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Jersey City, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Listen: weatherPROOF - "Dirty Naturals" Album"

New Jersey underdogs weatherPROOF just dropped their latest album, featuring guest appearances from Ras Kass, Louis Logic, and more. The production on the album is diverse and balances between mellow reggae, throwback boom bap vibes and introspective lyrics all provided from the grimy, raspy voices of emcee's Remsa and Event.

The album sounds like a mix of Atmosphere and the Outsidaz with the voice of RA the Rugged Man at times, but with the more "grown man" content and self-aware subject matter. You can tell they don't try to ape the trends of the over-produced, current radio tracks and wanted to make a solid album from front to back that you can throw on and listen to all the way through. Stand out tracks to me are "Blue School" and "Inspiration".

Check it out and support some of the underdogs from "Dirty Jersey". - The Double Truth - by Luv Jonez

"weatherPROOF Dirty Naturals"

UnsungHipHop.Com would like to recognize weatherPROOF a HipHop duo out of Jersey who have been doing their thing since 2007. The members Remsa and Event are founders of which is a pretty cool site..They released their first album "Metropolis" in March of 2009. "Dirty Naturals" is weatherPROOF's sophomore album which features guest appearances from the legendary Ras Kass, Louis Logic, Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars, The Inscrypshun and Sam Doom. Production is credited by Mr Concept (UK), Entity, Wizard (UK), Boy of Summer and The Muse-Ack. These guys are no joke lyrically and I feel embarrassed that I never heard of them before. But better late than never, so enough talk go checkout the visuals to their new single "Yellow Brick Road" off the Dirty Naturals album it goes H.A.M. - - Ritch Blackman

"weatherPROOF Dirty Naturals - Track by Track Review"

Bryan Scheiner operates the inspirational culture preserving hip-hop website known as TheBeeShine. I actually interviewed Bryan last year.

Dirty Naturals highlights the rhyme skills of Bryan Scheiner fka Event and his rhyming comrade Remsa (together they form weatherPROOF). The two New Jersey based hip-hop artists serve up hip-hop with a classic feel.

The album features West Coast luminary Ras Kass, underground legend Louis Logic, Sam Doom and more.

weatherPROOF does not blow you away with intricate rhyme schemes or complex metaphors. They DO excel at collaborating with one another. The chemistry is definitely evident on this album.

I decided to provide a track by track review of Dirty Naturals. You can check out Dirty Naturals on Bandcamp. You can listen to the album while reading the review as well.

Dirty Naturals - The talented duo attacks the calm production on "Dirty Naturals" with ease. Remsa, the bass heavy emcee, states that "hip-hop is my religion." Event, the higher pitched emcee cleverly rhymes that they "keep ourselves grounded, covered in dirt."

Cult Classic (feat. Ras Kass) - "Cult Classic" is the first collaborative track on the album. weatherPROOF share the spotlight with West Coast legend Ras Kass. Ras Kass spits true bombs as he suggests that "dog, I know that I'm one of the best/ the problem is that rap turned into a popularity contest."

Event provides a stellar third verse to conclude a dope track. This track is replay worthy!

Yellow Brick Road - Yes sir...the track opens with some dope scratching and Remsa shares some introspective rhymes on the first verse. Event rips his verse to shreds, love the rhyme scheme and the passion in his voice. This track definitely needed a video and well you can catch it below (love the vintage feel of the video as well).

Conscious - Another introspective gem from weatherPROOF. Something definitely stands out so far...Event is the better technical emcee yet Remsa has the better voice. This is evident on the third verse as both emcees spit 8 bars a piece.

Truth Be Told - The thing that I like about Remsa is that he reminds me of RA the Rugged Man voice wise. I like the reggae influenced production on "Truth Be Told", I believe that Concept was responsible for this beat. Event states that weatherPROOF doesn't "write songs, we experience life/ we write till we feel the experience twice."

Seasons (feat. Louis Logic, Andrew Lonardo) - Remsa and Event perform well on this collaborative track with Louis Logic. Remsa reflects about summertime events and car rides while Event talks about the specifics of certain seasons. Yes I said it Louis freaking Logic. He picks up the track and bodyslams it haha. Louis Logic presents a verse filled with imagery. Louis Logic delivers a quotable verse yet these lines stick out, "achieving your goals to challenge, which isn't too much to do if you got soul and talent."

Andrew Lonardo adds a lovely vocal addition towards the end of the track.

Blue School (feat. The Inscrypshun) - Dope track, everybody flexes well on this track. The production is really stellar and I actually love the guest verse from The Inscrypshun. Event drops a strong line, "nowadays they find rappers straight out the Boondocks."

Break the Mold - Whew the production for "Break the Mold" is sick! Loving the beats on this project. The chemistry shines once again between Remsa and Event. Nice work!

Riff Raff (feat. Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars) - Another stellar collab! Whew love the international connection with Orifice Vulgatron of The Foreign Beggars. This track is slick. Check it out and let me know if you feel the same.

Everything (feat. Sam Doom) - Every album has to have a slick track dedicated towards goals and dreams. "Everything" is that track. Sam Doom is a nice addition to the track as evidenced by his careful and playful delivery.

Inspiration - Great way to close the album. "Inspiration" showcases the strength of this album (the production). The actual rhyming is not bad yet Event in my opinion is the better rhymer. Not saying that Remsa is the Big Pooh to Event's Phonte, just saying that the differences are noticeable. Remsa sums up his simplistic yet effective style on "Inspiration" with this line, "it is the essence of the old school flow you know." - - Earl McNease

"Rainy days and roach clips on weatherPROOF’s Dirty Naturals"

Rap has a weird relationship with the past. Anything older than a year or two is no longer “hot” and relegated to throwback status, yet there’s no shortage of canonization campaigns for every style, region, and eras respective major figures. Hip-hop was supposed to be an irreverent genre all about skill and creating wild new styles, but the genre has struggled with its own past since its teens. Rap’s elder statesmen get all the retrospective love and tribute they deserve, despite the irony that many of their careers stalled or were confined to age-specific niches because what they did was no longer in vogue (even if they could still produce their style of rap with workmanlike efficiency).

So imagine how weird the landscape seems in an era where you can get with this (futuristic cloud rap, electronica-influenced hip-hop, post-Luger trap, queer rap) or you could get with that (90s rap revival). Geek out for a second and picture a geometric line; rap is pushing in two different directions, with the middle segment being 2000s-style rap which is both terribly out of style and too recent to really stir nostalgia. One of the best benefits of the connectivity and meme-fixation of the internet is that everything that can be scrutinized, will be, leading to a kind of rose-colored archaeological fascination with the recent past. The future is scary and hard to figure out, while the past is done and readily available to interpret and make assessments about. In light of this, cultural and artistic curios that may have been un- or under-appreciated at the time are now being re-envisioned, which, for throwback-oriented MCs who’ve been mining the style for a while, this is kind of a boon. 90s rap – especially the headphone-centric LPs of the underground – were warm, immersive records. It’s an inherently introverted style of music within an extrovert’s genre, one who’s dedication to jazzy, smoky samples and hard drums has re-captured the minds of a generation of younger listeners who share the same desires to get high and just zone out. In that vein, weatherPROOF‘s Dirty Naturals is definitely a timely LP.

weatherPROOF is the duo of Remsa and Event (known to some as Bryan of The BeeShine). Repping New Jersey, the two MCs produce unabashedly 90s-indebted rap that taps into the small-space whist of the era. Like most consciously “hip-hop” records, Dirty Naturals often raps about rap with a practitioner’s devotion, mixing testimonial verses about its power with detailed Jersey-specific descriptions and tales of struggle. 4th-wall breaking raps about your group are a dice roll when you’re still on the come-up, but weatherPROOF are earnest and likable enough that it doesn’t hinder what is majorly an impeccably-produced boom-bap record that captures the laid-back cypher feel of the early-to-mid 90s. Sporting productions from Mr Concept, Entity, Wizard, Boy of Summer, and The Muse-Ack, Dirty Naturals is a remarkably consistent record; a mix of mellow instrumentals and dirty drums that pays off especially well on the R&B throwback Rass Kass feature, “Cult Classic”.

Dirty Naturals, also featuring guest verses from Louis Logic, Andrew Lonardo and Orifice Vulgatron, is available for free download. Check below for the album stream via Bandcamp and a clip for the first video from the LP, “Yellow Brick Road”. - - Christopher Alley


Event - The First Event (solo album; 2006)
weatherPROOF - Metropolis (full length album, March 2009)
weatherPROOF - Dirty Naturals (full length album, January 2013)
Remsa x Boston Beatdown - Your Special Way (full length album, June 2015)



To listen to weatherPROOF's music, visit

weatherPROOF has performed live at the following venues:

2007 Vans Warped Tour, Hot Topic Kevin Says Stage
Cousin Larry's, Danbury, CT
Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE
The Cameo, Orlando, FL
The All Call Inn, Trenton, NJ
Bloomfield Avenue Cafe, Bloomfield, NJ
The Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ
Hamilton Lanes, Hamilton, NJ
Hot Topic (In-store performance), Moorestown, NJ
Hot Topic (In-store performance), Cherry Hill, NJ
Hot Topic (In-store performance), Princeton, NJ
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
The Rathskeller, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ
Student Center Ballroom at Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ
The Charleston, Brooklyn, NY
The Electric Company, Utica, NY
Fat Baby Bar, New York, NY
The Knitting Factory, New York, NY
La Vidal, Syracuse, New York, NY
The Third Rail, Brooklyn, NY
Salisbury State University, Salisbury, MD
The Auditorium, Penn State University, College Park, PA
The Baroque, Philadelphia, PA
Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA
The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA
Medusa Lounge, Philadelphia, PA
The Note, West Chester, PA
Pubb Webb (Temple University), Philadelphia, PA
The Raven Lounge, Philadelphia, PA
Tom and Jerry's, West Chester, PA
The Tritone, Philadelphia, PA
Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

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