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Olympia, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Olympia, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Zikki Carr talks Breathe Eazy, A.I.R.S"

Zikki Carr has been performing as a hip-hop artist for five years now.

Collaborating is one of his favorite parts of making hip-hop. He has a lot of luck in this area, partly because he takes the initiative to get to know a lot of great artists. Zikki elaborated: “Out in Olympia, when you reach out, people actually are like, ‘Oh yeah! Let’s do it!”

Performing is on point for Zikki when he has this environment: “I like the people that really want to be involved with the music. I don’t even care if they’re just drunk, having a good time. I just like seeing people excited.”

Zikki loves music. When I asked him what keeps him sane with his busy schedule, he replied, “Easily music.”

This musician is busy with working as a full-time mechanic, taking care of his 2-year-old daughter with his fiancee, making music, and volunteering as a youth football coach in Lacey. He also co-owns a company.

Zikki explained what the company, Breathe Eazy, is all about: “We’re trying to make a movement now. So when you hear Breathe Eazy you think of Zikki, Ill Defined, Davy Jones; I just want people to link that name to us.”

What’s next for Breathe Eazy? “Right now, we’re actually working on clothing. We’re working on A.I.R.S. We’re trying to do something more inspirational…We have our logo designed and everything. We were going to go with Breathe Eazy but we wanted something different, something more motivational, so we picked A.I.R.S. It’s an acronym, A.I.R.S.; it stands for All I Really Seek… You can take it in any direction you want. If you seek to be successful in music, if you seek to be happy, anything, you can take it in any direction you want. We want A.I.R.S. to be a movement instead of a brand…”

After their t-shirts, hats, and beanies are made, look for the merch at the aforementioned artists’ shows. One day, they hope to have a clothing store as well.

How did A.I.R.S. come to be? “Breathe Eazy is cool when it comes to music and stuff, but we were trying to think of something we could play off of Breathe Eazy, like things like air. It was just one of those conversations that ended up evolving into something bigger… After pitching it to Davy Jones, he ran with it. Then after that, he turned it into something. I give him like 90% of the credit.”

Another collaborative project is coming up soon, as Zikki shared. “I’m working on something with Smoke. It’s going to be called Smoke Signals, ironically… I’m really trying to find myself in the music… I want to have something that stands out but it’s still relatable.”

Zikki’s music is available on SoundCloud or on mix tapes. “My first mix tape is called Red Bull and Tattoos… Red Bull and Tattoos: Part 2 is the second one I’m going to put out, following the trend.” ◙ - Kristina Mageau

"Hip Hop Saved My Life"

What started out as just another local hip hop show turned into an incredible display of music, love and family. Affiliated Entertainment Presents Local Legends; Zikki and Ill Defined. Really that should tell you all you need to know. Two artists I've known from the moment I dove into this crazy world of music and family. Two artists I started as a fan of, respected and believed in. The headliners; Zikki Carr and Ill Defined surprised the audience with guest preformances from Lit Sims and Louis Morreno. Having only seen Louis preform once (over a year ago) I was ecstatic to see him on stage. It was as though he'd be there all along. If I had to describe their whole set in one word....FIRE! Every song hits hard and has its own message. There is a song for every mood; from a need to dance to a need to just rock with them.

I started as a Breathe Eazy fan over two years ago. Zikki, Ill Defined and their producer Bruce Waine made me feel right at home at every show I attended. "I started as a fan and now I have a family." I've followed them from MIDAS, to the Play Pen/Beau Legs to Le Voyeur and The Northern. Im ecstatic to say I'll be following them to Colorado in June. I have never been left disappointed when these two hit the stage. They leave me in a feel good mood and unaware of the troubles life may bring. I'm lost in their world, If only for a few moments. No matter what mood you're in or want to be in, there is a hip hop song for that moment. I guarantee whether you've loved hip hop since the 3rd grade, are a new fan or contemplating taking a listen for the first time; there is a hip hop song made just for you. That's what local legends do.

#iBelieveInHipHop - Lena May

"New Music"

I have no idea who Zikki is. I really don’t know. But this is a great introduction for me as he and Mickey Factz (who also droped a tape recently) destroy Busta Rhymes latest record. Sheesh this is too good… - Apollo Jones


2013 - Redbull&Tattoos: The prefunk 
2014 - Redbull&Tattoos 1.5  (#RBT2) http://www.datpiff.com/Zikki-Redbull-Tattoos-15-mixtape.607347.html



Ever heard somebody that can bring you the lyrics of a conscience Hip-Hop artist and also have the bounce and appeal of a mainstream rap artist? Listen to Zikki (pronounced ZEE KEY) in order to get a little taste of both worlds. Zikki has been doing Hip Hop/Rap for over a decade and has booked hundreds of performances all over the northwest region and across the country. As a solo act, his career has definitely took a turn for the better getting the attention from fans, fellow artist and various respected figures who want to see him succeed.

Zikki is a Hip Hop artist but his passion is to create quality music without being held down by any form of boundaries. Zikki's latest project titled "Redbull & Tattoos 1.5" is his latest body of work that's filled with real life experiences, self-evaluation, actual lyricism while maintaining a fun and free spirited energy. Red Bull is associated with "High Energy" and Tattoos usually signify "Importance or Meaning" which is the perfect definition of his music hence the title Red Bull & Tattoos" He is currently preparing to release an EP which will serve as his introduction to the masses.

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