcohol
2012- Upperclassmen 
2013- DNA Drugs N' Alcohol II
2014- DNA Drugs N' Alcohol 2.5

2015- The Show Must Go On



Hip Hop/Rap Artist born and raised in Albuquerque NM, (DUKECITY) Versatile Verse has been performing since age 14. Highly influenced by his older brother, Christilli, also a hip hop artist. Versatile Verse, a lover of all genres of music and instruments, started making beats. It was only a matter of time before he began rapping over those beats and receiving the name Versatile for his multi-talents. Shortly after, Verse was opening for well known artists including: Baby Bash, 2 short, Fat Joe, Mystical, Planet Asia, Kool Keith, Lil Debbie, V Nasty, Horseshoe Gang, and Rittz. In addition, he has put on several of his own shows gathering crowds up to 500 fans. He is a local hip hop legend in Albuquerque, NM looking to expand his talents and influence the world with his music. 

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