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Glendale, California, United States

Glendale, California, United States
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Vinita Drops Whatchu Want"

It's not every day that we come across a South Asian talent in the U.S., but it is definitely a growing trend. With powerhouses like Bohemia based on the west and DJ Rekha on the east, there is more talent than we acknowledge. Today, we introduce you to the America Desi Vinita as she has recently released her single "Whatchu Want" and shows no signs of coasting along!

Described as "exotic, mysterious, and powerful," Vinita has steadily been building up her music catalog for the masses over two years. Her early success came with her song "Going Under" featuring BWills. With claims of being the #17 most watched musician in India, #3 in Sweden and #24 in Brazil, Vinita has caught the attention of quite a few with this release. -


Vinita recently signed with a label, AMG Management [acronym for Artest Media Group ] , whereby label is releasing his newest single, with which you want to change the focus of their productions to the public electronic music. Check out: -

"Pardon The Introduction"

Catherine Ouellette is the glam DJ known for spinning “invite-only” events thrown by VIP’s like Calvin Klein, Justin Timberlake and Diddy. Now, Ouellette is ready to evolve her DJ name, SynCity, and start billing as a beat-maker and production force. She's offered up remixes for Miguel’s “Adorn” (Catherine Ouellette x Shammy D Remix) and Vinita’s "Take Me For One Night", as well as "Last Name" an original record by Ouellette, Chad Dexter and Matthew John Kurz, for a "VIBE" EP sample platter. Listen up, then learn about the femme producer's who advises never "take anybody's advice". Tell Us: Will this SynCity gal reign? -

"Exclusive Interview with OMG-Vinita!"

We got a chance to sit down with a beautiful artist from L.A who is signed to a major label run by Ron Artest and she’s Indian! Trust me you need to check this interview out! Like, OMG! Yes her name is Vinita! Exotic, mysterious and powerful are just a few words to describe this talented Indian-American singer-songwriter. Vinita is paving the way for the South Asian community. According to YouTube, her single “Going Under” featuring cameos by Interscope Artist Lil Playy and Actress Taryn Manning,was voted #17 most watched musician YouTube video in India, #3 in Sweden and #24 in Brazil. This single was off her 2010 E.P. titled “Popular Science.”

After 2 years signed to an independent record label, she is currently signed under AMG Management. In early 2012, Vinita released her single, “Take Me For One Night” ft. Mann (“Buzzin” ft. 50 Cent) which was a huge success on the UK and Bermuda radio charts. Geared to take off in 2013 with her single “Whatchu Want” (available on iTunes and Amazon), her current project is a Remix E.P. from DJs around the world. We got a chance to sit down with her and ask her about how she got into singing. Check out our interview with Vinita!

UA: Hello Vinita! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where you are from and your background?

Vinita: I was born and raised in Los Angeles but the parental units are from India. I am a straight up confused desi. I am obsessed with music, fitness and animals. I do several impersonations and if you hang with me, there is never a dull moment.

UA: What kind of music do you enjoy singing?

Vinita: Pop and R&B. You might catch me singing ballads to the mailman or spitting ridiculous raps to the nail salon lady.

UA:Were you inspired by a musical artist that got you to start singing? Did you take any lessons before? Singing lessons?

Vinita: I might be a little obsessed with glam-diva Mariah Carey for many reasons. As a lonely Indian child, I spent many years locked up in my room listening to her albums, imitating her. I never had any vocal training, just Mariah. Her lyrics inspire me till this day. (I think my dad’s mom’s sister’s grandmother’s cat’s cousin sang professionally and I think I got it from her.) My favorite song of hers is called “Make It Happen.” I absolutely love her diva moments and I may have picked some up myself.

UA:What inspires you to write music?

Vinita : Samosas. Just kidding. I get my inspiration from things people are NOT doing. I am always thinking outside the box. I do write all my music. I think it’s important for artists to do that, because it channels who they are as an artist. -


2010-Album-"Popular Science"
-Gonna Love You
-Up In Here

2011-Single-"Going Under"

2012- Single-"Take Me for One Night" ft. Mann (UK BBC Radio 7 months, Bermuda & Phillipines 5-6 months air time)

2013- Single-"Whatchu Want" (iTunes)
2013- Album- "Whatchu Want Remixes" (iTunes)



Exotic, mysterious, and one-of-a-kind is just the tip of the iceberg when describing this talented Indian-American singer-songwriter, Vinita. She is paving the way for the South Asian community by hanging up her stethoscope and picking up a microphone to break the mold. Raised by an Indian father and Singaporean mother, she grew up in Los Angeles. Her upbeat style of pop music and soulful sound are inspiring and resonates with a sense of originality and creativity that has won her recognition amongst notable DJs around the world.

According to YouTube, her single Going Under was voted #17 most watched musician YouTube video in India, #3 in Sweden and #24 in Brazil. Vinita was also featured along with Jim Jones, The Game, and Tech N9ne in Metta World Peaces Passion Mixtape. In early 2012, Vinita released her single, Take Me For One Night ft. Mann (Buzzin ft. 50 Cent), which was a huge success on the UK and Bermuda radio charts. Her next single, Whatchu Want (available on iTunes and Amazon) was released 2013 and has been remixed by DJs around the world on the Remix E.P. The music video for Whatchu Want caught the attention of E! News executives and aired nationally for three days on the network.

Vinita has just completed a West Hollywood Club Tour performing in notable venues such as The Abbey, Viper Room, Tigerheat, and Rage. During her tour , she was invited to perform at gay pride festivals in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orange County, and Long Beach with up to 10,000 people in attendance. Her performances inspired blog posts that created a buzz in the gay community, winning over fans including Rupauls Drag Race contestants Raven and Morgan McMichaels who have performed her single nation-wide.

Vinitas current project titled Gem and I was released on November 19th, 2013. The album showcases the different sides of this deeply reflective artist with songs that are sexy, witty, and relatable. Her lyrics are inspired by her interpretation of what it means to be attractive in todays society and how intelligence can often be overlooked. Gem and I focuses on how precious her fans are to her and that everyone has the potential to shine. According to friend Metta World Peace, She inspires people and will achieve anything she puts her mind to. Her future is bright. Vinita continues to write and has a college tour lined up and hopes to spread the message of Gem and I.

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