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Where's Walden?

Boston, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Boston, MA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Alternative Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"DIY! Where's Walden? at Knowhere"

DIY is alive and well. Last Friday night at Knowhere was a show to remember, as four rising bands each got to play their short respective sets in the basement owned by a few music buffs. It was purity and clarity. With the bands and the patrons conversing back and forth on a level playing field with each other as though there were no instruments between them, this small room was a safe space for both parties. I don’t mean literally safe, as bodies were being thrown throughout the pit over the course of the night—the principal of these being started by the frontman of the first band and partial owner of the house. The pinnacle of punk rock, the first band, Oxi, was actually playing their first show. It was clear these guys had no expectations for it—they knew it would be imperfect. They just wanted to play.

Oxi warmed up the crowd phenomenally. By the time Where’s Walden? came on, we were all feeling groovy. Jack, Nick, Nate, and Zach took the stage, and their set was precluded by some conversation between Jack, Zach, and the audience. Joking and lighthearted, this was immediately contrasted with their music. After their opener, a song called “May 6th,” Jack asked if we could turn the lights off. People turned on the flashlight on their phones so the musicians could see their instruments better—a makeshift spotlight. However, this still did not elevate the band among its supporters at all. The darkness forced us to focus on the music more, while continuing to make us feel a part of the action. With their music and our flashlights, it was a give-and-take relationship. It’s safe to say that as soon as Where’s Walden? came on, the community inside the basement became closer.

The band went on to play their next song, “May 7th.” From the first chord, it’s clear that it’s a love song. The lyrics are all about getting carried away, in over your head with someone. Nate’s fast-paced guitar picking gives the impression of running—how everything moves a mile a minute when you’re in love. The loss of logic and reason is payment for all the breathless moments. This song captures that feeling of getting ahead of yourself, but leaves you with a stillness, as one of the lines of the chorus asks, “Would you wake up next to me?”.

After their initial upbeat impression, the next song was a solid head-nodder. “Andy Warhol” has a soft intro of a solo guitar, that suddenly jumps the entire band in sync with each other. With a motif of three short beats followed by one long beat that emerges throughout the whole song, it illustrates hesitancy and confusion. This song is clearly written by someone who is at a crossroads. The guitar riff mimics regret, as it regresses from extremely high notes to very low ones. This song has a deep soul, and Walden performs it so. With Nick repeatedly hitting the top of the neck of his bass on the ceiling, and then dipping his head low to the ground, we could literally see the highs and lows in “Andy Warhol.”

The last song played was “Rockies.” The song builds on heartbreak, as Jack sings “She was my everything, I thought I was her everything.” This is a ballad. By the time the song reached the chorus, the audience was in a trance, as the band’s rhythm reflected that of a beating heart. Pum-pum.

Where’s Walden? took us on a journey that night. A perfect unity of emotion, we experienced the highs and lows of life. As they carry themselves and play with such ease, it is hard to believe that their music is the exact opposite of that—filled with anxiety, heartbreak, and an almost disbelief of their own happiness. However, these guys clearly don’t hold themselves on a pedestal. They write and perform songs that are relatable. They aren’t intimidating or contrived, but they are smart and serious about their music. Not to mention their show was a wall of sound—do not see them if you prefer background music. DO see them if you want a high-pitched guitar riff or some heavy percussion. - Playlist HQ

"'Where's Walden?' Steps On The Scene"

The hottest new band at the Zoo talks professional sports, softcore porn, Facebook exile, and an upcoming gig

“All kids don’t deserve trophies, especially if they make shitty music,” asserts Jack O’Brien, lead singer of UMass freshman collective Where’s Walden.

Where’s Walden is a four man post punk & power pop band that has been stirring up the Amherst music scene since its formation in the fall.

We sat down to chat on Sunday night in Wheeler Hall, home of drummer Corey Camara, during #SB50. The guys opted out of watching the big game on the grounds that “professional sports are a way to make kids commit themselves to conformity, and play sports society tells them they need to play to be cool or admired in life.”

Further condemning the NFL, Jack noted that “kids commit themselves to corporations, play through college, become Curt Schilling, take roids, and get sued for making a video game that sucks.”

Put that in your superbowl and smoke it.

The real origins of the band remain a little cloudy. Rumor has it that some members met originally in the comments section of an eel video on Pornhub. Don’t get it twisted though – Jack cleared the air on Where’s Walden’s porn of choice: “Softcore, but no ambient music in the background. It just distracts you from the art of the porno.”

We know for sure that Corey and guitarist Sam Lheron, who couldn’t be there for the interview, hail from the same high school in the North Shore. After meeting Jack at a battle of the bands, the three formed a power trio. Where’s Walden’s strength grew fourfold when Matt Twaddle, a highly versatile musician, joined the gang on bass. The rest is history.

“Music is just a way that I connect with other people,” says Jack, who is behind the band’s lyrics. “Putting it out there, letting people feel that emotion, that gives me something. It’s therapeutic for me.”

Where’s Walden has played at a few local spaces, including a classroom in UMass’s Herter Hall. They don’t mind playing in small spaces. In fact, you may have seen Where’s Walden’s advertisements in the UMass Class of 2019 Facebook group: “Where’s Walden will play a show in your dorm room in exchange for a bag of Doritos,” says Corey.

Or maybe you haven’t seen their ads in the group, because shortly after posting about the band, Corey was banned from the UMass Class of 2019 facebook page.

The same devious forces that took Corey out somehow got Jack banned as well. What is a band without its enemies? With two members kicked out, the final two are currently laying low lest they face further persecution, prompting the #FreeWalden movement. “It’s like Free Willy,” Matt points out.

The guys of Where’s Walden love coitus just as much as the next band, but much of their musical information derives from the numbness they feel after intercourse. Describing some of their songs as “post-coital,” they imagine that it fits well in the moments directly after sex, “when you sit there just not feeling anything about it, smoking like, five cigarettes.”

The band’s name occurred to Jack while he was driving around with his mom.

“I thought of Where’s Waldo, and then I was like ‘Walden,’ and then I thought of that octopus named Oswald, and I was like, ‘Os…Wald…’ and then…”

His mom is very proud of him, and so are we.

Needless to say, there are some freaky creative minds among this band. They’re not normal, and they’re fucking awesome. The boys blew the roof off of Herter Hall in January, and they’re coming back for more this Tuesday, February 9th. This time throwing an 80’s slant on the event.

Keep these cool cats on your radar, and don’t forget to check them out on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Facebook.

If you want to find them around campus, sprinkle some Dorito crumbs in your palm and read some Henry David Thoreau out loud – they will come. - The Tab

"Allston Pudding Early Winter 2015 Mixtape"

Yeezy and holiday season approaching so cuddle up with your bae (i.e. your cat) and listen to some sweet new local tunes curated by your best pals here at Allston Pudding. It’s just as comforting as hot cocoa with marshmallows, you just can’t eat or drink it. Sorry. - See more at: http://allstonpudding.com/localz-only-early-winter-mixtape-2015/#sthash.PuGRQOFO.dpuf - Allston Pudding

"Newcomer Jack O'Brien Set To Play Mid East"

Boston based singer-songwriter Jack O'Brien is set to part in a a show next week at The Mid East Corner that provides a great opportunity for listeners to check out some of the undiscovered talent trying to get noticed in the local scene as we speak. The show will take place on Mon. May 11 with Sarah Berns also providing some entertainment designed to help you kick off your week and get into the musical frame of mind. Jack has a unique and amazing musical sensibility, knowng exactly how to communicate effectively with his listening audience. His music can best be described as a blend of indie influenced jazz pop that does a great job of accentuating his vocals that have a very smooth delivery, and really allows the song to have that real sensual mood that will excite the crowd and get everyone around involved. He is a great talent just looking to get noticed and break through in the Boston scene.

Tickets for the show this coming Monday are only $5, 18+, and gets underway at 9:30pm. For more info on Jack O'Brien, 'Like' him on Facebook over here and check out his music on Bandcamp located right here. - Music Box Pete

"Amherst Post-Punkers Where's Walden Gearing for 8/1 Release of New LP "Brux""

From the outskirts of Western Mass in Amherst comes the post-punk/shoegaze inflicted sounds of Where's Walden?, who will be releasing their brand new album to the world called "Brux" on 8/1. The band's sound is a post-punk styled affair along with a slight indie twinge to it that makes the band much more potent and susceptible to the general listening audience. The trio is fronted by Jack O'Brien whom you may remember from his other project Jack O'Brien and The Ferns who were featured here on the site a couple of years ago. This new project is vastly different from any of his prior solo material, and hearing Jack evolve greatly into the man he is today is stunning and absolutely breathtaking to see how he has musically morphed into an outlet where he is joined by other like minded individuals who share the same common bond of music that he is passionate about. I was enthralled from the first note, and I can't wait until this new effort unleashes itself onto the world where it will have a lasting impact for sure. - Music Box Pete

"Local Band Where’s Walden? Talks Origins and Musical Style"

Local band Where’s Walden? is an emerging force in the University of Massachusetts music scene, with three out of the four members being students.

The group categorizes itself as part of the post-punk genre, and has worked to get its music known through scattered performances in the Boston and Western Mass. areas. I sat down with the band to get a closer look into its development and overall style.

The group consists of sophomores Jack O’Brien, Alex Walsh and Corey Camara, along with family friend Cody Lemire. Where’s Walden? began as an idea by O’Brien and Camara, and after some shuffling of members, became the group it is today.

“I moved out here from Boston and I knew Corey, we had played together in high school briefly, and I had an idea for a new band I wanted to start,” began O’Brien, the band’s lead singer. “Then I sat down with Corey and said ‘Hey, let’s try this.’”

The post-punk band is influenced by numerous, varying artists whose sounds come together to help forge the group’s unique style. Though the band’s main influence is R.E.M., Where’s Walden? also finds inspiration from bands like Dinosaur Jr., The Smiths and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Walsh, the band’s lead guitarist, mentioned the unique influences that play into his own musical style. “I listen to a lot of different types of music. I’m really into folk and jazz, so I try to bring that influence into my lead guitar playing.”

The band then touched upon the origins of their name. “I was driving down the street with my mom and I was thinking of that TV show, ‘Oswald’, and I was like ‘What happened to Oswald?’ and then I thought of names that sounded like ‘Oswald,’” said O’Brien. “Also, ‘Walden’ is a metaphorical meaning for the darker side of human beings, so my ‘Walden’ comes out occasionally,” continued the lead singer.

The group works diligently to get its name known by performing shows across the state. From house shows and performances in downtown Amherst to venues in Boston and at radio stations, Where’s Walden? is a force that strives to be heard.

“When I moved out here, I was trying to play as many shows as possible,” O’Brien said.

“Coming from Boston, everyone who wants to play will get a chance to play regardless. Here in Western Mass it’s a smaller scene so they’re not very receptive to new musicians. That’s why we decided to just play shows in Bartlett.”

Where’s Walden? has played a few “secret shows” in classrooms inside of Bartlett Hall on the UMass campus.

The writing techniques of the band were described in depth by O’Brien, who said he usually starts the process and other members then do their own part to complete the piece.

“Generally I’ll write the songs and bring it to everyone, and then we’ll sit down and we’ll arrange them together. If you were to play the song acoustic, that’s what I’ve written, and then Corey will add his drum part and go over a bass line,” said O’Brien.

Currently, Where’s Walden?’s music can be found online through their site, and some of their earliest tracks can be found on Spotify. The group also expects the release of its debut album within the next few months. They will make a live session, recorded at a recent show for radio station WHUS in Connecticut, available for fans on the band’s Spotify account as well.

Where’s Walden?’s next show is in Bartlett Hall on Oct. 6, and the band has several more to follow throughout the year. - Daily Collegian

"Where’s Walden “Brux” LP review"

Where’s Walden is an Amherst, Mass., band on tour Nov. 30-Dec. 22, mostly on the East Coast and in Canada, but with a few Midwest dates thrown in there.

On their latest, Brux, you’ll find some heavy (or heavy-ish, depending on who you’re asking) guitar riffs and some really nice, clearly sung, well-directed lyrics. There’s a lot of sitting on porches, hiding away, some tactile memories, some real loneliness: “Drove to the south shore or to somewhere that I forget / the lonely oceans rolling waves lonely hearts in time we’ll save / walking through windows searching for the things that we have left / dead reams in blue / I dream of you,” goes the last line of “Rockies,” the record’s last song.

Where’s Walden describes itself on bandcamp as shoegaze/post-punk/closets and bedrooms, but there’s really not a lot of gazey meandering on this record. It all seems pretty planned and executed, the songs are short, and the mix is nice and clean. I find myself wondering what amps they’re bringing on tour, and whether they used them to record. Go see them if you’re in one of these towns! - Digital Wheat Paste


Still working on that hot first release.



Where’s Walden?  -- The Boston, MA based Alternative/Grunge band is taking the North East by storm. 

"On their latest, Brux, you’ll find some heavy (or heavy-ish, depending on who you’re asking) guitar riffs and some really nice, clearly sung, well-directed lyrics. There’s a lot of sitting on porches, hiding away, some tactile memories, some real loneliness." - Digital Wheat Paste 

 "A perfect unity of emotion, we experienced the highs and lows of life - filled with anxiety, heartbreak, and an almost disbelief of their own happiness - Where’s Walden? took us on a journey that night." - PlaylistHQ 

 "The post-punk/shoegaze inflicted sounds of Where's Walden?... is stunning and absolutely breathtaking" - MusicBox Pete 

 "Where’s Walden is more than just a band. They’re musical pioneers, forging the way for a more inclusive music scene for future artists." - The TAB 

 "Where’s Walden? is an emerging force in the University of Massachusetts music scene." - The Daily Collegian 

 "Needless to say, there are some freaky creative minds among this band. They’re not normal, and they’re fucking awesome." - The TAB UMass