Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is your music resume

Create your EPK

Promoters and talent buyers need to get to know you and your sound in a clear and easy package. Put everything in one place, and increase your chances of getting booked.

Presentation counts

Take the guesswork out of your press kit.

Promoters and talent buyers may review hundreds of potential acts every day; presenting yourself clearly and professionally means you’re more likely to be considered. The Sonicbids EPK takes the guesswork out of your presentation and makes it simple for you to put your best showcase together (and it’s free!).

“Yeah, I’ve got a following”

Connect your EPK to your social media profiles and show off that swanky lil' follower count.

Being able to see your fan counts at a glance gives talent buyers a solid idea of the size of your draw. Whether you're applying to headline a 300-person room or have a blast with the bar crowd and make a few bucks, you're more likely to book the right gigs for your act.

You’ve been keeping busy

Keeping your Sonicbids EPK up to date is the easiest way to show you're serious about performing.

An active calendar doesn't just demonstrate that you mean business when it comes to playing shows on the regular, it also shows the growth of your career over time. By listing the venues and events you've played, you're telling promoters whether you're a fit for whatever they're booking, and letting them see that you're bigger than amateur hour.

“Didn't I see you in Pitchfork?”

Got press? Let everyone know by collecting all your best mentions in one place.

Whether you prefer staying humble or screen-printing it on your shirts, you know how important reviews and coverage are for your continued success. Your Sonicbids EPK gives you space to show that the media takes you seriously as an artist.

“Look, you just gotta hear the tracks”

Showcase what matters most to you and to talent buyers: your music!

The Sonicbids EPK supports unlimited track uploads, so start loading up those songs. Then get your scrapbook together, and collect your band photos and videos all in one place.