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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Psychedelic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Wooky - Where's Carl? E.P."

3.7 out of 5

By Jamie Robash

The Seattle based five-piece Wooky play a style of alt country slowcore-Americana dressed up in slightly psychedelic sounding rhythms largely thanks to the addition of the organ, which lends intensity to the music. Wooky’s debut Where’s Carl? EP was recorded during two separate recording sessions with two separate drummers, one of those drummers being the aforementioned Carl who left the band for “personal projects.”

The album opens with “Heat Shades” a grungy and guitar heavy hard rocking jam session, which gets its backbone from the ghostly organ that hides layered into the background. Helping to add dynamic are a few squealing guitar solos and the CB microphone styled vocals, which lend a bit of John Spencer Blues Explosion style brashness. The earlier implied organ comes further to the surface on “Psychotria Elata” a song, which proves the band has some smarts and a sense of humor. The title of the song refers to a plant, the flowers of which when first in bloom look a lot like a pair of pursed, red lipstick smeared lips. The plants nickname is ‘hookers lips’ and the term adds an awesome innuendo to the track.

On the slightly psychedelic rocker “No Foul” the rock from the start formula is once again implemented and although it is used to good effect it begins to become a crutch on which Wooky seem to lean on too heavily throughout Where’s Carl? A bit more creativity is sparked on the slightly slowed down prog-rock bass heavy jam session “Domino” on which the bass and drums are allowed to stand out above the guitars and organ. This pattern follows suit on the sludgy slow core “Obstructionist.” This jam band mentality continues on the aggressively fuzzed out last track, “Slightly More Incredibly Sexy,” which brings in elements of classic rock via a long and winding guitar solo.

One thing which stands out on Where’s Carl? is that these five guys certainly know how to use fuzz and feedback to maximum effect. However take away the dynamic, which the organ brings to the table and you’re left with nothing more than psychedelically tinged garage rock with clever titles. There are glints of promise on Where’s Carl? which make me believe that future releases will see the band expand their sound; although if playing bars in and around a mid-sized city is all that Wooky hopes to aspire to then they have already made it to the lime light. - The Equal Ground

"Wooky at Benbow"

"When Wooky played the Benbow Room in early September, I was blown away. They had the great combination of youthful energy and musical wisdom that you don't see enough in this day and age. They played their instruments like long time veterans of the craft by servicing the songs and their sound first, not themselves. Winning the crowd is an understatement with this band that plays beyond their years. I see a lot of bands come and go who are just a collection of guys who want to showcase themselves first and then the band, but not Wooky. They have a cohesiveness, humbleness and respect that, as a club owner, I could only wish happened every show. One would be doing themselves a disservice for not having them, even if it's just to say in the midst of fame and glory that you once had them in a 200 capacity club. I feel lucky that I can." - Ian Hill (owner of Benbow)

"Call Wooky"

"Wooky has an original sound that keeps the crown jamming out, and wanting more. Their entire set showed creativity, and I am so excited to see them play again. If anyone ever needs an edgy, hard rockin band, then call Wooky." - Tyler Petersheim, Alki Jones Guitarist


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Seattle based psych rock band Wooky, utilizes a guitar, bass, keys, and drums to craft a grit-rock psychedelic sound that’s smooth as butter and rich as honey.

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