Yana Rose

Yana Rose

Traverse City, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2022

Traverse City, Michigan, United States
Established on Jan, 2022
Solo Pop Alternative


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Another Sunset Missed is sure to be another milestone for Yana Rose as she continues to make a name for herself in the music industry. With her impressive songwriting abilities and her unique take on pop music, the rising star is definitely an artist to watch. - Wonderland Magazine


Rooted in solitude and endless cycles of glum rumination, the song ends in a way that allows it to be played endlessly without a beginning or end. - Sheesh Media

"Yana Rose – Another Missed Sunset | Ambient Pop Bliss"

Stunningly well mixed and produced, the vocal quality is beautiful in terms of tone and performance. Mind you, this is not your usual electro indie folk record. This is some truly unique and virtuosic songwriting and production. Can’t recommend it enough to listeners of all genres! Very frankly, Yana Rose has far surpassed her inspiration Billie Eilish in terms of sheer musical vision and tight songwriting coupled with production wizardry. This is some of the highest quality fresh pop I have heard in some time. - Sinusoidal Music


Yana Rose, an independent singer-songwriter with a unique and captivating sound. Drawing influences from various genres and artists, Yana’s music is a blend of contemporary and classic pop, soul and indie. Her EP, “Another Missed Sunset” is a reflection of the past few years of her life, which were choppy, unstable and emotionally tumultuous. Yana’s ability to craft emotive and thought-provoking songs, coupled with her powerful vocals, make her a rising talent in the music industry. With her focus on upcoming live events and performances, Yana Rose is definitely an artist to watch. Check out her EP “Another Missed Sunset” and the exclusive interview below. - Illustrate Magazine

"Yana Rose – Another Missed Sunset"

The EP features dreamy pop elements of bright keys and lofi drums which gives Yana a fitting platform to display her delicate and alluring vocals. - Senocular Media

"Newcomer Yana Rose Releases Single 'Tainted Heart' and Debut EP"

Yana Rose only started releasing music this year, and has already developed a distinct sound that sets her apart from the rest. Even though she lives in the singer-songwriter field, she offers a little more from a production standpoint and her new EP 'Another Missed Sunset' is testament to that. - Flex

"Yana Rose Continues To Shine With Debut EP"

The stunning EP is out into the world on the now and promises to be another milestone for Yana Rose as she continues to shape her future, one song at a time. - Subba Cultcha

"Getting To Know... Yana Rose"

With her bright and soaring voice measured perfectly against some brilliantly textured production throughout, she is cementing herself as one of the more captivating names to have emerged so far this year. - Mystic Sons

"INTERVIEW: Yana Rose Release Debut EP"

Yana Rose tells us more about herself and her sound in the new interview. In it, she gives a little more insight into the thought process behind the new stellar EP Another Missed Sunset which includes focus track ‘Tainted Heart’. - Music Crowns


Another Missed Sunset - EP (2022)
1. Long Distance Friend
2. Tainted Heart
3. I Should Just Shut Up
4. Good Riddance

Night Out - Single (2022)
Somewhere Else - Single (2022)



Yana Rose's musical journey commenced during her formative years, serving as a personal sanctuary where she processed the daily spectrum of emotions, an artistic inclination she initially kept to herself. Following the attainment of her engineering degree at the University of Michigan, she made the heartfelt decision to transform her passion for singing into a career.

Born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan, Yana has expanded her horizons by residing in both Los Angeles and Nashville, cultivating her versatility and broadening her audience reach.

Guided by a diverse range of musical influences, encompassing legends like Frank Sinatra to contemporary trailblazers like Billie Eilish, Yana Rose has meticulously crafted her own musical tapestry. Her artistry now embodies a unique blend of Singer/Songwriter pop and Alternative R&B, endowing her work with an inimitable and heartfelt authenticity.

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