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Grand Rapids, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Grand Rapids, MI | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"10 Local Bands to Watch in 2018"

"As a member of West Michigan's Almighty Foot Clan, Wuzee has earned his place in the in the local hip-hop scene with a steady series of well-timed hits over the last few years. This year, he's following up on his strong [2017] solo release, Tomorrow Never Dies, with an even stronger new album, Dead Planets & God Jewels. With his eyes on the crown, the sky's no limit for this intergalactic MC soaring into 2018." - Revue Magazine

"Wu Zee Drops A New Album Called Tomorrow Never Dies"

Wu Zee a rap artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan released a new album called “Tomorrow never Dies.” The album brings an arsenal of dope beats and is broke down with the lyrical style of Wu Zee which leaves the listener with a one of a kind sound. Check it out below and let us know what you think. - Hear It Nation

"Listen & Download: ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ by WuZee"

Grand Rapids native hip-hop artist WuZee flexes youthful energy on this 18-track set titled ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. Packed with various cultural references while using styles and stories all his own, we at Liquid Lounge Radio feel you should give it a listen then download it if you like it. - Liquid Lounge Radio

"12 West Michigan acts to watch: The summer 2016 Local Spins list of buzz-worthy bands"

"Wu Zee is fun to listen to. It’s as simple as that. Based on Wu Zee’s beat selection and flow, it comes as no surprise that two of the Grand Rapids artist’s greatest influences are MF Doom and Wu-Tang Clan. His latest project, “Never Die Alone,” is upbeat and filled with creative wordplay worth dissecting" - Local Spins

"West Michigan hip-hop artists you need to check out"

"As arguably [Grand Rapids] premier hip-hop group, fans might know Foot Clan as Broke N Famous. Despite the name change (a clutch Ninja Turtles reference, by the way), these guys are a throw back to old school rap and their tracks ooze with positivity." - Recoil Magazine

"WuZee - Tomorrow Never Dies [Mixtape]"

Hailing from Grand Rapids is the talent of the Almighty Foot Clan artist WuZee. After making his debut a few years back, he has steadily been dropping material. Following up his last single "Moroccan Torpedo", Wu presents his new batch of underground Hip Hop with the 18 track mixtape Tomorrow Never Dies. Production includes M-Select, Pike, Mr Everything, Stoneface, IDCMAW and more with features from Freshsoul, Venson Dix, Agylyty, Dopehead, AB, E-Will and Dre Tha Gremlin. - OK-Tho

"Interview with Wuzee"

Interview By Mackenzie Tucker

Wuzee is an energy-filled yet smooth hip-hop artist based in West Michigan. He recently dropped a groovy single with Gordo X and DJ M-Select titled Vowel Movements, and a collaborative album with the Almighty Foot Clan titled Leftovers 2. Needless to say, Wuzee is on top of his game. Generally sticking with conscious, creative lyrics, it’s always a surprise when Wuzee busts out a dirty rap on stage. But don’t get me wrong; it’s never a disappointment. Some may say he is a jack-of-all-trades in the rap game. If you listen to Wuzee and the Foot Clan’s tunes you’re likely to find some joints to turn up to (When You’re Dead from Never Die Alone), a lil something to serenade your girl (You Don’t Got To Die Alone from Never Die Alone), and tracks to really make you think (Living in AmeriKKKa by RhymeSight from Leftovers 2). Grand Rapids folks have had the privilege of seeing Wuzee perform several times recently: namely at Lamp Light Music Festival and with the Foot Clan for Mulligan’s Thanksgiving on the Bricks. After seeing Wuzee epically end his set at Lamp Light dancing to I’m Your Puppet by James and Bobby Purify with a growler full of Harmony Brewing’s best, I had to get a little deeper in this dude’s head.

Mackenzie: What first got you into music?

Wuzee: What first got me into music was my big cousin Mario; he bet me $50 I couldn’t spit a rap. I was like 9 he didn’t give me the $50 but he said my rap was pretty cool so like I think the next year I rapped in the 5th grade talent show. I didn’t get into recording and shit until 15.

M: Tell me about the Almighty Foot Clan.

W: The Almighty Foot clan is a music collective out of Michigan originally formed in Kzoo. There’s like 30 members and we just are trying to keep the dream alive. All walks of life.

M: You guys recently released “Leftovers 2” what inspired that collaboration?

W: Left overs 2 is pretty much what it sounds like a: bunch of random left over tracks we had.

M: Tell me about a challenge you face when collaborating with other artists. How do you overcome it?

W: I don’t really collaborate with a lot of artists I like to keep my shit my shit but if do it’s never complicated. As soon as music becomes stressful or complicated I usually put it down and don’t fuck with it so challenges don’t usually happen

M: What is your biggest fear?

W: My biggest fear is living a normal life.

Be sure to catch Wuzee and the Almighty Foot Clan at the Death House December 3rd. - Nothing Original

"Conversations & Quotables: Q&A with WuZee"

In this brief Q&A I had with talented Michigan emcee WuZee, he shares his love for the craft, his inspiration and some valuable viewpoints for independent artists.

Achickwitbeatz: Who is WuZee?

WuZee: (Lol) for sure, but first I would like to say I can only be myself at all times so if anything I say offends people you should get a life. With that being said, my philosophies on music would be "do the right thing", "be yourself", "have a vision", "respect the n**gas who did it first", "have fun", "positivity energy activates constant elevation", and "love is love" (lol). In a nut shell it's realer than that I'm just not a typer. So yeah, for the most part.
Where I'm from? I am from Grand Rapids, but for the past 5 or 6 years I've been back and forth from GR to Kzoo I've lived every where in GR I've been every where in GR. Shoutout to every one I f*ck with...y'all know who y'all are. But Kalamazoo...I feel like there is something to offer here so I guess that's why i keep ending back up out here. Shoutout to Kzoo and the people tryin' to play their roll, y'all know who y'all are too!
My stage name? Well, Wuzee started off as Wuzee D. I used to gang bang when I was a kid or whatever and I was/am a drinker lol so yeah, then I was like 16. I got a little older and got knowledge of self so Wuzee D turned into Wise Universe Allah. Ok, so I could break that down more but like that's a lot sooo yeah...but that's pretty much the whole name situation. But I am who I am and at the end of the day, I will be who I will be (lol) and that's pretty much WuZee good bad or ugly.

Achickwitbeatz: When did you first discover that you needed music to be a part of your life?

WuZee: I first discovered music needed to be apart of my life when I was a kid, as young as I can remember! My mom and her 2 sisters (my aunts) were crazy groupie Prince fans (lol) so like my whole life has just been that kinda swag...and on top of that my granny put me on like oldies like doo-wop and sh*t so I know everything about music from 50-90s- big ups to my granny- I love you! But as far as Hip Hop, I would have to give it up to my cousin Sean. I have always been a writer but as far as being young and exposed to sh*t as it's coming out was just f**king crazy because people talk about Dilla and Madlib and DOOM 'n' sh*t, but were never really listening to them when it was really first coming out. I was fortunate to be able to because this fool R.I.P. "Mr. Muther F**king Everything" was always on everything off rip like he had an "okay player" since the beginning so like even to this day I'm enlightened...it's crazy. So once we linked up and started going through the sh*t and finding our spot, sh*t just started happening and then from that point on I really have been living this music thing...and like it's way bigger than Hip Hop.

Achickwitbeatz: What would you say is the most rewarding thing about being an independent artist?

WuZee: That's a tough question. I would like to say the feeling of knowing people feel you for being you, but half the time people are just losing money because they're in a city where they're getting slept on so they give all this money and hard work away for free. Which if you're just a part-time rhymer or whatever then yeah do that, but if you're tryin' to be for real you got to be smarter than that. So everybody has a skill and my skill is rhyming 'n' not going to come off my money then a work a bulls**t job for just for nothing. Have a vision.

Achickwitbeatz: What is the most valuable lesson you've learned since you became an artist?

WuZee: "If you build it...they will come."

Achickwitbeatz: What are 5 attributes/skills that would place an artist on your top 10 list?

WuZee: Longevity

Achickwitbeatz: Conversely, what are 5 attributes that would place an artist at the very bottom of your list?

WuZee: D**k riding
Biting styles
Wack rhymes
Too much swag
Money dumb sh*t

Achickwitbeatz: What can people expect from WuZee?

WuZee: MORE OF THAT RAW SH*T! The plotting never stops and the sidewalk will be taken back, my word is my bond!

Achickwitbeatz: How can people connect with you and stay current with what you have in the works?

WuZee: https://www.facebook.com/wu.doncornelius

That's my direct hook up, just message me or add. I'm blocked for life from sending friend requests so yeah do it up! Trying to get away from the social medias so hopefully I will see you all in person! Peace everyone #footclan #cultgang #bnfv #brokenfamous #screwface - Achickwitbeatz

"New Music Alert"

Artist WUZEE dropped a new music video for the song "BOBAFETT" for his upcoming project "TOMORROW NEVER DIES" edited and shot by Dougie Funz and Samil Molina Sosa with music production done by Icdmaw. Check the video below.

For music by WuZee follow him on Soundcloud or check out his Youtube here.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoE8xEyN4i... - Capella Magazine

"Turning Tragedy to Tracks"

Born in Grand Rapids 29 years ago, local rapper Wuzee (aka Jory Perry) knows all about the hustle.

A founding member of Grand Rapids hip-hop crew The Almighty Foot Clan 777, he has been rapping for over a decade, going back to his days as a teenager coming home from juvenile detention.

Spending time between GR and Portage, Wuzee took early inspiration from his stepbrother’s group of friends who had formed a rap group called Broke N Famous, at Portage Central High School.

“I remember my oldest cousin had a mixtape back in like 2000 that I really liked. And one day he told me if I wrote a rap, he would give me $50,” Wuzee said. “Next time I saw him, I had a rap, so I’d say he was my first influence.”

At 17, Wuzee created his first mixtape of his own while living with some of the members of Broke N Famous on the campus of Western Michigan University.

“My boy Dougie Funz, who was on spring break at the time, told his mom he was going to Florida with the class above him, when in actuality he spent the money his mom gave him for the trip on psychedelics and weed,” Wuzee said. “We ended up not leaving my room for a few days and in the process came up with our first mix tape.”

Looking back, he said his style early on was immature and not as well put together. But he’s grown as an artist, discovering his own voice, pulling heavily from legendary acts like MF Doom and Wu-Tang Clan.

His life and music reached a turning point a few years back, when his cousin, who went by the name Mr. Everything, was killed in a hit-and-run following a show in Ypsilanti.

“I felt like Broke N Famous would never be the same without him, and we all were hurt over it and felt the same,” Wuzee said. “It was and still is super heavy, so I try to forget the dates … But it definitely has scared me as an artist and a person. I can still hear his voice telling me to ‘just rap,’ so I do.”

About a week after his cousin passed away, Wuzee ended up going to jail for a month. While there, he formulated the idea for The Almighty Foot Clan 777.

“The idea was simple: We walked everywhere,” Wuzee said. “We wanted to take the sidewalks back. We considered ourselves ninjas and the city looked at us like villains, when really we were just misunderstood.”

Feeling similarities with the infamous villainous group from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the group’s original members included Wuzee, M.I.C Book, Dougie Funz, Swapmeet, Chine Face and Rhymesight. The group has since added more members, with Samil, Kevs Gordo, Gregose and others affiliating themselves with the collective.

“I never kicked anyone out the group and everyone to this day still has an open door to create and be a part of whatever we got going on,” Wuzee said. “So it grows and shrinks depending on the amount of work the members put in. I’d like to say we have showed the whole West Michigan hip-hop scene that we are going to do what we want to do and make the music we want to make.”

Over the past five years, Wuzee has put out a steady stream of releases of his own, including 2016’s Never Die Alone, 2017’s Tomorrow Never Dies, 2018’s Dead Planets & God Jewels, and last year’s Cyanide Bath.

He’s performed with the likes of Wu-Tang’s Killah Priest, Danny Brown, Action Bronson, Guilty Simpson and others. He’s also currently sitting on a collaborative release with fellow GR native and Wu-Tang-affiliated producer Bronze Nazareth.

This month he’ll release his latest solo album, Like Food Stamps for Liquor, on his birthday, April 24.

“It’s going to be different, because my DJ/producer/engineer/everything guy at Foot Clan (Samil Sosa) made all the beats, so it’s special to me and super personal,” Wuzee said. “Everything was handcrafted for me and the way I like to rhyme on beats.”

The 15-song release will feature other local rappers and producers, including Belve, Ghetto Gov, Wills Piff, Dougie Funz, and Andy Miller.

“The inspiration for the album came from a place of hurt dealing with life relationships and having a drinking problem,” Wuzee said. “My music to me is like a time machine. When I hear it, it puts me back in that exact moment when either I wrote it or when I recorded it. It brings me back to a lot of frustration and struggle and hurt.

“When I hear other people enjoy it, or felt something I said, then it makes me feel I’m not alone, and that’s a comforting feeling. So I guess we will see.” - Revue Magazine



Wuzee has gained a reputation as one of the most entertaining performers from Michigan. Influenced by the likes of underground titans MF DOOM and Roc Marciano, Wuzee's upbeat flow over raw melodic loops showcase his nimble lyricism. 

"Wuzee is fun to listen to. It’s as simple as that. Based on Wuzee’s beat selection and flow, it comes as no surprise that two of the Grand Rapids artist’s greatest influences are MF Doom and Wu-Tang Clan. His latest project, “Never Die Alone,” is upbeat and filled with creative wordplay worth dissecting" - [12 West Michigan acts to watch: The summer 2016 Local Spins list of buzz-worthy bands] – Local Spins

"As arguably [Grand Rapids] premier hip-hop group, fans might know Foot Clan as Broke N Famous. Despite the name change (a clutch Ninja Turtles reference, by the way), these guys are a throw back to old school rap and their tracks ooze with positivity." - [West Michigan hip-hop artists you need to check out] – Recoil Magazine

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