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Freehold, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Freehold, New Jersey, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"Live Review: Wake Up Paradise Perform for CMJ Music Marathon @ Sullivan Hall"

It’s rare when all members of the band come together to really put on a show. The 15th of October was one of those rare occasions. I was invited to Sullivan Hall for a CMJ Showcase by New Jersey’s Wake Up Paradise, and having listened to the tracks on their Soundcloud repeatedly, I was excited to watch them in action.

Before the gig, I interviewed the band and you’ll be able to catch that online as soon as it is done being edited.

It was almost a grave injustice that a band with such a larger than life aura was playing for a relatively short amount of time, at a small venue and for a bit of a lackluster, small crowd to be honest. But the music dazzled and in that sense, more than made up for it.

The first track – a new one – opens their set and the band on stage previously is almost instantly a foggy memory. Tim’s vocal fills the room and to my surprise – seeing as Sal’s guitar is so loud – rises, crystal clear, above the band’s playing. The guitar solos are electric, the bass lines rumble in your chest and the drumming is wild.

Spending excessive time to describe and pay compliment to each member and his abilities would be senseless as they all came together to form a new and unified musical entity. They embodied the chemistry and camaraderie that make them who they are as Wake Up Paradise – a strongly structured, well oiled engine.

A balanced blend of old and new – everything that came out of those amps was indication of a band on the rise.

Be sure to catch them when they’re in your area.

And follow them on Soundcloud to keep up with their releases!

A new record is on the way for 2014…

Stay tuned. - Rock'N'Roll In My Soul

"Wake Up Paradise "Hits the Ground""

Wake Up Paradise is a four-piece rock group from Central New Jersey with something to say, and that something is…WAKE UP! Listen to their debut single, ‘’Hits The Ground’’, and you will get the message loud and clear. Born in the 80’s and raised in the 90’s, these young men have lived through mankind’s most exciting times and has seen this world go through some major milestones and setbacks. Roger Wuy(Drums), Sal Brisindi(Guitar), and Lou Acerra(Basss) have merged their respective instruments together to create a distinct, yet very accessible sound that showcases influences from alternative rock to jazz and hip hop. All of which is topped off and held together with catchy pop/rock melodies delivered by Tim Montalvo’s(Vocals) strong, yet soulful voice. Shaped by their favorite childhood tunes and the desire to help change the world, Wake Up Paradise has created a fun, upbeat, soulfully energetic rock sound that is sure to stick in your head and leave you wanting more. Keep an ear out for these guys. It shouldn’t be too hard…they have a bullhorn. WUP! WUP! - Traphic Magazine


With an impending e.p. “Love.Faith.Wealth.War” and their single “Hits The Ground” already garnering the band attention, WUP is ready to take on the masses.

Skope: First, the name… what does it mean to you guys?

Wake Up Paradise: Basically, our name is our mission. We want to Wake Up Paradise. This world is our paradise. Or at least, it can be. We as human beings have lost our way. And it’s not “his” fault, or “her” fault, or “they’re” fault. We are all to blame for ruining this paradise. However, it is possible for all of us to save paradise. All we want to do with our music is to make people aware of that.

Skope: The single “Hits The Ground” is grounded in funk, with maybe a little Incubus and pop rock thrown in for good measure. What’s the song about and who’s influenced your sound?

WUP: “Hits The Ground” is about everything that we, as individuals and as a band, are fed up with. As children we are told how the world works, but then we grow up and realize that the world doesn’t work that way. Well, we think it should and it can. We just can’t be afraid to talk about it. The sound of the song, however, gives you the complete opposite feeling during your first listen. Which is basically what we tried to do. We wanted to pull listeners in with our pop sound, while still sending an important message. We also try and give out an old school rock feel, to show that we respect our roots. All of us being born in the 80's and raised in the 90's, you can imagine the wide variety of artists that influence us individually and as a band. Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Backstreet BoysÉand yes, Incubus. Just to name a few.

Skope: Being based in New Jersey, is there a strong scene for your type of music and what other bands do you guys support locally?

WUP: Given our type of music and the fact that we are “old souls”, there isn’t as strong a scene for us as we would like. In Jersey, you’re either a pop/punk band, hardcore band, or a DJ. Don’t get us wrong, we love Jersey and have plenty of friends in bands, playing all types of music, but I wouldn’t say we’ve found our “buddy band” yet. However, we are looking. So, if you know any, let us know. ; )

Skope: With more and more bands taking the independent route instead of looking for deals, what are the advantages in your opinion?

WUP: If you do it right, the DIY route can pay off financially and artistically. With no one to pay or satisfy but yourselves, the possibilities are endless. With internet radio, blogs, webzines etc., there are hundreds of ways to get your music heard. You just have to find them.

Skope: Do you think the music industry will ever become the behemoth it once was if it adapts to new mediums and business models?

WUP: The music industry has no choice but to adapt to how people are creating and accessing music today. As far as the actual music that is being pushed and marketed, there is always room for more music.

Skope: Back to the e.p. “Love.Faith.Wealth.War”, what can we expect to hear on the rest of it? How much musical landscape do you guys eschew?

WUP: You can definitely expect some rock and roll! That being said, our pop, soul, jazz, and hip hop influences do come out throughout the album. Tim’s unique pop/soul vocal style is what makes all of the songs uniform and ensures the listener always knows that they’re listening to WUP.

Skope: I read that you’re doing short sets of tour dates mostly in the Tri-State area, any plans on cross country after the release?

WUP: Yes, we are playing some local shows to try and build some buzz to promote the EP. As far as a cross country outing goes, let’s just say, we are hoping our Winter will be very exciting.

Skope: How has live performing helped your band? Are you a ‘must see’ live band or more of a studio operation?

WUP: Performing live always helps. Tim and Roger have been in bands together for years, so you can count on them to satisfy the “must see” aspect of the performance. Then again, even though they are rather new to performing live, be sure to keep an eye on Lou and Sal. They tend to pull a trick or two out of their sleeves once in a while. We actually took specific steps to ensure that our recorded songs have a very raw and natural sound. So, what you hear on the album is what you hear live and vice versa. We can only play our hardest and hope the people feel the same.

Skope: Are any of you guys in college? And speaking of college, any radio support among college airwaves?

WUP: None of us are in college. College airwaves are our first stop once we get this EP finished. They tend to prefer physical copies.

Skope: Any shout outs or last words?

WUP: Don’t talk about it. Be about it. WUP! WUP!

Wake Up Paradise on Facebook for more info @ http://facebook.com/WakeUpParadise and be sure you check out the new single “Hits The Ground” out now! - Douglas Garnett // SkopeMag.com

"Exclusive Featured Interview"

Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
With the exception of Lou, who was born in Staten Island, we are all Jersey boys. Born in the 80's and raised in the 90's. Tim and Roger have been in a number of different bands together since the age of sixteen. While in those bands, Roger and Lou met in a music theory class in Howell High School as Tim and Sal met in Freehold High School. Some years later, through mutual friends Sal and Roger met.

After everyone more or less going their separate ways and carrying on with their own lives, Sal ironically responded to Roger’s Facebook post about starting a new band. Roger, at the time, had no idea Sal even played guitar. They jammed a few times and continued posting online in search of members. Lou responded, followed by Tim, and the brainchild, Wake Up Paradise, was born.

What do you have coming up? What are some of the new projects we can expect to see?
Our debut EP, Love. Faith. Wealth. War., is scheduled to drop this July, along with t-shirts and some other fun merch. In the meantime, we have been rehearsing and playing some local shows around the Tri-State area to get the buzz going in support of the release. Our current gameplan right now is writing, recording, and touring by this Winter.

Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone.
Hits The Ground is the first single off our debut EP. The song originally came about on a Saturday night in Roger’s backyard while jamming acoustic style around a fire. Roger started rapping, Tim laid down a hook, and we all looked at each other like, “Yea, this needs to be a song!” After a while of trying to become more of an acoustic project we decided that the song’s message had a stronger delivery and more honest feel as a full band. That message is, wake up! We all need to change the world.

How does your music separate yourself from other artists and bands out there?
We have an old school classic rock vibe about us that we think is really refreshing. Having said that, Tim’s soul/pop vocal style, along with our other personal influences, like hip-hop, indie-rock, neo-soul, and jazz seem to keep our sound relevant with what’s prevalent in the music scene today.

We take the messages we try to get out very serious, but don’t see any reason why we can’t express them in a fun-loving, “living it up” kind of way. Which is why we like to think of ourselves as something for everyone. With other themes like love, self-preservation, and partying we try to write songs that you can dance to, rock out to, or appreciate musically. All while still wanting to sing along. Our goal is to better the world. To do that you have to reach the world. Our blend of fun, honesty, attention to detail, transparency, and sincerity are what we are banking on to do that.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
One of the hardest challenges was definitely finding the right people to make music with. A lot of elements go into making a good and functional band. It’s not always just about finding guys who can play. Respect, personality, dedication, and being on the same page go a lot further than raw talent or having really expensive gear. It took us years to figure out that we were meant to be in a band together and such close friends, but it was time worth waiting.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
For Tim and Roger, it was definitely when their last band Love Isla broke up. It was something they both put a lot of energy, time, money, and work into and had actually started to make some serious progress. To see it just fade away, especially this late in the game, forced them to even doubt ever starting another band.

After starting WUP, some of the setbacks became relatable to all of us on different levels. Lou, originally being a solo jazz musician, Tim and Roger’s bitter taste from the past, and Sal being in his first band ever were all contributing factors in having to put differences aside and set our sights on the bigger picture. We had to work as a team, let each individual take the lead at what they were best at, and most of all, develop trust.

Developing trust in anyone is hard enough, let alone three other dudes who all seem to have their own “vision.” Getting on the same page, respecting different personalities, and functioning as a team took a little longer because of our respective backgrounds, but as soon as we worked out all the kinks, we don’t feel like slowing down any time soon.

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
Being caught up in the moment. It’s easy at times to want to just go ape shit and throw everything you have at one song. But remember, being in a band is like playing a team sport. It’s about the song, the message, the music – not your chops or ego. Even if you’re not in a band, music is about collaboration and connection. If yo - Warped Magazine

"Wake Up Paradise, We Need More"

What is there to do in Central New Jersey? Well we could all let you in on what there is to do near the shore because that state has hit an all-time low thanks to MTV in recent years. Thankfully, that boat is sailing out to the Atlantic and might be a distant memory soon. People forgot that Jersey has been the home of some of the greatest musical acts for a long time, from Bon Jovi to the now defunct My Chemical Romance (do not hate, their albums are top notch). Now I am here to introduce you to a band that goes by the name Wake Up Paradise. The four men that make up Wake Up Paradise cohesively come together to make a sound that is the result of mixing together rock and pop with an angelic set of pipes. Okay, do not go thinking that Tim sounds like Mariah Carey. He is more like is Jason Mraz turned it up a notch and ditched the Vh1 crowd. When I listened to Tim’s rapid, yet pleasing delivery in Hits The Ground, Mraz was all I could compare him to in my head. Oh yes, Hits The Ground. That is the name of the only musical bite they Wake Up Paradise is giving up to nibble on when it comes to their Facebook. Are they hard at work on more music? Fans of pop rock better hope so. If you like bands that have a rock base, but are able to make you sway in a way that you might if you were say…watching This Century, then do yourself a favor and check these Jersey boys out. (https://www.facebook.com/WakeUpParadise) - Kendra Beltran // Bandblurb.com

"Hits the Ground by Wake Up Paradise"

The Central New Jersey group Wake Up Paradise combines a feel-good sound with an impassioned message to create this catchy song that is impossible to listen to just once. - EinsteinWasWrong.net

"Wake Up and Get Hip"

Wake up Paradise is a Pop/Rock group from New Jersey with a dynamic sound! The band includes Tim, Sal, Roger and Lou! There latest track “Hits the Ground,” is a perfect way to start your day, it tells listeners to live life to the fullest and learn to accept reality. This upbeat, energetic track has a positive message with a great vibe and after one listen the hook is gonna get stuck in your head! Tim is the group’s vocalist and I just can’t get enough of him singing “Your alive,” Check it out and thank me later because your gonna love it!

Its real..Its pop…Its rock…Its true! Wake Up and get hip. - Erion Rose // Cataplay.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Wake Up Paradise is a four-piece rock group from Central New Jersey with something to say, and that something is...WAKE UP! Listen to their debut single, "Hits The Ground", and you will get the message loud and clear.

Roger, Sal, and Lou have merged their respective instruments together to create a distinct, yet very accessible sound that showcases influences from alternative rock to jazz and hip hop. Which is then topped off and held together with Tim's strong, yet soulfully clean vocals. Born in the 80's and raised in the 90's, these young men have lived through mankind's most exciting times and has seen this world go through some major milestones and setbacks.

Shaped by their favorite childhood tunes and the desire to help change the world, Wake Up Paradise has created a fun, upbeat, soulfully energetic rock sound that is sure to stick in your head and leave you wanting more. Keep an ear out for these guys. It shouldn't be too hard...they have a bullhorn. WUP! WUP!

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