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Indianapolis, IN | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Indianapolis, IN
Established on Jan, 2017
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Listen to upstart R&B artist of Indianapolis, as Young Luv just recently dropped his Grey project. Listen and read more below. - Bringing Down the Band

"Indiana college students address depression, suicide in music video"

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - This is a difficult time of year for so many people coming off the holidays and dealing with debt or personal loss.

January 16 is "Blue Monday," known as the most depressing day of the year.

And while the month of January is the worst month for suicides, two area college students have come up with a way to raise awareness and help others. Austin Webster and Quinn Cavin produced a music video called "Brighter Days," which they say sends a powerful message.

"The message is you're not alone, whether you're either sort of dealing with suicidal ideation or the loss of someone who has committed suicide, you're not alone there," said Cavin, a sophomore psychology and theatre major at Wabash College.

In the video, Cavin plays a young man who loses his good friend to suicide. He goes through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

It's all done to the music of artist Young Luv, also known as Emerson Vernon, who is featured in the video, playing his song "Brighter Days." The song is based on the loss of his close friend.

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Cavin says another important message is, "there will be brighter days, you can make it out of that pit."

Webster, a Ball State University sophomore majoring in video production and screenwriting, directed the video.

"I think a lot of people that are friends that commit suicide, they blame themselves for not seeing the signs. They take it upon themselves, like, 'Why didn't I notice this? What could I have done more to help?' It's just really trying to show the impact on both sides."

"I think we definitely want to raise awareness for sort of the real life stakes of suicide," Cavin said.

Webster says it took two days to produce the video, using locations in their hometown of Mooresville.

"Winter is one of the loneliest seasons with Blue Monday coming up and with people just feeling so down. There's no reason to feel this way, because brighter days will be coming," he said.

The song is available on iTunes and the students say all proceeds from the purchase of the song by Young Luv will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. - NBC/WTHR

"Meet Young Luv!"

Emerson Vernon aka Young Luv recently received some press about his song “Brighter Days” from Channel 13 WTHR in Indianapolis. The song is based on the loss of his close friend. Like versatile, new age R&B? Then tune in to Young Luv.

Let’s get to know Young Luv.
He started his music career at the age of 14 when he joined a band.
He dabbled in singing/acoustic career for a bit until he discovered EDM. He enjoyed EDM so much that he decided that this is the music he will make. This story is also told in his song “The Legend of Emosahn.”
He went by the name “Emosahn” because that’s what people called him as a joke when he was younger.
He’s also a producer/DJ. He knows how to record, write, engineer, perform, and even make album art.
He’s released a few albums this past year. He made his big project entitled “Electric Boy”.
Turning point of his career? When he performed at the Egyptian Room in a showcase. Long story cut short, no one really supported him and no one showed up at the show. After that, he decided that he didn’t want to be an EDM artist anymore.
Throughout his producing career he acquired the skills and equipment to start recording. At this point, he decided to make a new age R&B album. - Royalty Virtue

"Young Luv - Like Demons ft. Ejaaz"

Singer/producer Young Luv released his new album GREY with a few select features but this one stood out to us the most. Let us know what you think and if youd like to hear more from the multitalented artist! - Naptown Connection

"Young Luv Releases "Grey""

"I had always enjoyed hip hop and R&B and I had a small side project that I started in 2015. After I realized I wasn’t into EDM anymore, I put all my efforts into “Grey” and I finished it in a month." - Young Luv

This self-produced album tells the story of the grey area in Luv's life these past few years.Going through through dark times and bright days, the genres and content of the music reflects that. It tells the story of heartbreak, suicide, love, hate, and his musical identity. The theme here is versatility. It shows in the music, the lyrics, the colors, and the experience. This album facilitated him to meet so many great people in the Indy music scene. The album features artists such as Ejaaz, Scotty Apex, Anson, Captain Kirk, Mark Battles, Shxps, Poindexter, Emosahn, and Fazle. - prodigy


"Dragon Breath (feat. Poindexter and Fazle)" - Single 2016
"Grey" - Album 2016
"Valentine's Day (feat. Chris Ridle)" - Single 2017
"Black" - Album 2017



Emerson Vernon started his pursuit in the music industry in 2011. He began making electronic music after leaving a metal band, and he went under the name "Emosahn" as it was his nickname in the band. Vernon wanted to be an acoustic act originally but felt he couldn't sing, and he knew that electronic music was accessible and he liked it, so he went in that direction. As time went on, Emerson acquired good enough equipment and know-how to begin singing and rapping. He began making these songs late 2015 as a side project to "Emosahn". As time went on he found himself enjoying his work singing his own songs rather than making EDM. After a few bad moves and heartbreaking performances as Emosahn, Emerson quit the act and decided to become "Young Luv"

The name reflects Vernon's versatility. Young love is full of warmth and happiness, but when it ends it can be heartbreaking and dark. This versatility applies to both his music's content and genre. This concept is widely applied to his first album, "Grey", which would also set up the next two albums Vernon would release, "Black" and "White". After gaining a significant following on Spotify and Twitter, Luv has been given opportunities to perform along side renowned artist such as B.o.B., Call Me Karizma, and SayWeCanFly. As of right now, Luv has plans to make every release he makes to sound very different, making him one of the most versatile and complex up-and-comers in the underground music scene.

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