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Weird With Cats

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Rock




"Spotlight Marvest: Weird With Cats"

Weird With Cats
Friday Sept 15, 2017 – 11:30 PM – Clocktower Brew Pub (575 Bank St)

What was your reaction to the news you’d be a part of Marvest and who was the first person you told?

Matt Francis (Vocals/Guitar): I was super stoked of course! I’ve been going to folkfest for years so to be a part of it in anyway is awesome. And I told my parents first as I was at their place for dinner when I found out.

Vibol Him(Guitar): I was ecstatic to learn we were accepted into Marvest. This is something I’ve wanted to play for a while and I’m glad we’re finally able to do it. The first person I told was my partner.

Dean VanDorsselaer (Bass): Over the moon. It’s a feeling of accomplishment. It’s an opportunity we’re all grateful for and we look forward to performing to a lot of new faces and having an amazing time.

Jared Burns (Drums): I was super pumped. We had been working at this for a few years now, and with a setback last year, it was nice to finally be able to be part of the lineup. The first person I told was actually a co-worker of mine.

Please describe your sound.

Matt: A messy garage rock attack on the simple act of story telling.

Vibol: We span a variety of different sounds but can be loosely described as folk rock. There are a lot of different influences in the band and I think they can all be heard throughout all of the songs we play.

Dean: We look at our music from different angles. We shift from upbeat to soft melody depending on your mood.

Jared: A heavy hitting, rhythm packed, clean, smooth blend of rock, pop, and punk.

How did you get started on your musical journey?

Matt: I had an urge to play in a band for years, it finally happened when I wasn’t even looking for it. Much like a love story.

Vibol: It’s actually the stereotypical guitarist story for me: I heard Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing for the first time and it absolutely floored me. I didn’t know that kind of emotion could be portrayed through guitar and that’s what got me hooked.

Dean: I grew up in a town where you had to make your fun. We turned to instruments and made noise. We taught ourselves and learned from each other. We played shows for friends and parties and honed our skills. Weird With Cats was born in Algonquin college when 2 students put together a little EP. I just kind of let myself in as their bass player. Soon after through ups and downs… We found ourselves as a four piece and continue to have fun.

Jared: I started playing drums on shoe boxes in my kitchen when I was a kid until my parents were able to get me a kit. I remember playing along to Offspring Smash over and over. That album really helped me perfect my skills and introduce me to a much broader range of music.

What can music fans expect from your show? Will you be playing or releasing any new music?

Matt: We hit the stage hard and we don’t stop. You will definitely hear a bunch of stuff you’ve never heard.

Vibol: They can definitely expect an upbeat show with awesome fun music you can really groove to. We definitely have new music and are working on getting it out there at the moment.

Dean: We’re looking to get back in the studio before the end of this month. We’re hoping to release another EP getting close to the New Year and finish our full length in the New Year.

Jared: I think they can expect some new tunes that many have not heard, and the same stage presence and banter that WWC is known for. We are working on releasing new music by the end of 2017. We have a number of new songs, just a matter of getting into the studio to get them down.

What artists are you hoping to catch during this year’s Cityfolk and Marvest?

Matt: Marvest- Tariq Anwar is one of my best friends and one of the best in the city. Make sure you catch both his sets!
Folkfest- Father John Misty might be the best thing I’ve heard in years. Can’t wait!

Vibol: The entire lineup is great, but I’m really hoping to see Broken Social Scene and Ghostly Hounds this year.

Dean: Tariq Anwar is a close friend of ours and we always look forward to seeing him perform.
Here’s the thing… All these Artists are worth your time. Every single one of them. Every artist on this bill has worked hard, and deserve a chance to be heard. Whoever you may end up seeing you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time. In a perfect world… We’d see them all.

Jared: Broken Social Scene, Tariq Anwar, Graven. - Spotlight Ottawa

"Pokey Lafarge Live at Ritual"

"Weird With Cats
Stage presence: 6/10
Image: 5/10
Musical Ability: 8/10
Originality: 8/10
Crowd Reaction: 7/10

The most surprising act of the night was local band Weird With Cats. Following the last band, seeing a group in casual wear seemed to suggest something simpler and maybe even an acoustic set. Even as they started their set things seemed to be headed in a lighter direction until their first song switched into a heavier rock sound that got the whole crowd jumping. My only real critique is the electric guitarist drowned out the band and for a considerably lighter night, was a tad too loud, given the rest of the night didn’t risk hearing loss. To the band’s credit though, I’ve never seen a mandolin player shredding quite as hard.

The band’s dynamic and diverse set never let things get dull. Songs like “Annie’s Ghost” mixed in catchy song writing with a great crowd song. The band’s heavier sound made for some great rocking out and near moshing moments, and their drummer’s killer fills really kept the energy going. But it was the song “I Really Like You” that elevated their set to something memorable. Dedicating to a couple in the front row the band got the whole crowd singing along instantly and won everyone over with a simple little love song whose chorus begs to be sang again and again." - The Scene Magazine

"Up and Coming Bands"

Taken from article published on Feb 24, 2015:

"Weird With Cats: This local folk-rock band just played their first show in nine months.Weird With Cats formed in 2011. Both of their EPs, What She Wants Me To See and Yah Ra Hooray are available to download for free at ." - Metro

"What She Wants Me To See EP - Review"

Weird With Cats: “What She Wants Me to See” Something Very Warm and Welcoming

Posted By: Rick Jamm Posted date: May 18, 2013

Coming from the same program at Algonquin College, Andrew and Matt decided to form a band. At first the band was meant to be a six piece blues band. Eventually they said “F that, let’s be an alternative folk duo.” They clearly had trust issues. That’s when Weird With Cats was born. Today they are joined by Benjamin, Dean, and Jared to become a folky quintet.

The Weird With Cats’ album What She Wants Me to See, is a stream of lush, jangly acoustic folk-pop, edged with a dash of baroque and alternative-rock. It is an excellent introduction to the rough-edged grandeur, glorious instrumentation and vivid lyricism of this band.

There’s something very warm and welcoming about the Weird With Cats’ music, and there’s hardly a song on this album that doesn’t contains that warmth. Even the bittersweet songs which focus on personal and human issues have a strong feeling of soothing beauty.

The band stand midway between Jack Johnson and The Lumineers. Their songs are wrapped in lush melodies of striking music, which happily swirl together folk, classic earthy pop, and a bit of roots rock in an almost live setting. The acoustic guitar is the lead instrument here; sometimes it’s right up-front, and sometimes it’s intertwined with a smooth mix of other instruments; percussion, banjo, uke, and a hint of the electric guitar being plucked and strummed somewhere.

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Eccentric and familiar at the same time; What She Wants Me to See is nothing short of spellbinding. The album packs a futuristic vintage punch, while Matthew Francis’ voice is always in reverberating eloquence, and the band’s playing constitutes the very same greatness. The music is full of a mystical, graceful and invigoratingly spun tales.

Five tracks of which “We Are Men (But Call Us Fools)” and “Converted to Nothing” featuring Pina Capuano, stand tall, head and shoulders above the rest. But besides the usual verses/choruses, there are instrumental and vocal interludes during the songs, which sound like events in themselves. They’re usually melancholy and mysterious, and sometimes suspenseful, but always well timed; adding yet another dimension to their musical arrangements.

Lyrically, Weird With Cats frequently create a spellbinding and spiritualistic effect. The music is absolutely listenable and deeply enjoyable and somehow makes you feel like you’re sharing in something quite special. This 5-piece band exists in a space that is simultaneously otherworldly and tangible, organic and ethereal. And if you attempt to specifically pin down exactly who it is you are hearing in their sound, your list will just grow longer and longer.

Overall, What She Wants Me to See is a great album. Grab it, if you’re at all interested in atmospheric music that blends an acoustically driven sound, with fascinating modern melodies. In the meantime the band is hard at work on their upcoming album, which promises further elements of pure musical quality.

Weird With Cats are Percussionist: Andrew Pomfret, Guitarist/Singer: Matthew Francis , Bassist: Dean VanDorsselaer, Banjo/Uke/Guitar/Multi-instrumentalist: Benjamin Sperling, Drummer: Jared Burns. - Jamsphere


What She Wants Me To See - EP (Nov. 18, 2012)

Ya Rah Horray -EP (October 1, 2013)


Air Play
CKDJ 107.9 FM (Ottawa)

LiVE 88.5 FM (Ottawa)

94.9 The Rock (Oshawa/Toronto)

CIUT (Toronto - UofT)

CKCU 93.1 FM (Carleton University)



Weird With Cats is a messy garage rock attack, on the simple act of storytelling. Made up of a mix of long-time friends, as well as new friends, Weird With Cats has evolved from a light-hearted folk band to a punch-you-in-the-teeth rock band. 

Weird With Cats has quietly been building a steady following in Ottawa, creating a buzz that is hard to ignore. The band has played small clubs and venues in the city, and have opened for many established artists, including Frontier Ruckus, Jon & Roy, Zeus, Cuff The Duke and Pokey Lafarge. Weird With Cats has also gained critical acclaim from winning the Radio Star Song-writing contest in Ottawa in 2013, presented by Bell Media, for their song “List”.

The band released its first EP, “What She Wants Me To See” in 2012, and followed that up with the 2013 release of the EP “Yah Ra Horray”. After a couple of stops and starts, Weird With Cats is finally cruising at top speed. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album. 

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